Happy Holidays

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting Jenna Borst, and she captured a few simple decorating ideas in our home before the holidays!

I thought I would put together some of my favorite photos from the shoot in hopes to inspire some of you before the holiday season!




I always say I am a minimalist in training.  And I hope the dining room table shows just that.  I gathered things we had from around the house, mixing old with new. The glasses were my mothers, and the antlers were from deer my husband has shot over the years as he hunts to provide meat for the year.  I added a few pillows from the living room to bring warmth and texture along with real napkins as I keep thinking I would love to use them daily instead of just around the holidays 🙂


Someone had asked me what I do with my holiday decor when I am not using it.  And well you guys, this right here is why I try harder and harder every year to be a minimalist.  The pillow on the far left I have had out every season for one year now.  I try to be neutral and just add one thing the screams the season with a pop of color :). And one last tip- when it comes to pillows, I try SO hard to just buy fun pillow covers rather than whole new pillows.  Especially the ones from big department stores like Target because to be honest, there is NO way I am going to store a handful of pillows when the season is done.  Just over a year ago I stocked up pillow inserts form IKEA and have slowly started mixed IKEA covers with a few ETSY shop colors to bring in something handcrafted, made in the U.S. and above all WASHABLE.


And I just had to add this photo she captured here as this couldn’t be anymore me.  A few month ago my friend Rachel Butcher sent me a text saying just this.  I was almost finished with the most dreadful kitchen remodel, and spent days, no weeks, nope more like MONTHS asking for her advice. From design, to color, to counters she was my go to gal.  Well, apparently she had had it and finally told me how she really feels 😛

Image 11-16-17 at 7.03 PM.jpg

Lastly, I have a photo of our bedroom.  I added just a little faux garland, and that is all I think I am doing this year.  Before, I had spent hours and lets face it- all too much money on the “in” artificial trees and decor to scatter around the home.  The older I get, the more I realize more of what I truly love, and really all that doesn’t really matter.  This year I not only want to minimalize on decor, but on the gifts we get and receive.  Part of the added stress around the holidays, to me, is the stress we put on ourselves.  And every year we feel the need to do as much if not more than before.  Instead, I hope the husband finds time to spend with the kids making gifts for others and secretly making one thing special from him.  I also opted out of the Christmas name drawings with the families and hope to spend less time opening gifts, but instead spending time with one another.  As that to me is the most important part.  Well, that and the food of course ;P

Thank you again for those stopping by!  And Happy Holidays!!!

Love, The Fords




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