The Kitchen


Hi friends!  So this may look a little confusing.  But this is the very very before kitchen! This was it when we moved in.  Low ceilings, that funky chair rail on top, formica and wallpaper!  Yuck right?!


I had to put a fake tin backsplash up a year after moving in with formica over the old old nasty formica.  Just someeethingggg to help until we saved and saved and saved for a new kitchen!

This photo is random, but I must show you where the chimney was; behind that pink stuff!

And for those who have asked if our chimney has always looked that way.. HA!!!

Here are just a few before photos.  I always think back, why didn’t I take more or why didn’t I show the reaaallll ugly befores?!  But it was just SO gross!!!

Sooo enough of that ulgy here are some after photos!!!  🙂

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset


I have soooo much to say I don’t even know where to begin!?!   First off, the biggest decision to go custom was because I haaaddd to have inset doors, and I am SO glad I did!  Inset doors are a total pain, let me tell you.  Getting the seams just right is not one for the perfectionists (which I am totally not!).  I had them built by a family owned and operated company Personal Choice CabinetryThe Kitchen.  I shopped around and went from showroom to showroom and something just didn’t feel right.  Then I found this “hole in the wall” so to speak and knew this was the place.  Tara is the “designer” and her father Larry builds the cabinets.  She brought me in the back to see what he was working on and then I knew this was it!   (P.S. those little details under the feet you can see in that last picture was all Larry 🙂  He put those on and asked me if I liked them.  I love them!  Great job Larry!)


The beautiful light fixture about the sink is from School House Electric called the Factory Modern No. 6 Outdoor Sconce.  I had my eye on that light for months before I finally pulled the trigger, and I am not the bit disappointed 🙂

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Processed with VSCO with a6 preset(Beautiful candle handmade by Wax and Wool.  It is just a lovely welcoming touch!)

Tara spent countless hours with me getting the kitchen juuusstt right.  Then I went ahead and made more changes.  O.M.G., Tara, I am still apologizing for being such a pain in your- you know :P.  I kept telling you, “you are almost done with working with me.. just a little longer…”  I made my biggest change of all last minute after the cabinets where already being built to remove the upper cabinets next to the window and put that large glass front cabinet sitting on the counter.  I was grocery shopping, when it hit me- I need to do this change!  Again, poor Tara.  And this is my biggest advice of all; get the layout that will work best for you.  If I hadn’t made that last minute decision, I don’t think I would be nearly as in love with this kitchen as I am now!


Paint color choices were another hurdle.  Don’t. Get. Me. Started.  We ( I mean, I, who am I kidding.  I could have shown the husband blush pink and he would have said, “Sure looks great honey!”  Insert eye rolling emoji here.)  So I chose Clunch, by Farrow and Ball.  We went with an exterior satin finish as recommended by an amazing and talented friend Rhiannon with J Smith Woodwork.  They build dreammyyy handmade cabinets  I fell in love with, but too bad they are over seas!  The reason they advised me to go with an exterior satin finish because it provides the best wear while still being able to provide touchups if ever needed down the road.



Now for what you all have been waiting for… THE STOVE!! This one is made by Verona Appliances and is a dual-fuel, double-oven 36in stove in white.  (Say that three times fast :P)   I couldn’t be happier with this choice!  I emailed Nikki from Verona Appliances a total of 55 times before we decided on this oven.  Talk about customer service!  This oven can still fit a 9×13 in pan and up to a 25 lb turkey on the left, so lets just say it does it all.  And dual fuel is the most economical.  I had never cooked on gas before this stove either, but I will NEVER go back to an electric stove.  If you are wondering why gas is so much better than an electric stove- google it.


This is my second farmhouse sink, and I think I learned a lot from our last to know what we needed.  I went with a double basin instead of the single because as much as I love to use our dishwasher, there are still times when I just want to wash a plate or glass and set it aside to drain. This one is called the Whitehaven sink from Kohler.

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The faucet is from Kohler as well, and is called Artifacts Bridge Bar faucet in polished Chrome.  LOVE.

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Now, the counters were such a struggle!  I went to three different warehouses and all had fantastic finds.  I ended up purchasing our stone from Dwyer Marble and Stone, and am SO thankful I did!  They tagged a white quartz stone called Epitome for me, but then I changed my mind last minute.  (Sounds familiar?) Ryan from West MI Granite came over to measure the counters and when I asked him what his thoughts were he basically said well that’s a no brainer go with soapstone!  But in a totally nice friendly way with his expert opinion of course!

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Quality Bath was super helpful and in my eyes and had better quality pulls than I chose, but I was set on having an aged brass finish (rolling eyes emoji here).  So I found the pulls I chose from the Basement store on 28st in Grand Rapids, MI.

The cabinet latches are from  I think they are also called Matchbox latches.  I love the quality as they are a solid brass (be careful don’t buy the cheap ones that aren’t solid metal!)

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The tile was from Lowe’s and is called Elida white ceramic tile.  Annnddd we love it!  This was a last minute decision when the husband stopped on his way home and from work and took a few photos and sent them to me on his phone and said. “you pick.”  But by that, he means decide now, please 😉 (Like no really, hurry up! :P)  I had my eye out for handmade tiles, but contacted a company who makes them and they were totally out of budget.  Even for the little bit of tile we needed!   Also, I had no idea if we should use white or charcoal grout.  I know many of you chimed in and said “grey,” but let me tell you a secret- I hate grey! Omg, there, I said it.  But I love how the white makes the tile blend in instead of being the center of attention. So I think we chose well?!

And lastly, we just finished this kitchen just in time for Woodrow’s six month photos!  I am so thankful for Amy Carroll to come capture these precious moments <3.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

For just a few more shout-outs and friendly mentions- My dress is hand made from the cutest etsy shop called Not Perfect Linen (I love it!)  Along with the table cloth photographed and matching dish towel on the sink.

And the center of attention in this all goes out to the vintage rug I fell head over heals for months and months ago from Mesa Vintage.  I saved it tucked away as the inspiration to the entire room!

Thank you all so much for stopping by!  Email me with any questions!


9 thoughts on “The Kitchen

  1. Hi! This post gives me hope! Hope that we can turn an ugly kitchen into something beautiful! We are in the process of purchasing a home that needs major renovation. Could you give a round about idea on what your kitchen renovation cost was?


    1. Hiii!! Oh gosh I knew someone would ask me. I don’t really know what to say about costs because there are sooo many variables! The inset doors, the feet, glass cabinet, height of our uppers ALL added costs. I found for abnormal standard kitchen the cost is not as higher as I would have thought! Also half these appliances we already had. I saw you get a quote for cabinets with the size kitchen you have would be way better to give you a ball back of how much your kitchen would cost 😬🤗. Hope that helps! Good luck!


  2. I like vintage kitchens and age adds character, but I also like your new kitchen. I can tell a lot of thought and work went into it. Everything in your new kitchen ties together very well from my perspective. I think maybe it is the wood molding at the ceiling with the matching floor and the rug matching the color of the countertop that ties it together. White paint is hard for me to figure out with all the undertones. I did read the post and how the cabinets were painted clunch, but I cannot find what color the wall is painted. They seem, even though computer screens distort colors, like the whites go very well together and something that might work for me and my kitchen. Could you tell me what color the wall is? Sorry if you already said, but I couldn’t find it.


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