Spring has Sprung

Hello!   And welcome to my first home tour.   Here at the back door I stand in our mudroom.  This used to be the old dining room and I wanted sooo badly to turn this into a mudroom.  Knowing I dreamed of a family and kids, I asked Doug if we could have a mudroom sink.  He granted my wish, but now asks, “why have one if we can never use it?!”  Thats allllll my fault, friends.  Because of my plant fetish, those that die I place the ones that die in the sink; not being able to let go or plant them outside during the harsh Michigan winter!  Sorry Doug, but it will be spring soon.  ; )

This beautiful canvas print is from Vol25.  I met the artist through IG and fell head over heels in love with her designs!  I have my eye on a few more pieces and bought this just a few weeks ago.

The counter for the sink was found in the barn by my husband.  It was his grandfather’s, and he believes it came from work at GM years ago.  The wood is all repurposed and reused as well.   The house was full of knotty pine and Doug had the idea of turning the wood around to show the backside and sanded and stained it with the same stain we used throughout the house.  A Provincial wiping stain.

It all began with exposing the chimney wear.   I had no idea that behind the cupboard and laundry room (which was in the kitchen) was a hidden chimney!   I had hopes it would be this beautiful red brick, but instead it was covered in pink plaster and hideous.  We seriously thought of removing it and my husband nick named it the leaning tower of piazza.  For more images on the before photos and chimney transformation check out a few posts back!

The old farmhouse had a black cast iron wood stove from the 70’s.  It had the deer and pine trees seen on the front.  We almost used it again, but came across this cream wood stove the showroom model on mega clearance because they discontinued the color! What a steal and I can’t believe how it was meant to be!

This little wood stove heats our entire home.  We have other backup heat with an oil burner in the basement and d/c electric Fugitsu upstairs.  I don’t know much about any of that, but I do know we moved the staircase to the center of the home so the heat from this stove can rise and make it to the bedroom and add the ceiling fan to circulate the heat.  I am SO happy with how it turned out and so thankful for the energy efficient heat that keeps us warm. 🙂  The perks of marrying a heating a cooling man ; )

This shelf is one of my favorites.  This is one of the most versatile pieces that I use daily. I just got this outstanding arch from Feather and Birch.  I adore her creations and I know you all will too!

And for one more shout out is to James and Alice.  This sign “love grows best” is one of my favorites.  And so fitting for our 1700 sq ft home 🙂

Just one more view of the whole room.

Oh and don’t mind the oversized table with currently no chairs.  It was a spurge and irrational decision last weekend, but I do love it and need all your help in the design and picking out chairs!

Just behind me is the kitchen.  It is the original kitchen from the 80’s that his grandparents put in.  As much as I’d love to rip it out and do white shiplap with open shelving and so much more, this will have to do.  The ceiling height was just at the top of the cabinets so Doug added the crown molding to try and help with the flow especially to tie into the coffee bar.  The coffee bar was the door into the home and those that follow me have heard this story too many times.  I begged and begged Doug to move the door into the dining room that we were turning into the mudroom.  But that involved more than either one of us wanted to endeavor.  That included pouring new foundation, taking the entire wall out and exposing the home to every bug that wanted to come in. It was a rough week and I still do not have siding on that wall of the house, but it was worth it ; )

Now headed to the living room..

And just to the back left of this room is the hallway.  We cut into the old plaster to make this an entry way.  Before their was a dark and dreary hallway to the back of the home where the stairs existed.  The wall to the right is where the stairs were, and covered in green carpet along with the entire home!  I know this hallway may look a little funny, but it’s a work in progress.  The first door on the left is to the basement which before was the only access to go outside.  And the second door is to the downstairs bathroom.

The curtains are to the laundry closet, and the french doors lead to the playroom that was once a hot tub room!

The bathroom counter is left over oak floor boards, and he built these cubbies for baskets just for me 🙂  More on this bathroom a few posts back on the blog.

Here is the laundry closet.  Again, he reused two inch boards he saved from the home and built me shelves.  Doug thought of using a galvanized pipe here, and we also used one for the downstairs bathroom shower curtain rod too!

Sorry I don’t have a full shot of the playroom, but trust me, it’s a mess.  You’re not missing anything. ; )

But here, is the desk Doug built because when I was pregnant with Auburn I just HAD to have one.  Pregnancy hormones.  But it is all out of wood from the home and the top he built in a herringbone pattern.

In this same room is Auburn’s teepee my mother and father built him for his first birthday.  They had a little lantern hanging from the top, but it didn’t take but a few days and Auburn Hollis broke it. (He is such a boy!)

Part 2: The upstairs

At the top of the stairs, is a dresser from my grandmother after she passed away.  I had lived with her for a summer because of her Alzheimer’s and this may be my favorite piece from her home.  The door here on the right is to our bedroom.  Before we remodeled it was two small bedrooms.

We just moved things around and my best friend’s husband, Richard, built me this beautiful mantel.

This sign is from James and Alice and I just adore all that they create!

Down the tiny hall we have two doors.  The door to the right leads into the bathroom and the door to the left is Auburn’s room.  We have baby number two on its way, so I am going to be revamping this room.  I am so excited to support small shops and make this room functional and unique.

Before there wasn’t a bathroom upstairs, so this is all new too.  The layout was the hardest part of the upstairs, but I am so happy how it turned out.

Thank you all for stopping by and be sure to check out these beautiful homes!

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7 thoughts on “Spring has Sprung

  1. I’m so glad you didn’t get rid of that chimney. It looks so great in your home! I think that little office might be my all time favorite room though!

    How did you add the bathroom on? Did you take space from a bedroom? I wish we had some room to spare for a second bathroom!


    1. Hi Meg! Thank you SO much for the sweet comments! That room you love was a hot tub room then the only room we had furniture in during the remodel. It has a door to the porch and four Windows and skylights. It has been my biggest challenge to make functional and style, but it’s finally coming along! And for the bathroom upstairs yes you are exactly correct. We took room from Auburns bedroom. It was a huge decision because their isn’t much room to begin with, but I took a tally with many mothers and they all said a second bath is a must! Plus it is so nice having a bathroom upstairs to be the “kids” bathroom someday. We thought it out really hard and stacked the plumbing so this bathroom is directly above the washer and downstairs bathroom. That way all pipes flow together and we put them on the inside wall as to not be cold or freeze! Lots to think about if adding another bathroom! Thank you again for stopping by. I adore your home and look forward to seeing your progress unfold!


  2. Morgan! It’s Kayla (Rantz) Witt! I love this. As I’ve told you before, your home decor is incredible. You have such an eye for the style you love, and you are lucky to have a hubs who can build you the things you crave!!


    1. Oh my Kayla! You just melted my heart! Thank you so much for the sweet compliment!! I am so blessed to have married such a good man, husband, and father to Auburn. He does spoil me often and just recently told me he is sick of working for me 😜. He said I’m not a good boss. Lol! But that’s because I asked for a new kitchen 😳. Thank you again for stopping by and leaving a comment! I love to hear from you! Hope all is well and loved that patio garden you and Eloise created! I ❤️ Succulents!!


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