Laundry Closet

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Hi friends! I am pretty darn excited about this one.  The hubby and I (well mostly the hubby- a tad bit I) worked on making this little laundry nook more useful with storage, and cosmetically pleasing!  With a smaller home I feel every square inch counts ya know??

Nothing was wrong with the before.   Of course I was mostly craving a refresher after five years!


At first we were just going to paint the walls (well I was going to, be he took over because I’m a terrible painter 🤫).  Which lead to taking down the shelves, which led to me asking about cabinets.  I have always wanted a linen closet so to speak, and a place up and safe from kids for cleaning products.

And then I got a quote.

You would not believe what the quote came in for just these TWO cabinets. 1,000$ kid you not. I puked.

And then I told the hubby.  He said no wayyyyy were going to pay someone 1,000 for just TWO cabinets.

So then we pondered, and pondered, and pondered some more.

And then one day he said those famous last words- “I’ll build them.” HE committed to spending time make ME (I mean us…) cabinets!!!!!! EKK!!!


He had never build cabinets, nor did he know where to begin, but he did it. And if you ask me my thoughts, I couldn’t be happier! He wanted to use up wood we already had, and he found left over bead board from the home years ago.  I love his creative touch with the bead board fronts, and inset doors, all the heart eyes!


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To keep down on the noise while washing or drying we could hang curtains to muffle the sound.  It also works to quickly hide a bit of the washer and drier, and accumulations that come from a laundry room!  The curtains are hung with pipe he spray painted black, and the curtains I have had for years from Pottery Barn called tie up shades!

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The natural basket is from a little shop I adore called The Dharma Door USA. There baskets are hand made by artisans at a fair trade! I love its texture, and how easy it is to carry a full basket of laundry one handed with baby in the other.   You can find this basket here.

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The other basket shown here is from Steele Canvas.  I love this family owned company located in Massachusettes and the quality of their baskets and trucks is impeccable.

The light is from Schoolhouse. We needed something narrow for the doors to open, and without limiting cabinet space.  With all that being said, I landed on  this light!  If you follow me on Instagram, you know I had a very hard time picking which finish to pick, but I opted for the all time classic- black.

The paint is the same paint I used for our kitchen.  After two years I am still so love with the color! Plus, to be completely honest, I don’t think there is a better quality paint out there than Farrow & Ball.  And trust me- I’ve done a LOT of painting.

Cabinet hardware is mostly from Cabinet Parts online.  I wish picking out hardware wasn’t so hard! But let me tell you, that was SO hard!  I went with oil rubbed bronze.  I am head over heels currently for brass, but when it comes to things we will be keeping forevverrrrrr, I tend to stick with black or close to black because I do feel that never goes out of style. Lets hope I’m not wrong on that……!

Well, thats it for now! Let me know if you have any questions friends! And as always- thank you for stopping by!


5 thoughts on “Laundry Closet

    1. Thank you so much! It took two tries with building the doors, but he did it! And they are above and beyond what I had imagined! I am so lucky to have him 🙌🏼. Thank you!


  1. Just saw your insta post with a cute new loloi rug? What is that name of that rug, think it would be perfect for my family room…love your style…


    1. Hi Heidi! I am afraid this rug was a pretty penny (puke!). but I too loved it so much! The name is Heirloom made by Loloi Rugs 06 colors bone and charcoal. I hope this helps!


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