DIY laundry detergent

Hey guys! I am going to whip this out quick and easy for you all!  I have been using this DIY laundry detergent for gosh- over a year and a half now I believe?  And I have only had to make it three times! Oh, my, gosh.

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I made the switch after my eldest son broke out in full body hives from an allergic reaction to a detergent I had used.   I found this on Pinterest and have been in love ever since!  Not only does it save you lots, and lots or money- but it has less dyes and chemicals than most larger brand detergents- and decreases plastic waste! I’d call that a win!

What you need-

One box of Borax- four pound 12 ounces

Three bars Felt-Naptha soap

One box Arm & Hammer Baking soda- Four pound box.  I will add the last time I only found 3.5 pounds.  They just changed packaging to plastic and decreased the quantity :(.

One box arm and hammer super washing soda- 3lbs 7 ounces

Oxy Clean- 4lbs.  You can buy one large- 3 lbs and one small 1 lb.

Once you have the ingredients, you will need a very large container or a 5lb pale to mix it all.

Now its time to get to work! Grate the 3 bars of fees-naptha bars into a bowl and mix all ingredients together. BOOM. That’s it!

Use 2-3 table spoons per load.

Commonly asked questions-

Can you use this in a HE washer- YES! Ours is energy efficient and with less water I did notice once the dry detergent did not mix in the wash. But it was my fault.  The hubbies clothes were extra dirty!  But that does not mean use extra detergent to get them clean.  I have learned to use a concentrated cleaner and spot clean those tough stains before throwing them in the washer 🙂

Does this work for hard water- yes! We have hard water! But for white I usually add something to make those whites whiter.

Is it good for sensitive skin? Yup!

Total cost- less than 15$.



13 thoughts on “DIY laundry detergent

  1. Thank you! I have been making my own detergent for about a year now, but need a stronger formula for my gardening clothes and my husband’s barn clothes. Looking forward to trying this!


    1. I replaced the Fells-napa with Zote in the white package. I is a softer laundry bar soap and grates well. I love it and smells great.


  2. Really looking forward to trying this! Want to switch to my home to clean, homemade and cost effective. I have sensitive skin (eczema) and hoping I see a difference with homemade laundry and wool balls for fabric softener. Thank you!


  3. What “extra” do you use to make your whites whiter? Bleach?
    Do the clothes you wash with this smell strange?
    Thx for this recipe, can’t wait to try.


    1. I try not to use bleach because it is hard on septic, but I do use stain remover and spot clean! I feel the oxi clean in it helps make white brighter. Also, I think the clothes smell great, but you can add scent boosters they sell. Like the beads. But the goal is to get away from chemicals with scents for me!


    2. No, I try not to use bleach. I’m in nursing, so I try to use natural disinfectants. Borax, oxy clean free, and vinegar. You can use lemons for rust stains too.


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