Outdoor Living

Hi friends!

Today I wanted to show a little before and after of our new outdoor patio!

We had once stacked wood on the back of this garage.  And then when the wood was gone, it was just gross.  I power washed this the day before I had baby Ford number 2… Maybe this put me into labor?!  Either way, I am soo glad I cleaned it up.  I had a vision and can’t wait to show you!

What a gross site right? (Except for Auburn, bottom left corner..!)  I am not sure what they had in mind with this concrete slab behind the garage back in the day, but I had no idea what to do here for the past few years.   Then it finally hit me!  After this hot summer, I found this is the best place to be!

This faces the West and has plenty of shade, and I am so excited to sit here this fall and watch the sunset with our new family of four! 🙂 Next spring, the hubby talks about some sort of pergola or roof extended here.  And I picture the boys playing under the tree next to us in a sand box with their Tonka toys. #lifeisgood.

You think anyone will play checkers with me??!  I lovvveeee board games!

This patio set is from Walker Edison Furniture.  I loved all the seating it provides and has everyone facing one of my favorite views of my great grandfathers barn in the distance.  I must say, I was impressed when this set arrived.  The instructions were wonderful, and the sectional has an aluminum frame that is powder coated.  The instructions were perfect, and I even set it up just one week after having a baby. BOOM.

This grill is called a Kamado Joe.  A friend from work told me about this when I had been looking for one for a Fathers Day gift for the hubby.  What I loved about this, is its outstanding quality.  I wanted something that would last and that he would enjoy using.  If you don’t like your grill, the chances are you won’t use it.  As soon at we got this, the hubby and I started dreaming up cook outs and reasons to have friends and family over! And fall is the perfect time for a last hooray to enjoy the most beautiful time of year here in Michigan.

With a roof on here someday, I envision stringing a set of lights above here and having it glow at night.  Gosh I sure can dream!

Well, thank you all for stopping by!  I sure appreciate each and every one of you, and hope I sparked some sort of inspiration!


* This post was created in partnership with Kamado Joe.  All opinions are my own 🙂



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