That Special Something

I am working with some beautiful and talented women who wanted me to share a story with you all about something special to me.  There are so many things when I look around the house that touches my heart, but this is that one thing that strikes that special place in my heart.

This dresser was my grandmothers.

This dresser was walnut and she painted it white.  I was told she painted every piece of furniture she had.  Most men cringe at the thought of painting over any wood furniture, but her husband encouraged her to “make it your own.”

Not only do I love it because I think it is beautiful, but for its warmth it brings my heart when I think of her.  I lived with her a summer during college to take care of her.  She was healthy as a horse physically, but mentally she had Alzheimer’s. One of the hardest diseases for family.  She didn’t know who I was, but would respond best with a smile. Every morning at breakfast she would look up at a painting on the wall and tell me a story behind it.  Somedays the story would change, but most days it brought her great joy describing it.  At times it was hard to have the patients to listen to that story one more time, but the joy she had talking about it made me have to bite my tongue and nod my head and smile.  Now, I wish I could hear her tell that story if for only one more time.

The upstairs was stripped to the studs. When we tried to plan the layout, I knew this nook at the top of the stairs would be made just for this.

The three tired baskets where my mothers, and she put this up here with the hydrangea picked from my flower gardens.

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7 thoughts on “That Special Something

  1. This dresser is absolutely beautiful, your grandmother sounds like a lovely woman! Thank you so much for sharing, sweet Morgan


  2. This is so beautiful! I was so close to my grandmother too.I have lamps from her and a table that were in her living room while I was growing up and they make me think of her. She had a stroke and then had dementia 😦 so very hard to see that happen to ones we love and adore. It was so much fun to do this blog hop with you and to find your beautiful blog!


  3. I love your story so much because I could relate! I have lamps and a table that my grandmother had in her living room growing up and I love owning them now. She had dementia before she died. It is so very hard to not be able to connect with someone you love so much! This blog hop was fun to do with you & It was also great to find another beautiful blog to follow!


  4. This is so beautiful, I love the way you gave to your grandmother and now you have such a sentimental piece. You are a good grand daughter. xo


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