Vintage rugs

Well guys, I think it’s finally time to share the top four reasons I love vintage rugs! I spoke with my friend Kim Gunther who has the most beautiful rug shop Woven Abode to give you guys all the tips!

1. Vintage rugs are better for the environment. Someone once told me “vintage rugs are made of iron.” Meaning they wear so well if treated properly you can have a rug for generations as opposed to modern rugs that are thrown out in a year or two!

2. They are handmade!! Can you believe that?! What talent! Not by machines like rugs are now made.

3. Heirloom quality. Now that you know these pieces are hand crafted, the imperfections only make them more beautiful. I tend to love the 100% wool vintage rugs because as I mentioned before they are wear better with age. Sun light and wear may cause a rug to lighten or fade, but for me that is what I love most about these rugs!

4. One of a kind. Yes, you heard me right! You will be the only one with that specific rug. How special is that?! I fell in love with the pattern, slight wear and earth tone colors of this rug. I tend to pick a rug over its colors and pattern over going for the perfect size.

And for one last tip to make your vintage rug last, be sure to turn off the beater option for your vacuum. That can cause lots of damage to your new to you beautiful vintage rug!

Living Room

I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am to be sharing the semi finished living room! We have been without a sofa and a place to lounge for months as we embarked this very large undertaking of adding on seven hundred sq feet.

I took this photo last summer and it shows you from the outside of the home.

The first story is now our living room. It is crazy to see just how far we have come when looking back to where we began spring of 2020.
Welcome to our new living room!

The one thing I love most about this room are the views. What I love most in homes are being able to look out and see all that surrounds us. I can’t wait to watch the seasons change while we lounge in the comfort of our home.

I know this room is still so bare, but I want to be intentional about what we add. It’s taken us so long to get this far, the rest will soon follow as I add comfort into the final design for everyone to enjoy.

This light I found off Fb marketplace last summer. The light switch I also have been excited for for over a year. When we purchased this home my husband remembers the “old part” having a push button light switch. I love that they make them again and we could add a touch of history and memories to this “new part” of the home. Both are originally from Rejuvenatation.

Now for the biggest surprise of all. Our sofas are from IKEA! They are the Farlov sofa three seater and I had them delivered to our home by the best- James! He let me know they could be purchased without a cover as I planned to order an upgrade from Bemz. Did you know they are old $450 without a cover?!!

James delivers and puts together everything ikea. If you’re in Michigan I would highly recommend him! His email is if you would like to get a quote!

I have been a fan of Bemz for years now and I knew I wanted their quality cover to make these sofas beautiful. I am honored to be one of the first to try their new line called “The Minimalist.” The design is absolutely beautiful and better than I could have ever imagined!

The difference with this cover is that it is one piece that goes over the entire sofa. The back has extra padding and tucks behind the seat cushion giving it a clean minimalist look!

For fabric, I chose 100% linen in the color pebble. I love the warmth and texture this fabric adds to the room and couldn’t be happier with its final look!

Thank you so much for stopping by! Feel free to comment with any questions you may have. I am always happy to help!

Photoshoot by Amy Carroll

I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with Amy Carroll and her adorable son Mayer. As the boys played, she took photos of our new renovations. I am blessed for her friendship and talents as I will cherish these photos and our time together for a lifetime.

I found this light on Etsy a year ago, and have been storing it every since dreaming of this for someday. I can’t believe that someday is finally here.

Curtains are from Wovn home and I couldn’t imagine this room without them. We chose room darkening and have never slept this good before. Doug and I are both big fans of Wovn Home and will be adding similar curtains to these in the living room. Someday.

Thank you Amy and Mayer for spending your morning with us! And thank you all for stopping by! I hope you find inspiration here for your home, and leave me any questions you have!

Bathroom Update

It’s been a long haul after fixing the foundation and adding an addition in 2020. Last winter we finally began tackling the upstairs bathroom that was opened up to connect to the new addition months ago. When we added on the eighteen feet by eighteen feet two story addition, we had to remove a window from the bathroom to gain the second story. We drew plans to make the bathroom larger by making it just large enough have a window back. We decided on room spacing by adding walls around window placement. From the exterior all windows are the same size and space apart. For me, this triumphed all.

