Gift Wrapping Idea’s

Today I wanted to share with you my favorite gift wrapping ideas!  No matter what the occasion, I use this brown paper for weddings, birthdays, baby showers and more.   You can find this by the roll in the craft department of most stores or online by searching “brown paper roll,” I think the other proper name for this is “duck brown craft paper.”  They use this for packaging and therefore stores such as Staples and Office Deport carry it as well.

Then I use any ribbon you like- (this is Jute I purchased from Decor Steals) and cut a piece of pine from our tree out back.  I love the way it smells and makes it feel so Christmasy!

Another reason why I love this brown paper is because I can use stamps!  (Of course the photo I want to look perfect I don’t push down hard enough and the stamp didn’t look so good! )  I have an array of stamps I love to use to change it up.  But this stamp here is my absolute favorite!  My sister-in-law bought this for me as a surprise gift a few years back.  It is a photo of our home!! 🙂

I love how it gives such a personal feel.  She also bought me plain cards she stamped this on and said I can use it on a flour sack towel too!  She is so creative isn’t she??!

I called her this morning and she said she ordered it from

I am sure you all can find a million cute things to do with a stamp like this of your own home and brown paper that is way cuter than this! But I hope I inspired you as you all do to me 🙂


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