Vintage rugs

Well guys, I think it’s finally time to share the top four reasons I love vintage rugs! I spoke with my friend Kim Gunther who has the most beautiful rug shop Woven Abode to give you guys all the tips!

1. Vintage rugs are better for the environment. Someone once told me “vintage rugs are made of iron.” Meaning they wear so well if treated properly you can have a rug for generations as opposed to modern rugs that are thrown out in a year or two!

2. They are handmade!! Can you believe that?! What talent! Not by machines like rugs are now made.

3. Heirloom quality. Now that you know these pieces are hand crafted, the imperfections only make them more beautiful. I tend to love the 100% wool vintage rugs because as I mentioned before they are wear better with age. Sun light and wear may cause a rug to lighten or fade, but for me that is what I love most about these rugs!

4. One of a kind. Yes, you heard me right! You will be the only one with that specific rug. How special is that?! I fell in love with the pattern, slight wear and earth tone colors of this rug. I tend to pick a rug over its colors and pattern over going for the perfect size.

And for one last tip to make your vintage rug last, be sure to turn off the beater option for your vacuum. That can cause lots of damage to your new to you beautiful vintage rug!


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