The mirror was in the home when we purchased it from my husband’s grandparents. We used stripper to remove the previous finish and used a water base poly. It was an anniversary gift I know his grandmother treasured for years and I plan to do the same ♥️.

The counter is soapstone. We have it in the kitchen and after years of loving it, I couldn’t imagine using anything else. Soapstone is a natural stone. Each stone unique in its own way. This stone I found as a remnant from a commercial company called Yellowstone. They do not often sell to residents, but I am so glad I found them and they were able to work with us. The sink and stone I purchased from them for less than $450.

Now, the faucet was a splurge. This faucet is from Kohler. You can find the link here. The finish is polished nickel per my good friend Grace Start’s advise! She certainly has an eye for design and I am constantly inspired by her home. You can follow her along here!

The cabinet is from Stoffer Home Cabinetry and I could not be more happy with the craftsmanship of the build and the quality of the finish. This vanity is specifically from the Highgate collection color Bromley Taupe.

For the lighting, I wanted to keep it classic. To me, nothing says classic farmhouse like black and white. The sconces are just what I envisioned. They are from Schoolhouse. I will link them here.

The tile is one of my favorite aspects of the bathroom. It is from Mosaictilesupplies. I found them after much looking in store and online. I am so pleased with the quality of the tiles and how they bring such a historic aspect to this bathroom! I chose an unglazed porcelain hexagon in an off-white.

We love these registers we used throughout the home from Signature Hardware

For the tub surround, I have to give Douglas (my husband) full credit for this one! We left the tub and toilet in their original locations to not only save time, but money. We both thought long and hard about this. Of course I had dreams of a claw foot tub for years and thought “it’s now or never.” And that choice was not an easy one to make! But after adding on to the home and with an endless list of projects left to do, this area had to do. Doug added doors to the open shelves and crown molding around the tub surround to turn this space from plain Jane to breathtaking in my eyes!

New tile, trim, and doors on the top two shelves and it feels like a whole new bathroom!

The walls are alabaster by sherwin Williams, and the trim color is custom matched to the cabinet mentioned above!

These doors are solid pine doors from Menards stained Provincial we did years ago!

Thank you all for being here and following along on our journey! I hope you find inspiration for your home and ask me any questions you have!

The Boys Room

Here it is. Finally after a year of working hard to fix the foundation of the old house that spiraled into adding on a two story addition- all so the boys could have a room!

This room was our old bedroom. Before the addition they shared a full size bed in an eight foot by nine and a half foot bedroom. To say we were all so excited for a little more space is an understatement!

After taking out the laminate Doug installed white oak floors to match the rest of the home. We used laminate years ago, and it was always my one regret that we didn’t use hardwoods. The oak floors not only gave this room an original charm, but they added strength too.

Next, he added a much needed closet! We debated adding a closet years ago, but also wanted to live in the space before adding something so permanent. I can’t believe we waited this long!

I found this door on Facebook marketplace and couldn’t wait to add it to this room! Many ask why our doors to not match, but when we bought the home it had hollow core doors most likely from the 70’s. One way I always dreamed we could add charm back to the home was with trim and doors. Back many years ago when we first started remodeling, we used solid pine doors stained as the most economical way to achieve some charm. I wrote a blog post about these doors that you can read here.

Over the last year as we started renovating again for various reasons, Doug was open to trying our hand at refinishing and framing old doors. Something I have always dream of and I couldn’t be more in love.

First we used striper to remove the old finish. Then I used a primer for wood followed by a wood paint.

Color Tapestry Beige by Sherwin Williams.

The trim we added is a very tall Victorian base we special ordered from a local mill and the trim around the windows Doug made while trying to resemble an old farmhouse the best we could.

I love the look of a thicker stool on a window frame. Also, I absolutely love these outlet covers from Nostalgic Warehouse in antique brass.
Handle above from Nostalgic Warehouse.
Hinges are acorn hinges from Grandeur Hardware.

I absolutely love the quality of the hardware from Nostalgic Warehouse. It truly is the icing on the cake!

Inside the closet to the left he added two rods for each boy to have their own space!

