Mr. Big Boy

Well friends, my little boy is about to turn two this Saturday.  Please lets all shed a tear. He was born 12 days late, but shares his birthday with his Uncle Bob and grandfather. Three generations of Ford’s on the same day.  I guess it was just meant to be!

So here it is!  Basically everything you see in this room is from IKEA.  I have a love for antiques and wanted to be different, but then again you can’t beat their prices and I looovvveee the storage under here.  This room is tiny and both boys clothes are in here along with diapers, wipes, and everything else imaginable.  I was so worried moving him into a big boy bed so we could use the crib for Woodrow, but oh my gosh was I wrong to worry.  That boy couldn’t be happier!  I was starting the bath upstairs when he first saw it. He stopped in his tracks, and just stared at first.  When I told him, “Auburn look what daddy made you!  It’s your Big Boy bed for your birthday!”  He lit up ear to ear, and climbed right in.  He grabbed his blanket and dog and laid down pretending he was sleeping.  Then he would get out of his bed and peek around the corner to me and yell, “Momma!! Momma!!! I slept good!”  Ohh boy did that make my heart melt.  The things you don’t notice until your toddler says things like that.  Every morning and afternoon after his nap I always give him a kiss and ask if he’s slept good 🙂

And just a quick advice you to you all about IKEA.  It always bothered me that they don’t deliver and you can’t buy their items online half the time unless you want to pay a RIDICULOUS amount for shipping.  Then I meant James.  His website is called Via IKEA.  He goes to IKEA in Canton, MI once a week on Wednesday and brings you your order.  Like to your door and even in the house or puts it together for a small price.  Can you say O.M.G.  So anyways, check him out. You won’t be disappointed 😛

Well as always, thank you all for stopping by!  I hope to be sharing the kitchen here so soon with you all!  Happy hump day!


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