The Final Bedroom

I can’t believe the time has come to finish the last room of our home! It has been almost a decade slowly picking away at all that needed done in this old farmhouse, and the time has finally come to where we can finish the last bedroom in the house! 

We played musical rooms the past two years as we added on a two story addition with an extra bedroom for our growing family.  Our once two bedroom farmhouse because a three bedroom, and the extra space with two little boys has been such a blessing. 


The bedroom I am about to show you was once the nursery and then a big boy room which turned into a bedroom for two! I had a full size bed the boys shared the last few years while we hemmed and hawed about adding on to this home. 


I am honored to say we partnered with The Home Depot to finish this cozy space! We  played musical bedrooms once again, and this room will now be our guest bedroom!


Now for the how-to’s you know I love to share. Head over to The Home Depot to see the full blog post including a few of my most asked questions and a little how-to on things you see in this room!


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