The Bedroom Make-Over

So two years ago when we started the home make-over, I swear grey was the “big” thing.  Now of course all I want is white white white.  With that being said, when Doug asked me to pick out paint colors.  He gave me an afternoon notice and I have pregnancy brain.  I quickly found out that grey is the HARDEST paint color to pick!  They either have a purple, blue, or green hue depending on certain light.  Who knew?!  Not me!  In my mind I thought a dark grey would be soothing, especially after the Today Show talked about how that is the best color to choice for its calming ability and for sleep.  WRONG. I hated it!  Even when Doug started rolling I cried inside at my choice.   The dark grey I chose looked bluer than blue in the light.  And of course I am all about natural light and every time those light beams shone in I cringed.

So that leads me to the remodel.  Just over one year later and the first poor choice in paint colors.  Oops!  I picked a day I didn’t have to work and brought all kinds of toys to the bedroom to entertain Auburn (which didn’t work).  The room was a mess and I had pushed as much furniture as I could to the center of the room.  After a day with a huge head start before Doug got home, I had only finished cutting in.  One coat….  Doug came home and saw the upstairs and was in shock.  I mean I tried to do as much as I could with a baby in the other hand?!  I find I don’t ask for permission,  only for forgiveness :)!

Doug jaw dropped and all said “I just can’t handle the chaos anymore, did you have to paint this now?!”  Well yes of course, because everything in my mind is an “urgent matter!” lol  So he changed his clothes, grabbed a beer and started painting.  What a good man right?!  I told him it was my project and I would finish it.  But lets be honest, I’m ADD with painting and get more on the floor and me than the walls.  AND he knows that ; ).

Here are a few photos of the bedroom progress.

The bedding is linen and from H&M.  I have to say, I wasn’t so sure about the linen at first.  My touchy feely husband I call him, has to have soft bedding.  At first he made some comment about the bedding feeling like sand, but after use and washing it, it has gotten softer and softer.  I truly do love it, wrinkles and all  🙂

Do you ever going shopping with something in mind and never seem to find that something?  Then you go shopping just for fun and find a million things you don’t need, but love?  That how this rug happened.  I went shopping last Saturday with a friend and this rug was calling my name…!  It is from World Market, and it was love at first sight 😉

Now I love how soft it is on my feet before bed.  The nightstand is a crate for a local barn sale, and that rack over there is hiding the attic door.  It is from Antique Farmhouse, link here clothes rack.  And I just adore it!  I kind of want another one for the nursery I’m thinking…..!  Oh and I just love that lamp too.  That is recently from Target.


If you follow my IG you might have seen this antique dresser called a commode. I bought it at the local antique store for 40$! A steal if you ask me!  I am in love with the decorative carved handles.  Even though I sometimes think it completely clashes with the headboard Doug built and the pine armoire across the room.  When I brought the nightstand home, I told Doug this was for him.  He said, “we will see, and don’t worry I won’t get attached.”  HA!  Am I really that bad?!   I love moving furniture because I fall in love all over again with the same pieces.  And it inspires me to clean ; )


And we recently moved this armoire out of Auburn’s room and into here. This is from IKEA and I debate often if I should stain it, paint it, or leave it be.  I love it as is, but with the medium stained doors, floors, headboard and more I am lost!  What do you think I should do?!

A for the newest addition to the bedroom…

A mantel!  I had been on a search for just the right mantel, but as my patiences wore thin, I thought i’d ask my best friends husband to see if he wanted a little side job.  It turned out better than imagined and I love how it gives so much warmth to the room.  I painted it to match the trim and added the decoy in the center from Lowes.  At this very spot, there use to be a chimney that ran along this wall.  It was long gone before we moved in, but we could see tell one had been there when doing the upstairs remodel.

And those signs are from one of my favorite etsy shops.  They are made by James and Alice, and I feel they are what makes this house a home.  Check out their IG or etsy shop and I promise, you won’t be disappointed 🙂

As always thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful day!


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