A little Home Tour

Finalllyyyyyyyyy is right with this home tour don’t you think?!  I am SO thankful my sweet friend Jenna with Jenna Borst Photography came out with her talents to bring you this!   It may have taken me a day and a half to just pick up this place and six loads of laundry, but it was worth it!


Welcome to our mudroom.  This was the dinning room when we bought the home, but if there was thing I knew I wanted, it was a family.  And well, a mudroom!


Looking to the right you see our kitchen! Just over a year ago we remodeled this part of the home.  It was one of the last projects, and well worth the wait!







I just want to take a second to point out this light from Schoolhouse.  The base is a Newbury 4in, and the shade is made on banks of the Monongahela River in West Virginia. Each one is individually hand-blown in antique cast-iron moulds using traditional methods over 150 years old.  Insert all the heart eyes emoji when I found this light!



This clock is the Kennedy clock in brass with a white face.  The quality of this clock you can feel and see with your own eyes and hands that no photo can portray.  I am in love with its timeless look and classic design that will never go out of style.


Meet Jack. I fell in love with this chair months and months ago.  I tossed and turned thinking over and over if this chair would be one I loved for years and years to come.  I’ve never spent so many hard earned dollars on a chair in my life.  I posted on my Instagram stories my love for this chair, a fellow follower wrote me.  She said this is something your children will remember.  When they look back at their childhood and home, they will remember moms chair and never forget it.


Just to the top of the stairs you’ll find my grandmother’s dresser.  When we designed the upstairs I planned this tiny little space just for this!


We also turned the tiny three bedrooms upstairs into one large bedroom (our master pictured below), a small bathroom, and one other smaller bedroom.


I wanted our bedroom to be a retreat.  I just added this coverlet to provide that extra weight without too much warmth for those spring/summer/fall months.  This is the Popcorn Grid Coverlet that is a new release to the Schoolhouse spring collection.  It is made using traditional techniques by a family-owned textile factory in New England with over a century of popcorn chenille weaving expertise.  I love the story behind the products I chose and hope you do too 🙂

And lastly, if you would love to read more about me and our story, I am honored to be featured on Schoolhouse Living.  You can read more here.

Have a wonderful day, and thank you as always for stopping by!



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