Our Little Secret

Shortly after we found out we were pregnant, Doug asked me, “Can we find out what we are having?”   I think I heard that same line three times over that same week!   Then he added,  “I think it would be a lot less stressful if we know what we are having.”  My first thought, stressful for YOU?!  HA!

Well folks, we found out what we are having.  As much as I adore the thought of waiting for that special moment, this time I wanted Doug to have it his way.  With Auburn we waited to find out, but after the moment and hearing someone shout “its a boy!” it wasn’t long before our excitement to vanished.  He was born with so much color and looked so beautiful, then seconds later he was turned pale, to blue, to purple.  They called the NICU in and I remember a silent room, my eyes filled with tears, and all eyes on him.  I looked to my husband feeling completely helpless and remember screaming “Breathe! Breathe baby breathe!”  After those seconds turned to minutes and the NICU was bagging him, he finally took his first breath.  I think this is what Doug meant by stressful.

So if we were going to find out, I wanted the big shebang.  Fireworks and all ;).  But Doug just wanted to be told.  Anti-climatic and not fun if you ask me.  So compromise is what brought us to settling on having a cake reveal.  But with only the three of us as a family per Doug’s request.  My sweet neighbor is a caterer with Miss P’s Catering and made the cake.  After she brought it over I stuck the babies breathe in it thinking how fitting.  Then of course Doug came home and asked, “Why there are weeds in my cake?!”  Oh Doug.

He wanted me to cut the cake.  I’m pretty sure so he didn’t have to be the one in the picture 😉

And I am happy to announce,  IT’S A BOY!

Oh and I asked him to change his shirt and comb his hair.  He wasn’t thrilled about that one either because his line was, “I am a working man!”  But doesn’t he look nice all cleaned up?!  And it took a whopping two minutes.  Men right?!

And a close up of our sweet boy Auburn enjoying the cake too.

And it must have tasted ohh soo good! 🙂

Thank you all for stopping by and sharing in our excitement!!   I told Doug just after cutting the cake that this is God’s way of saying we need more kids to keep trying for a girl.  I think his heart stopped and his hair turned gray.  Hoppy Easter everyone!!!



2 thoughts on “Our Little Secret

  1. Awww how exciting! We had 3 boys before a girl…and ended up with 6 kids….be careful what you wish for lol! Totally kidding, we wouldn’t have it any other way 😉


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