The Never Ending Sofa’s

Hi friends!

Soooo this blog post is to save you all a little hassle, and hear my opinion about sofas!  Plus, if I can be TOTALLY honest- I’ve owned four now…!

Our first sofa was a dark grey oversized sofa with a chaise lounge. I looked high and low for a photo, but we had chaise lounge before I started blogging.  Here I go with mistake number one- it was much too big for the space.  We had to walk around the coffee table just to sit down on it!  And it wasn’t welcoming at all.  I thought the thing to do was a huge couch that faced the obnoxious TV.  At least, that is what I thought the cool kids were doing.  But a few years later, I have grown, and have found what I think is important in life.  We no longer have the TV in the center of our home that was constantly on filling the home with chatter.  We have moved it to the back of the house in a “den” so to speak, and I couldn’t be more happy.  I couldn’t cook in the kitchen or eat at the table before without the constant chirp of the television in the background.  I never realized how much of a distraction it was.

Do you ever go somewhere and come home thinking, “oh my goodness I hate my house now.”  Because that happened to me.  I met a friend Rachel Butcher who had this beautiful old farmhouse.  They do not have television, and I’ve learned so much from her from motherhood to decorating.  One day we stopped at her sister in laws, Mary Miedema’s home, and I still remember the feeling after leaving her also all too perfect farmhouse.  I left with my jaw dropped to my knees, and my jaw still drops when I think of their homes and the feeling of welcoming they portrayed!  SO, what in the world am I getting at?  The point is, no matter what, I wanted our home to feel open and airy and welcoming just like theirs.  I want guests to feel comfortable walking in the door and not wanting to leave.  I want the focus to be family oriented, functional, and practical all while still looking pretty.   One thing I took from both of their homes was the living room.  It wasn’t stuffed with oversized furniture all faced towards some silly flat screen TV.  They both had a comfortable normal size sofas with two chairs somehow all facing each other.  Maybe a few family photos hanging on the walls, or a painting or picture, but moral of the story I felt like I could sit down and have a conversation with friends while feeling right a home. And that focus is my GOAL.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Okay. So coming home I knew I had to make some changes.  It took a few months before I talked my husband into moving the TV into a secluded room in the house and away from the center of the home.  No, I can’t watch TV while making dinner anymore, but let me tell you- I don’t miss it! With the chaise lounge, you can’t move the sofa around like you can with a normal sofa. Before the TV was removed I tried out the Stocksund furniture from IKEA.  This is an old photo, but you can see it in here.  With the room facing the TV, it still doesn’t look that welcoming and you still have to walk around the coffee table to sit down!  Ugh.  But the lighter sofa made the room more open and airy.

The Stocksund

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Okay so I do love this couch.  Its beautiful.  I love the legs on this couch and the open and airy feel.  As far as comfort.. its okay!  I mean its not some plush oversized sofa that makes you feel like you are lying on a bed.  I will say the hubby wasn’t happy going from an oversized huge couch to this! (Sorry honey).  And it is totally slip covered.  So yes you can wash it, all of it!

The Farlov

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Lastly for this room, the Farlov.  Why the heck did I change from the Stocksund to this?!  One word for you- comfort.  This is wider and longer than the Stocksund.  And the solid cushion on the bottom is basically one big mattress. (Insert all the praise hands here!) Can you imagine a sofa with no crumbs stuck in the cushions?! Well folks, this is it.

The Erktop

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

And the fourth couch I have owned is the Erktop.  I decided we needed two couches in the home so this could be in the playroom.  I debated this or the matching Pottery Barn one for weeks.  To tell you the truth, I actually ordered the Pottery Barn one and cancelled it!  I read a million blog posts and reviews comparing them, and thought the Pottery One would be more comfortable.  Why? I am not sure.  I think it is a few inches bigger, but ultimately my husband said “by the more expensive one because it’s probably nice.”  HA!  I don’t think that logic is always right?! Well you guys, if you didn’t know this know already, this sofa is 399$. (Well, technically 499$ if you get it in white like I did ((Insert eye rolling emoji here.)) But talk about a no brainer!  (No brainer on the price, not getting it in white because that was sort of dumb…)  And it is all slip covered as well.   Between chocolate, boogers, and you name it, I can wash it alllll out!  Yes- white is DUMB, but you can wash it… hello?! Cool right?! Plus with a couch so cheap- who cares?!  Plus it IS comfortable if you ask me.  Win, win, win.

Okay you guys, this is me adding this section in after this post, but I just learned something VITAL!  You can purchase IKEA couches without their slip cover!!! I’ve been a fan of BEMZ for a while now, and I knew I always wanted to purchase one of their covers down the road, but I had NO idea you could buy the sofa coverless and just order one of there’s!  Why did anyone tell me this?!  Anyways, do as I say and not as I do. Purchase an IKEA sofa and special order a beautiful cover from BEMZ.  The quality is amazing and you won’t be disappointed.  I pinky swear promise too :p

And last, but not least, if you live in Mid-West MI hit up my friend James from VIA IKEA for delivery or assembly. He’s the best. Seriously!

Thank you all so much for stopping by as always!  I hope I helped somehow with you decisions!  Have a good day!


