Finding the “perfect” table

This post was made in partnership with Rove Concepts.

Hey friends!  Thank you for being here! I am so excited to be able to show you the perfect table for our home and family!  If you follow me on Instagram, you know I have been struggling for some time with having a functional, yet comfortable table for the four of us! Not only is the dining room part of the center of the home, but its a place we gather as a family, with friends, for crafts, games, etc. etc.  To me, being comfortable at the table as we gather together is key.

This leads to me with working with Rove Concepts to make these dreams come true.  I’ve struggled with a rectangle table for some time, as so many friends and family kept telling me we needed round.  But for some reason every time I thought of a round table, I thought round was so outdated!

And then I saw this.

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This table is called the Tulip Table Round Marble.  We opted for the 52 in and couldn’t be more happy.  I forget how much room you get with a round.  There is plenty of room in the center for dinner to pass, and certainly more elbow room than sitting in a row with a long table.  I also love not having four corners from a table sticking out in the hall for kids to run there heads into!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

One concern I had with a marble top was weight.  I was so worried if you leaned on the table it would rock or worse yet, fall! But I will tell you that fear was long gone after assembled and the husband put that worry to the test.  Thank you Rove for making such a remarkable table!

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Oh, and we tried a round before that I found in the barn with four legs.  But you know what?  It seemed like someone was always stuck straddling the legs trying to eat! Again, one more reason we love this mid century modern table design.  Now, don’t tell the hubby I told you this.. but he rubbed his feet on the fleek base of the table while sitting there just after he installed it and “See! Can’t you tell I love it!”  HAHA!

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Now on to the chairs.  These are the wishbone chairs.  In regards to comfort at the table as I mentioned before, you can’t overlook the importance of quality chairs!  The hubby and my father had an in depth conservation I wished I would have captured.  From the curvature of the back, to the curves in the arms, lets just say we are all impressed.  Plus they are so comfortable!

Well, thank you Rove Concepts, and thank you friends for stopping by! If you have any questions, as always please let me know.  Have a great day everyone!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset



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