Open Closet

I struggled titling this post because when I picture a closet, I envision closed door hiding all that you need to hide.  And when I picture open shelving I think open shelves to fill for all you want to be seen.  But with this room, we need a little bit of both.

A few years ago we decided to add a bathroom to the upstairs, and in turn we lost valuable bedroom space for our growing family!  I never knew how much I would miss closets until, well, we didn’t have any! This little room just fits a full size bed and had just a little nook left for storage.  After changing furniture out over and over, I quickly realized if I wanted to maximize space, we needed to add shelves wall to wall.


I found this photo FIVE years ago and still have it saved to my phone to show you my inspiration!  Now if before you read this and thought things happen over night here, well you certainly are mistaken!

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Five whole years later I think I have finished this space!

I love these basked from Will & Atlas! I fell in love with their baskets a few years ago, and slowly adding more to our home.  I love a woven basket because when you pull them off a shelf they do not scratch the paint and wood, but also Will & Atlas quality baskets are tightly woven and hold up to lots of use!  

Just a few reasons why I love Will & Atlas–  They work directly with Fair Trade Artisans groups in Bangladesh. Their main partner works with women all over the country providing child care, schooling, medical care as well as financial management training and micro loans for the women to expand their own earning potential.  Katie is a widowed mom of three who just as the women they work with in Bangladesh, she too can work from home and still provide for her family as the women working from home in villages making these baskets provide for theirs.  

The curtains. The curtains are tie up linen panels from another small business called notPERFECTLINEN.   And actually, I’ve slowly been adding them to every room!  What I love most about notPERFECTLINEN is that they are an ethical and sustainable company!  I chose small checks for the design, and love the “little bit of something” these handmade curtains add to the room!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset



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