Birdling Bag Love

This blog post is in partnership with Birdling Bags.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Well you guys, this title says it all.  My new found love for Birdling Bags, and I wanted to take a second to share some photos of this bag I love!

They also asked me to answer a few questions so here it goes!

1. A little bit about your background.  
I grew up on a beef farm and married the boy next door who also grew up on a cattle farm.  Now we have two boys in live in his grandparents farmhouse between his family farm and my families. Yikes!
2. Tell us a fun fact about yourself.  Besides all this decor/homestuff and motherhood I share, I am actually an RN, BSN! And this photo below is of me dreaming of a vacation sooooooooooooonnnnnnn ;-P
Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
3. What’s in your Birdling? What are the essentials you can’t leave home without?
Currently, nothing because with a 1 and 3 year old we haven’t traveled in a bit! But I chose the weekender for its size for camping this summer with the boys! With camping I would say I can’t leave without a toothbrush, clean underwear and socks! (So boring, I know… :-P)
4. What do you love most about your Birdling?
I love the thick canvas that seems sturdy and easy to clean!
5. What’s one thing you do to stay more organized and sane in everyday life? 
Well, funny thing is I am totally NOT organized.  So maybe I should ask you all this question and get some pointers…!
6. How do you manage to stay organized with kids?
Well, again, I am SO not organized!  But I love all the compartments on this bag. I know it will help me find things without spending minutes digging for whatever I need is always in the bottom of the bag right?!
7. If you could drop everything and travel today, where would you go? Who would you bring? 
Yosemite national park, hands down.  I love the wilderness and couldn’t imagine a more beautiful and educational trip.  I dream to see the Red Wood Forest.  I want to learn all the different species of wildlife and put my hands around one of their HUGE 
tree trunks!
8. What’s your most funny, terrible or memorable travel moment?  
Well, sadly I haven’t traveled much, and this question is hard for me to answer… But I have traveled the Oregon Trail. I was around 6 years old and traveled with my family and uncle.  We spent two weeks traveling by horse and buggy, camping along the way and bathing in the river.  The most terrifying memory I have was on that trip.  During the midst of our stay, I was horse back riding on one of my uncles horses.  The horse got spooked while I was sitting on it, and it is still to this day one of the most terrifying experience.   I remember it bucked, but I held on.  Then the next thing I knew it was running as fast as he could down the trail.  The saddle had turned and I was riding bare back holding onto his mane.  I looked back to see everyone we left behind getting smaller and smaller.  A few others on the trip were racing their horses after mine, desperately trying to catch up.  Finally the horse stopped and bucked me off after a man saw us coming and stood in the middle of the road waving his arms stopping him in his tracks. Good thing that man was out for a walk, and good thing he was brave enough to stand in the horses’ path! 

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