16 thoughts on “The Never Ending Sofa’s

  1. Hi Morgan,
    I just wanted to add my two cents worth about the Erktop white sofa.
    Yesterday, I cleaned my house because we’re having guests for the holiday weekend. Everything looked amazing, not a speck of mess anywhere. I woke up this morning to semi-dry cat vomit on three of the six cushions and the rug. Needless to say I was a crazed woman. I pulled all the slip covers off, threw them in the washer with Tide and bleach, 65 minutes later, I had beautiful white slip covers again !!! No cat puke stains anywhere.
    We’ve owned our sofa for approximately four years and it looks and is just as comfortable as the day we bought it.
    Best investment ever !!!

    P.S. When IKEA discontinued the cheaper white slip covers and sold them for $50.00 a set, I bought two to keep in reserves. SCORE


  2. How would you compare the ektorp vs the stocksund? We have the ektorp and for the price, size, comfort, and washable slipcover and cushion covers it is great for us. But I love the look of the stocksund with the wooden feet and the fact that the slipcover doesn’t hang all the way to the floor like it does on the ektorp. I’m curious to hear your comparison between the two?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi! So the erktop wins for comfort. Also I had a beige in the stocksund that they don’t make anymore. I loved the color, but when I washed it it came out looking faded 😭. So it loss the wash test too! But it is pretty!! They both are great!


  3. Hi,
    I’m so glad I read your post because I’m seriously considering buying an Ikea sofa. If you had to pick one that is the most kid-friendly and husband approved which would it be? I have been focusing on the Erktop but after looking at your pics I like the other two also!
    Thanks!! (I’m so indecisive)


    1. Oh boy! I’m in love with my new sofa, but I’m not sure what your space looks like! If it’s a smaller space then the erktop is a no brainer! All are on sale now (sooo sad I missed the sale 😭) but the erktop is 339$. O.M.G.


  4. How do you like the fabric on the Farlov? When I zoom in on the Ikea website, it looks different than most canvas…almost like it has a texture of little squares?


    1. I’m afraid I don’t like it at all! But I planned to order a new cover for it from Bemz in linen. It adds to the cost, but still is cheaper than a few couches I looked at that were very similar in style! I will be doing a post about the slip cover and choices soon! Thanks!


  5. How is the Farlov for comfort over time? I’ve had the Ektorp for years and ready to move on. It’s no longer comfortable.


  6. I’m eyeing the farlov and stocksund for our new home and it caught my eye when you said you could buy them without the covers. Was the cost difference significantly less? It seems like the perfect solution if I want a cover from Bemz or Comfort Works!


  7. Hi there,
    How can you buy an Ikea sofa without the cover? Or where did you hear this from. I’m in the same boat and want an Ikea sofa with a Bemz cover, but I can figure out how to order it without the cover. I’m guessing it’s much cheaper. Thanks!


    1. I don’t think you can order it online that way. But I’m stores I believe you can buy the sofa because the cover is seperate when purchasing! Good luck! Call IKEA and ask?


  8. Thanks for your great review! This is very helpful and your space is adorable. After scrounging blog after blog for every detail I could find, I had fallen IN LOVE with the idea of the farlov. The sleek arm rests have a modern look that I found very attractive (perhaps because they’re so similar to RH’s marketing?). I made my way to our local Ikea to sit in both the ektorp and the farlov to compare comfort. The ektorp wins in the comfort department – I’d rank the farlov 2 notches down in comparison. I also loved the white slip cover of the ektorp much better. However, I still loved the look and depth of the Farlov. The seat is deep enough that you can curl up in a ball with enough space to sit comfortably without an ottoman. *I had good intentions of leaving with 2 farlov armchairs.* To my surpise, the entire Farlov line is now discontinued! 😦 The sales clerk couldn’t tell me if they would ever come back.
    I left with 2 white ektorps instead. I came home to find that I could still order the farlov online. My question to you is, if you were in my shoes would, would you order the farlov and return the ektorp? I can’t attest to how either hold up over time or what they look like in a space. My thought would be to order the frame and purchase a nicer slip cover so they (really) mock the look of RH. Any help is appreciated. (I currently have a new couch that doesn’t match either, but has slender arms similar to the farlov).


    1. Hi Heidi! Thank you so much for the kind words and comment on my blog! I re-read your email in trying to help, but you wrote that you believe the Ektorp wins #1 in comfort and Farlov #2, but that the Farlov is deeper (which it is) but that is what makes it MORE comfortable to me! We own both and to sit on either one for hours, I have to say the Farlov wins hands down for comfort. Just ask my hubby if you don’t believe me ;-P. Also, it is hard not seeing your space, but if it is a larger space that the Farlov won’t crowd, I again believe that is the sofa for you. After two years my Ektorp is matted down and frumpy 😦 The Farlov still in my eyes looks like a Greek God (heart eyes emoji here). I would recommend just ask you said and order the Farlov and special cover. BUT maybe IKEA is coming out with a new cover for it that would be at a better price point? Maybe try calling IKEA customer service just to see what they say about it?! Hope this helps and didn’t confuse you! I am SO excited for you and would love to see what you purchased! Let me know how this ends. Thank you!


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