Our Bedroom

It has taken a year to finally feel like our bedroom might be complete. I have tried to be much more intentional with our furnishings in our home. I think about the different options I can do with a space for weeks, if not months, before finally pulling the trigger. The want versus need is becoming more clear to me with every year that passes. I want our home to feel warm and welcoming, but also thoughtful and practical. As my husband has reminded me many times before, musical furniture isn’t the most easy thing. And even though it can grant instant gratification with a refresh to a space, there is something more fulfilling about being content. This leads me to our bedroom. I have always loved Six Penny for their products are quality made and the slip covers are beautiful. After having slip covered furniture, I am not sure I will ever own otherwise. With two boys and a farm, there is not much more satisfying than washing a dirty slip cover and having it come out looking brand new. I have two Gabriel chairs that I have washed several times over the past two years as they get lots of use!

What I love about the Amelia chair is that it is a larger size chair. It is larger enough to curl up on, or can even fit two! This is the perfect spot for the boys to curl up on my lap and read a book before bed, or just for me for some late night reading.

Thank you as always for stopping by, and please leave any questions or comments you might have!


13 thoughts on “Our Bedroom

  1. Your home is so calming with such character. It is simple, yet warm and timeless.
    You’ve inspired me to wait for the perfect piece. I’ve been without a Sofa for years…waiting for the right one…. Your ikea sofa w/ slip cover is the one for me…

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  2. I have been following along and am impressed with how thoughtful and patient you are in making decisions! Everything turns out so beautiful!

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    1. Hi Tiffany! Thank you! It’s from either linen tales or Matteo. Both are beautiful companies take a look! Matteo is in California and sometimes have great sales where everything is half off!! Just be patient! Linen tales will often do 20% off. Just fyi! Bedding can be so expensive, but quality to me is worth it with a good sale price!


  3. Is your ceiling the same color as your walls..The SW Pure White? I have been begging my husband to redo our old and very dark pitch pine ceiling in our living room to lighten up the whole space as the windows face northeast


    1. Hello! It is actually alabaster by accident! I get wanting lighter! We did an early American stained pine ceiling in another room we are working on. Part of me wishes we would have just painted it white, but my hubby loves the wood! I call it a compromise :). Good luck!


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