How I chose the “perfect” curtains

Curtains. By golly I never knew there could be so many choices from rod color, to fit, to fabric choices ranging in material to colors. Oh. my.

To begin, I cut to the chase and order samples. I can never truly make up my mind with assuredness until I’ve held samples in my hand and looked at them in the room in natural light and room lighting.

Of course, I fell in love with the neutrals. I tend to always gravitate to a natural, ivory, or a flax as opposed to a bright or optic white for any space. Never say never, but I almost never choose white white. I love the warmth off whites and creams make when used together.

Finally, after days (if not weeks!) of imaging the finished room, I narrowed it down to either black rods with Ivory linen, or brass rods with Flax linen.

Above sample is called “Ivory” in 100% linen
Above is called “Flax” in 100% linen

Okay, enough about color right? For our bedroom I am going to let you in on a little secret- I choose Ivory in 100% linen!! Our trim color is so stinking close to this fabric I am in love! Once hung, I know the drapes will make the windows feel as though they are twice as large and add warmth to the space all in one.

Now for the rods. My goodness this part can be twice as difficult sometimes! I used Wovn Home’s fit finder and it was spot on. It helped me find how far beyond and above the window the rods should hang to get the look I have been dreaming about! My dad always said this line that now Doug loves to remind me also “you know what you want, but you don’t know how to get there.” LOL. That is me in a nut shell. Really.

Thank you all for stopping by! I sure hope this helps some of you in your homes! I can’t wait to share more when they arrive!


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