One thing I love about the closet, is the way Doug used these corbels to hold the rods! He drilled out the middle circle and they were the perfect diameter!

To the right he added shelves for their things. He had bought the hickory boards you see here a year ago “just because I loved them” Doug said. Him and I both love wood. He used a tongue old to keep their original ambers and love the character they bring to the boys closet!
Above is a photo of the attic door Doug built when we moved in. Before we had access to the attic from a hallway that we removed for the stairwell.

He repurposed the attic door by adding beadboard to the front and new trim on the door face. Otherwise paint goes a long ways!

I found these matching beds on Facebook. I had been so excited when I bought them as they were listed “twin beds,” but I quickly realized once home that they were in deed not twin in size. I believe these are called a super single, but I have twin sheets tucked in and everything seems to have worked out just fine.

Thank you all for stopping by and I hope you loved reading more about the love we pour into this space!

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How I chose the “perfect” curtains

Curtains. By golly I never knew there could be so many choices from rod color, to fit, to fabric choices ranging in material to colors. Oh. my.

To begin, I cut to the chase and order samples. I can never truly make up my mind with assuredness until I’ve held samples in my hand and looked at them in the room in natural light and room lighting.

Of course, I fell in love with the neutrals. I tend to always gravitate to a natural, ivory, or a flax as opposed to a bright or optic white for any space. Never say never, but I almost never choose white white. I love the warmth off whites and creams make when used together.

Finally, after days (if not weeks!) of imaging the finished room, I narrowed it down to either black rods with Ivory linen, or brass rods with Flax linen.

Above sample is called “Ivory” in 100% linen
Above is called “Flax” in 100% linen

Okay, enough about color right? For our bedroom I am going to let you in on a little secret- I choose Ivory in 100% linen!! Our trim color is so stinking close to this fabric I am in love! Once hung, I know the drapes will make the windows feel as though they are twice as large and add warmth to the space all in one.

Now for the rods. My goodness this part can be twice as difficult sometimes! I used Wovn Home’s fit finder and it was spot on. It helped me find how far beyond and above the window the rods should hang to get the look I have been dreaming about! My dad always said this line that now Doug loves to remind me also “you know what you want, but you don’t know how to get there.” LOL. That is me in a nut shell. Really.

Thank you all for stopping by! I sure hope this helps some of you in your homes! I can’t wait to share more when they arrive!

Slip cover sofa

Hello! Thank you for being here! Today I wanted to share a quick makeover I did with our five year old IKEA Farlov sofa with Bemz!

I have been a long time fan of Bemz. They make slip covers for IKEA furniture. That means, yes, they are washable!! And my favorite part is getting samples to pick a fabric for our home.

Aren’t they all just so beautiful?!

After having an almost white sofa for years, I am so happy I choose “pebble” by the designer guild for our sofa. With two boys, a fixer upper, and living on a farm, the days of a white sofa are over for me. For now at least 😝.

I am a sucker for linen. I love the texture plus durability, oh and the wrinkles 😍.

I am also pleased to announce Bemz Design is offering 20% off to my followers from now until March 11! Use code 20morgan.

Once again, thank you all for being here! Please let me know if you have any questions!

The Beauty of Hardware

I am elated to finally be able to share with you the process of finishing old doors, and the hardware we chose from Nostalgic Hardware!

To begin, I found these doors on fb marketplace. Both were under one hundred dollars, but sadly in pretty rough shape! I was nervous if we could use these doors and how they would turn out in the end. On the Facebook ad I did not ask for more photos, but lessoned learned I should have! The backside of the door not shown in the ad looked as if a dog chewed and scratch it something severe! Talk about a huge disappointment after finding the team to drive and meet him!

Here is a glimpse of the door before it was stripped (also to note this is the good side! Not the dog chewed part!)

The other door also had this large deep scratch. I thought for sure with a scratch this deep we would have to use wood filler and have to sand and paint!

To begin, the above photo was after using stripper. We lightly sanded the deep grooves and just an over all light sand around the entire door. I absolutely loved the raw look, but we also wanted to protect the door from years of wear and sun pouring through windows etc etc.

