A Little Design Tip

I get asked so many times about how I decorate or if I can help give ideas on how to decorate.  And as flattered as that makes me feel, I want to help!  So I thought I could put something together to describe some different styles and what I like best in my decor.

  1. Farmhouse (This is very me)
  2. Industrial (I love a touch of this, but not too much)
  3. Nautical (I’m sorry, but this is personally my least favorite)
  4. Scandinavian (I looovvveee this)
  5. Bohemian
  6. Urban Modern
  7. Shabby Chic (Every summer I love a touch of this)
  8. Mid-Century Modern

Now I won’t cover them all.  But I want to talk about my style and tips I have learned along the way.  The biggest and most important thing in my book is to have a neutral base.  For us, we chose white trim, medium wood floors, and very neutral wall color choices.  If you don’t have any say on the trim or floors, at least try to paint the walls a neutral color and I promise it will be the best decision you ever make!  Just think about the holidays.  If you have orange walls, trying to decorate for Christmas would be a nightmare!

For our home I had wanted white white white.  Then it was the year of gray gray gray, so I joined the band wagon.  And one year later I have to say I regret it!  Our bedroom was a medium gray and I couldn’t bear it any longer.  I know now that almost all grays have a colored base.  And depending on natural sunlight that color would shine through.  The gray I had picked looked soooo blue in natural light. I HATED it! And a friend of mine said hers looked purple and pink.  Ugh.  Moral of the story, beware!

Now white white white is back in style.  My husband told me if we used white it would look like a dentist office, and why I listened to him I have NO idea!  (He also suggested to paint the stairwell Maroon. I should have known then he was stuck in the 90s.)  I should have just ignored him and did it anyways..  But instead, after too much peer pressure (why everyone took his side I have no idea) and him I chose the color Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore. And its oookkkaayyyy.  But I still think I should have gone with white.  In the upstairs bedroom remodel that room I just painted white and it is called Alabaster by Benjamin Moore.

Okay, back to style.  I sometimes think my style changes as the wind blows, but if you are like that too, thats okay!  You just have to make sure it flows.  And everything is good with moderation.  I need that reminder from time to time, especially when I find something I love.  At one time when chalk was really “in” I think someone came over (one of Doug’s friends) and laughed at all the chalk boards.  I was embarrassed!  For a man to notice something I must have gone over board.  And now I am so into signs.  My friend had to remind me not to get too “sign happy.”  With that being said that is one more piece of advice 🙂

So now you have a neutral base.  Now where to begin?  I’ve gone through phases where I’ve had patterned rugs, curtains and with fun colors. But don’t do it.  Again, it is hard to decorate for the seasons, and they get old!  I finally settled on tie-up shades from target.

But now I just heard about drop cloth curtains.  And I think its genius.  Beautiful texture and a perfect neutral pallet.

So you have neutral walls, curtains, rug, now how is that fun?  Well you can buy any new beautiful piece and I promise it will POP.  From a fresh bouquet of flowers to a special painting or photo.  It will be the focal point and stunning 🙂

If you follow me on Instagram you have seen most of these photos.  But I wanted to show you how this map pops with all of its beautiful colors because it is on a white wall.

Here is a more broad photo to show my mixture of styles.

The coffee table is from World Market and very industrial with the metal.  And the chairs and couch are from IKEA, and all of their items are very Scandinavian.   The wardrobe is from a local barn sale and is an antique I use as a utility closet.  It is my way of adding warmth to the room with the medium wood tone, and it also adds that farmhouse touch. The pillows I change up often, but one simple change such as those can really change the feel of the room!  These are from H&M and add a tribal/western feel.   Oh, and that tray is from target and I love galvanized!  Very farmhouse/industrial.

I wanted this picture to again show an overall so I can point out some things.  Deciding on just the right ceiling fan was soooo hard.  This was a splurge and is from Barn Electric.  It adds an industrial, but farmhouse feel with the light looking like a barn light. The metal chairs are from world market and again give that industrial feel with the metal.  If you are wondering if they are comfortable the answer is yes!  My husband even loves them… crazy right?!  The rug is sisal and I am eventually replacing it with a cow hide rug because lesson learned, these rugs are messy! Beware! But they sure are pretty right?!  And looking back at this picture I wish the flowers on the table where different.  Ones with color and hints of spring.  I have since bought purple hyacinths, they smell beautiful!

As always thank you for stopping by!  Feel free to ask any questions or add your own advice!  Hope you are having a wonderful day!


7 thoughts on “A Little Design Tip

  1. I absolutely love your ideas and advice…looking forward to using it to guide me in my new home creations!


  2. Omgosh!!!! I enjoyed reading every word on this!!! So dang helpful and TOTALLY forcing my husband to read this, especially on the industrial chairs – he’s so set on them being totally uncomfortable. I waaaaaant them! So I’m going to snatch his phone away when it’s time to go to the loo and leave my phone there, leave this open to force him to read it. Sorry,….a TMI comment.

    Keep up the awwwwwesome work and love reading your blog. Don’t stop. 🙂

    Hope your pregnancy ride has been good to you. Xo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for reading the post Jessica and for leaving such a sweet compliment! He really does love them so if you can get him to sit in one and try it out I hope he likes them too! And thank you for the motivation in writing posts! I always worry, is this silly? Will anyone even like this post? So thank you for the encouragement!! I really appreciate it!


  3. I’m a white paint girl too, but I actually really love the color of your walls. I think it looks great with everything else you have going on.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I just discovered your blog and love your style! Your home is beautiful! My question is how do you keep it so clutter-free? I add things I that love and eventually then lose that airy feeling.


    1. Hi Julie!

      Thank you for the sweet compliment! And clutter-free? I never noticed that in my décor, but you must be right! I struggle between having a million things I love out and which item makes the “cut” and which items I sell and store. We have ONE closet in the entire house and that is about a 2×2 closet in our bedroom! With no storage I really think twice before any purchase, and if the item doesn’t have a use it usually must go! I am constantly bringing things to Goodwill or selling on Facebook garage sale and I think that is key?! Hope this helps, and thanks for stopping by!


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