Farm Lands and Skagerak

I wanted to post a little bit about this area and our new addition with this Drachmann bench made by Skagerak. Skagerak focuses on sustainable, minimal, and timeless designs.

I have had a few pieces of outdoor furniture over the years, but none have lasted more years than I can count on one hand. I was therefore honored when the opportunity to collaborate came along as the Drachmann series, which consists of tables and chairs as well, is turning 40 this year.

I have had my eye on Skagerak furniture for the past few years now as I stumbled on them amongst my searches for a more sustainable outdoor furniture that will last for decades to come. I love that with their teak furniture you can leave it outside through all seasons and can always freshen up with a light sand and adding Skagerak’s natural oil!

I photographed this bench in multiple areas to see what would fit best and to utilize this space most. My plan has always been to slowly make this little area of the property peaceful and inviting. The Drachmann bench is the perfect addition I had been looking for. My boys can’t wait to pull it up next to a little fire and take a seat while roasting s’more’s. I can’t wait to enjoy it for many more seasons to come.

Which placement is your favorite?


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