We decided to use tung oil for a finish. Doug did his research and wanted an oil that would soak into the wood as opposed to a polyurethane that sits on the wood. Wood will “drink” oil so to speak and expand the wood therefore strengthening the joints. I also loved the natural ambers oil gives wood. I often get asked “what stain did you use” and I love sharing that we did not use any stain at all! If using an oil finish it will enhance the natural wood with variations in ambers depending on the type of wood! These doors are oak for a reference!

After two coats of tung oil, the doors were ready to be hung! Douglas built the door jams and fitting the doors was quite the process. Now without further ado- the finished doors are below!

The icing on the cake to me is the hardware from Nostalgic Warehouse. Sadly, the original hardware could not be saved. I spoke with their customer service because neither Doug nor I was familiar with mortise hardware. They truly were a wonderful help with the process of what I needed for these old doors! We chose the egg and dart plate with a porcelain knob to match the rest of the home.

The hinges were the last detail to finally finish the doors! These are the acorn hinges in oiled rubbed bronze.

Overall I think the finished doors added so much old world charm and character to this new addition on our 1860’s home! I hope when we are all done with this project that this space looks as though it has always been here.

Thank you again for stopping by! Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions and I’ll be sure to answer them! Thank you!


Hello! I can’t believe the day has come where we have finished rooms to share our love for our new windows!

I’ve mentioned before how important windows are to us. It was the number one priority to replace the vinyl windows. Not only were they difficult to see out of due to fog between the glass, but often unable to open, and worst of all we found a problem with rot to the foundation as fault of leaking windows. YUCK. As this is our forever home, we knew this would be a large expense, and a really REALLY big job! We set aside savings for years and I did so much research during that time. When we started receiving quotes, I was blown away by the varying prices! I just did not understand it how quotes could be so different. But now I think I finally do. To sum it up, a window just isn’t a window. There are so many variations in quality, build, and more.

We chose the Westchester windows by Sierra Pacific. These windows are their historical line (of course right up my alley!) with a wood frame interior and a clad exterior. The exterior is also powder coated with a thirty year warranty!!!

Another feature I loved is the concealed jambliners on the interior and exterior. That may not mean much, but I will say with my quotes before finding these windows, this was not always the case! It just makes these window that much more sleek and beautiful both inside and out!

I want to also add, I could not be happier meeting Nels from Sierra Pacific sales. I thought I knew a lot about windows from research, meeting other sales reps, stopping in different show rooms etc. etc. But Nels really knocked it out of the park with being a wonderful help during this process!! If you are local I would highly recommend starting with him to get an idea of what you are looking for a budget to guide you along the way. His email is

And finally, I mentioned before these are the Westchester line from Sierra Pacific, but to be more exact, I chose double hung, interior primed, exterior color “Seawolf,” and with what is called “putty” for the interior and exterior window grilles.

Thank you all for being here and following along in our journey. If you have any questions feel free to comment and I will be sure to answer all that I can!

Thank you again!



The details. I have been saving items, planning, and slowly collecting for an entire year for the moment a room would come together.

The first room to be almost* complete since the addition is the dining room! This room was not part of the add on, but its the first time since we have living here that we have had a formal dining room! At first I thought of no, we won’t want to walk this far from the kitchen, but boy was I wrong! I couldn’t be happier with making this change and allowing a larger table and more chairs for more to join us doing what I love most. Eating!

I had mentioned a few details in my last post, but since then so much more has happened! The painting is now compete and we have hung curtains for the first time around our new windows!

I didn’t realize how much I had missed the warmth (and privacy!) of window treatments until we went without them for the last six months. I thought about what we should buy periodically for window treatments during that time as this time around I hope there is no re-doing a thing for a very very long time!

We chose Wovn Home and I could not be happier!

This is their linen drape with the antique brass French rod. I had taped sample swatches to the wall for a few weeks trying to plan this room and the perfect neutral color that would not only add texture, but warmth to the home! The shades are in the color “oatmeal” with the Euro pleat and I love how the French rods allow the curtains to hug the wall so to speak. I was nervous covering up the work Doug did with these windows and it added so much pressure to me to find something that would not just cover his work, but bring out the beauty in ever detail. And that is what I believe these did.