The couch continued..

Hi guys!

So if you read my post about the IKEA sofas, you know I chose the Farlov for its style and comfort, but HATED the fabric of the slip cover it came with!  (Sorry for the all cap locks, but seriously it was ugly.)  And then I found Bemz. They make custom IKEA slip covers for everrrythingggg IKEA!  Plus curtains, cushions, and bedroom textiles!  Not to overwhelm you, BUT they have 250+ fabric choices as well, so good luck with that one… ;-P

Anyways, I went ahead and purchased this couch, knowing that I would ultimately chose Bemz for a dream slip cover I had in mind!  Well friends, that day finally came!

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This is the Designers Guild, pure linen in Brera Lino Natural.  And this was a TOUGH choice let me tell you.  They have sooo many options from fabrics to fit, but I knew I wanted pure linen and from there I narrowed it down to neutral colors and went from there.  I still wonder if I would have been more happy with the Brera Lino Graphite because that too is pure linen, but in grey.  BUT sometimes I find it hard to match grey!  Therefore, I ultimately chose the natural as a more neutral pallet.. blah blah blah- really I’m just boring.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

And if you hadn’t already noticed, that bottom cushion is one biiigggg cushion without a seam.  Some say it looks funny, I say it feels and looks ammaazzzinggg.

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Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Here is just a close up of the linen fabric.  I love how it loosely hangs with all those mini wrinkles, give me all the heart eye emojis!!

Some have already asked me about the cost of this.  Well, this varies SO much depending on the sofa AND your choice in fabric.  Unfortunately, I am addicted to linen and well linen isn’t cheap.  Uggghhhhhh…

And if you are wondering how easy it is to wash and change the slip covers, let me add it is a capital E- Easy.  This sofa is much easier than the Erktop I own, but also the covers made by Bemz are so easy and well made!  Seriously, they are super easy and I love them 🙂

(On a side note- the coffee table is an old door from Haven Creek Flower and Finds in Rockford.  Its a cute little store with a husband and wife team and I love it!  And the rug is sisal from Rugs USA.  But just an FYI, sisal is messy!  I do NOT recommend sisal for a high traffic area, or for anywhere for that matter.  But I love the simplicity of it so here it still lies until I find something else… And lastly, the floral pillow cover is from Sew and Cloth.  I can’t begin to tell you how much I love her cute etsy shop!)

As always, thank you for stopping by, and let me know if you have any questions!!


5 thoughts on “The couch continued..

  1. Looks great! Quick question-does the chair slip cover have a pleat on the arm or is that just the wrinkled linen playing tricks with my eyes. Also, can you share what “fit” you chose when you ordered your slip covers-(like did you order linen fabric with a loose fit, or is that the only fit that was available). I want to get the farlov sofa & get velvet slip covers but I think a tighter fit would be needed to look cute in velvet.


    1. Hi! Yes it has a seam there on the arm and I tossed it on so quick with the kids I didn’t make all the corners perfect! ‘Y fault not the cover I do believe! This is a looser fit with linen and I actually got a toss pillow in the Acorn velvet! I should have photographed it! (I suck). But I think the velvet will look absolutely marvelous, and I’m kind of jealous now!! What color are you doing?? You better send me a photo when you do!!!


  2. Do they custom create your order? I prefer the fabric a bit shorter at the hem and to not pool on the floor. However Linen is absolutely SWOON-worthy!


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