The Nolan Dining Table

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Hey you guys!

I’ve been getting questions about our new table we got a few months ago, so I thought I’d give it a quick review will some photos to help!  We chose SixPenny’s table called the Nolan Dining Table.  I loved the old English design with its simple clean lines and classic look :).  The color is called English Breakfast, and I love its warm tones!  It weighs a ton, and I am so impressed with the six layer finishing technique on kiln-dried solid hardwood.  It truly is a beautifully made table!


With two young boys our table will always take a beating.  From stabbing their forks on the table to crazy scribbling during coloring time, you name it, it takes a beating, and I wanted something durable! I will admit the table has a few dents on the top from those two hooligans I’ve mentioned, but it sure adds to the character it has naturally.  The finish is very durable with an antique look I love 😍.   It also has two beautiful drawers on either side.  I keep napkins and spare silverware in there.  I can not believe how handy having those drawers are!  Nothing it worse than getting up a million time during dinner for a napkin or extra knife for the butter, etc.  I sure do love that feature of it!

And yes,  I would highly recommend this table!

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Also, someone asked if you can sit a chair at the end.  Yes you can!  You do have to pick the chair up over the leg at the end, but I love the design of this table and don’t mind doing that if you really want a chair at the end!  Our dining space is small and I probably shouldn’t have a chair at the end, but after putting our youngest Woodrow to the table with us now in a junior chair, we had one too many chairs so I stuck it on the end 🙂

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

As always, let me know if you have any questions!  Oh, and for those wondering about my chairs, they are from IKEA!  Have a wonderful day!



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