The Space Shuttle

Hello All!

I wanted to quick write a little blog about my new stroller from Mutsy.  It is the Igo Farmer in Earth color.  Can I say, O.M.G.  Amazing.  When I opened the box, I was blown away.  As I was putting it together (let me say that was SO easy too)  I wanted to call my best friend or my mom to brag about it.  Please tell me you do that too?!

I titled this blog “The Space Shuttle,” because immediately when the husband came home he said, “When did you get that cool space shuttle?!”  Men. (Insert eye rolling emoji here).

But anyways, I wanted to tell you a few features I LOVE.  For one, it truly is so easy to put together, and pack away.  I watched the fun video on their website with the fun music as she clicked away at all it’s features. (Click here for video)  I thought at the time, no way it will be that easy (they never are).  And well it was. I found myself extending the handle just to hear it click. 😉  Also with this stroller we have another attachment for a seat for Auburn.  I don’t have it photographed just yet as we had too much fun with its other features you’ll see down below. But the back reclines and can be positioned in two directions!  Either towards you or away from you. And I love that it can recline down to a sleeping position because naps are always needed 😉

Also, it folds up all SO easy and the material is so soft.  Of course Woodrow spit up the minute I laid him down in it, but I the mattress pad comes right out, and I was able to wash it.

Another wonderful detail the husband brought up are its tires.  They are big enough to not bring you to a dead stop when you walk in the grass, but small enough to be compact for carrying and in the car.  And secondly, they don’t need air!  (All the praise hands emoji here!)  I swear every time I went to use our previous stroller it allllwwayysss had a flat.

And lastly, I noticed someone asked if Mutsy would be coming out with a double stroller? Well, friends, their stroller has a step-up board (BOOM).  I got one for Auburn, and he constantly asks, “Go ride?!”  He is at that age where he wants in and out, so this way he can hop on or walk as he pleases 🙂

We went to my dads farm last night and tried it out in the grass.  Not as easy to push of course, but still doable!  Now Auburn, get some corn and go feed those cows!  They need bedding too, so go grab a pitch fork too!

Thank you all for stopping by and hoping you have a wonderful day!

***Please note this post is not sponsored, and all thoughts are my own 🙂



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