Bathroom Update

It’s been a long haul after fixing the foundation and adding an addition in 2020. Last winter we finally began tackling the upstairs bathroom that was opened up to connect to the new addition months ago. When we added on the eighteen feet by eighteen feet two story addition, we had to remove a window from the bathroom to gain the second story. We drew plans to make the bathroom larger by making it just large enough have a window back. We decided on room spacing by adding walls around window placement. From the exterior all windows are the same size and space apart. For me, this triumphed all.

The mirror was in the home when we purchased it from my husband’s grandparents. We used stripper to remove the previous finish and used a water base poly. It was an anniversary gift I know his grandmother treasured for years and I plan to do the same ♥️.

The counter is soapstone. We have it in the kitchen and after years of loving it, I couldn’t imagine using anything else. Soapstone is a natural stone. Each stone unique in its own way. This stone I found as a remnant from a commercial company called Yellowstone. They do not often sell to residents, but I am so glad I found them and they were able to work with us. The sink and stone I purchased from them for less than $450.

Now, the faucet was a splurge. This faucet is from Kohler. You can find the link here. The finish is polished nickel per my good friend Grace Start’s advise! She certainly has an eye for design and I am constantly inspired by her home. You can follow her along here!

The cabinet is from Stoffer Home Cabinetry and I could not be more happy with the craftsmanship of the build and the quality of the finish. This vanity is specifically from the Highgate collection color Bromley Taupe.

For the lighting, I wanted to keep it classic. To me, nothing says classic farmhouse like black and white. The sconces are just what I envisioned. They are from Schoolhouse. I will link them here.

The tile is one of my favorite aspects of the bathroom. It is from Mosaictilesupplies. I found them after much looking in store and online. I am so pleased with the quality of the tiles and how they bring such a historic aspect to this bathroom! I chose an unglazed porcelain hexagon in an off-white.

We love these registers we used throughout the home from Signature Hardware

For the tub surround, I have to give Douglas (my husband) full credit for this one! We left the tub and toilet in their original locations to not only save time, but money. We both thought long and hard about this. Of course I had dreams of a claw foot tub for years and thought “it’s now or never.” And that choice was not an easy one to make! But after adding on to the home and with an endless list of projects left to do, this area had to do. Doug added doors to the open shelves and crown molding around the tub surround to turn this space from plain Jane to breathtaking in my eyes!

New tile, trim, and doors on the top two shelves and it feels like a whole new bathroom!

The walls are alabaster by sherwin Williams, and the trim color is custom matched to the cabinet mentioned above!

These doors are solid pine doors from Menards stained Provincial we did years ago!

Thank you all for being here and following along on our journey! I hope you find inspiration for your home and ask me any questions you have!


23 thoughts on “Bathroom Update

  1. Hello, your bathroom is gorgeous! I agree that simply adding the doors to the shelving and the crown moulding…you’d still think it was a whole new bathroom. Don’t forget claw foot tubs are a pain to clean under & around (ask me how I know, haha), there are pros and cons to everything and you have not lost anything by keeping your tub (IMHO). Beautiful!


  2. Is this custom-matched bathroom cabinet color the same as on the boys’ room mini door? Shucks, it’s this deeper putty color I’m craving the color/code/formula for. I want it for the exterior of my house! Please help if you can. ☺️ Thanks! Feel free to send It to my email (for easier keeping for me to transfer the info. to the paint store 😜 ).


  3. Hi! Do you mind sharing the paint code for this color? I’ve been wanting to paint our vanity that exact color and have been hoping to find the stoffer match!


    1. Hi! I am so sorry I can’t. Stoffer home is my best friend and her moms shop. I would hate to be the one who leaked their secret. What I did do is buy a sample, took it to sherwin Williams and had it scanned. Then returned that sample!


  4. Hi! As for your shower curtain, do you not use a plastic curtain behind it? How do you prevent water from getting everywhere?


    1. Hello! I do use a plastic liner! I attached it to the back with clips and lucky enough they make them the same size as a standard wide curtain plus extra long! I bought the exact size I needed for these curtains off Amazon. Hope that helps!


  5. I was just wondering the same thing about the shower curtain liner. Those curtains are all that and more! Guessing you made them, Morgan? I am so inspired by your home!! Now since my shower liner question has been answered. Could you tell me about your grout colors, specifically the floor. I found very similar tile (in white) and will be using for our small guest bath. Are your shower tiles, white with a white grout? I was thinking I might prefer a lighter grey grout for the shower tiles and maybe a medium gray for the floor tiles. We may also do a pencil line black accent somewhere on our subway tub surround. Thanks!


    1. Hello! Grout is always a hard choice! I do love “pewter” as it is a beautiful grey, but ultimately I stuck with the traditional black and white theme. Floor grout is charcoal and the tub tile is whit with white grout. The tub and tile we did 8 years ago! The floors are new because we added on the that room. I hope this helps! Thank you for the lovely compliments, I wish you luck with your bathroom adventure!


  6. Yes it is very helpful! Thank you! And if I may ask one more question. Did you guys glaze/protect the tile before adding grout on the floor? Thought I read somewhere to do that. I really appreciate your help! And thanks again!


  7. Hello! This bathroom makeover is beautiful and I love intentional way you are decorating your home. Would you be willing to share the paint color formula for your bathroom trim? I have an antique fireplace mantel that I want to paint and this is exactly the color I imagined for it. Thank you (even if the answer is no) and Happy Thanksgiving!


    1. Hi! Thank you for your lovely comments! I’m not sure if I can. Stoffer home is my best friends shop with her mom and I would hate to spill their secret! I can tell you what I did though. I bought a paint sample from them. They sell them for 25$ and took it to sherwin Williams. They scanned it to color match. It’s not perfect, but it is close! Then I returned the sample from them. Kind of a pain, but I love the color! Hope that helps and you can do the same! I wish I knew of a color close to it I could share. Thank you!


  8. Morgan, what a beautiful bathroom. Such gorgeous details, craftsmanship and decorating. You have such a wonderful eye for making your home look perfect. I remember you shared on IG, but can’t find it there any longer. Might you have info on the shower curtain and rod to share? Wishing you the best. xoxo IG marie_tere_canas


    1. What a lovely comment thank you Tere! The rod is from signature hardware. You cut it to the size you need. The shower curtains are actually two curtains I had for our windows I used for here. They are from Etsy. Shop called not perfect linen. I stuck liner behind them using clips and ordered long and skinny liners off amazon. Hope that helps! Thank you for following!


  9. Beautiful room and love the crown molding. Earlier you reference Tapestry Beige by BM. Where is that used in the home? I am confused. Is it the color to match Stoffer taupe vanity?


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