A Farmhouse Christmas

This year I tried spreading Christmas cheer with simple changes that are inexpensive, and that we will still love after the holiday’s!  Having a son who is almost two, I want to start some wonderful traditions that we can all look forward to in years to come 🙂

Now welcome to the mudroom.  For a hot second I debated cleaning this room and taking some magical photo of the entire room all neat and tidy.  Ha!   The bibs are tossed on the bench along with a million other coats, sweatshirts and hats.  Just out frame the pile is as big as I. I promise I am NOT kidding. Tis the season!

Now walk in a little farther…

I saw this quote on a door mat and it killed me.  Instant classic.  I can’t wait to watch Home Alone with the boys someday!

Don’t judge the dried hydrangea’s on the table. I plan to pick fresh greens out back with the boys soon!

Welcome to the dining.  Someone said you should match your woods.  Like either dark or light colors, but I’ve always been a rule breaker (not really, but lets pretend..)!    I can’t believe I actually considered painting that door white because of that.  Crazy talk.  And get a load of this.  Our tree has no lights or ornaments!  I love it just the way it is.  I may get some white lights because I know Auburn will love it, but I sure do love it in its natural state. And don’t get me started on ornaments.  I get them every year for a Christmas gift, but I hate them.  I know, I know, I am some evil crazy person, but its true.  I hate ornaments. Don’t hate me.

I only have two stockings as I bought these when we first got married.  Now, two kids later I thought about getting two more then decided they can just have ours.  The hubby won’t fill mine anyways.. Mr. Scrooge!

I wish my garland was real, and I may still do that, but I stole this from my mom a few years ago and still love it! I still all her great stuff don’t I?!

This throw is from Target, but I had been looking for a cream throw for a while now and I think I love it!

Also these pillows are from Target as well.  I try soo hard to shop local and swore I wouldn’t buy pillows from Target, again.  But these are soo soft, and big, and I had a coupon, and they jumped in the cart- I swear!  Along with these little houses from the dollar spot.  I put a tea light candle in the back and can’t wait to see them shine!  Lets see how long until the hubby notices lit and blows them out (insert eye rolling emoji here).  Candles should not be in the house if he had his way!

Well friends, thats it for now.  As always, thank you all for stopping by!  Hope you are having a wonderful day!

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14 thoughts on “A Farmhouse Christmas

  1. Your tree is perfect just the way it is and it looks amazing in that metal bucket next to that beautiful cupboard! Fantastic job!


  2. I love the simplicity and coziness of your home! Obsessed with your natural decor. Such a lovely home, thanks for sharing 🙂


  3. Thanks for the tour! So festive and relaxing at the same time. May I ask where you got the natural colored throw blanket in the same photo as the one you sited from Target?


  4. I love it that your tree does not have any lights on it! You have done a beautiful job with minimal decorating, and it is so peaceful! My teenage daughter has a six foot tree in her room with just lights, and I love it! Joni


  5. Where could I find a similar garland to yours on your stairs? I know you stole it from your Mom, but any ideas? Everything I can find is full and thick. LOVE the natural and simple look of yours.


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