Fall Layering

Fall is quickly approaching, meaning shorter days and cooler weather.  The first of fall I always change our bedding to add warmth and layering for those cool evening and cold nights!

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First off, I always keep a mattress and pillow protectors on all our beds!  We still have two little boys who have accidents every now and again, and I would have to ruin something so important as a good mattress! I am to the point with the mattress that I have two mattress protectors.  For those accidental nights where I can strip the bed quickly, throw the top one in the wash, and still have a mattress protector on the bed so we can go right back to sleep!  Genius right??

Next, I am a huge fan of linen.  Like linen for everything right?!  The reason I love linen on a bed is because it is naturally antimicrobial, and because it is breathable, it keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter! Magic I tell you just magic!

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Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

That being said, I have the Comfort Wash Linen Bedding from the Company Store in White.   There is something about white sheets that make a bed feel so clean and welcoming!  We of course are also using the Comfort Wash Linen Duvet in Shale.   I thought long and hard about either wanting to follow the all white bedding trend, or mix it to being our own adding color with warmth.  Well, I took a leap and LOVE it! The shale is the perfect color for fall, and the linen adds the texture I crave in a bedroom!  Now, I have contacted The Company Store about the sold out colors in this duvet.  They will not be restocking ( I am SO sorry!) if you have your eye set on this you better run!  But they are coming out with new Linen Bedding in 2020, so keep your eyes peeled!

Being that we live in Michigan with a change in seasons, a great duvet insert is so important! It is best to know your home and your comfort when sleeping which duvet insert is best.  I have tried many to know what we love! I hate being too cold, or too hot when I sleep, I have had thick duvets that were just too much, and thin duvets that left the hubby and I fighting for blankets in the night!

This leads me to the perfect duvet for us.  The Black Label PrimaLoft Alternative Comforter.

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Yes, it is that good 😉

Just a few more fun mentions.  As I mentioned before, we live in a state full of ranging temperatures and seasons.  Layering a bed just as you layer your clothing is SO important!

At the end of the bed I keep two blankets.  One a touch lighter for those warmer nights, and one to give a little extra weight and warmth to give you that perfect sleep for a well rested start to the day!

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The Gossamer Blanket is perfect for that light weight blanket I mentioned.  The woven gauze is soft and breathable light weight material that again adds more of that texture I love in a home!  The color I chose is Parchment.

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Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Lastly, I have the Cloud Blanket. This adds that extra weight to help me fall into a deep sleep.  I am a light sleeper as it is, so the feeling of security helps me fall into a deeper sleeper we all need :).  Oh, and did I say its soft? Because it sure is!

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I love that these blankets come in bed sizes and not just throw sizes.  Being that they come in a size queen not only do they look full, but we aren’t spending the night playing tug-a-war because we each have enough blankets for a peaceful sleep.

If you take anything home from today, don’t skimp on the things unseen.  The mattress protectors, pad, pillow protectors, and pillows are just as important to get you that restful sleep you need.







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