The Boys Room

Here it is. Finally after a year of working hard to fix the foundation of the old house that spiraled into adding on a two story addition- all so the boys could have a room!

This room was our old bedroom. Before the addition they shared a full size bed in an eight foot by nine and a half foot bedroom. To say we were all so excited for a little more space is an understatement!

After taking out the laminate Doug installed white oak floors to match the rest of the home. We used laminate years ago, and it was always my one regret that we didn’t use hardwoods. The oak floors not only gave this room an original charm, but they added strength too.

Next, he added a much needed closet! We debated adding a closet years ago, but also wanted to live in the space before adding something so permanent. I can’t believe we waited this long!

I found this door on Facebook marketplace and couldn’t wait to add it to this room! Many ask why our doors to not match, but when we bought the home it had hollow core doors most likely from the 70’s. One way I always dreamed we could add charm back to the home was with trim and doors. Back many years ago when we first started remodeling, we used solid pine doors stained as the most economical way to achieve some charm. I wrote a blog post about these doors that you can read here.

Over the last year as we started renovating again for various reasons, Doug was open to trying our hand at refinishing and framing old doors. Something I have always dream of and I couldn’t be more in love.

First we used striper to remove the old finish. Then I used a primer for wood followed by a wood paint.

Color Tapestry Beige by Sherwin Williams.

The trim we added is a very tall Victorian base we special ordered from a local mill and the trim around the windows Doug made while trying to resemble an old farmhouse the best we could.

I love the look of a thicker stool on a window frame. Also, I absolutely love these outlet covers from Nostalgic Warehouse in antique brass.
Handle above from Nostalgic Warehouse.
Hinges are acorn hinges from Grandeur Hardware.

I absolutely love the quality of the hardware from Nostalgic Warehouse. It truly is the icing on the cake!

Inside the closet to the left he added two rods for each boy to have their own space!

One thing I love about the closet, is the way Doug used these corbels to hold the rods! He drilled out the middle circle and they were the perfect diameter!

To the right he added shelves for their things. He had bought the hickory boards you see here a year ago “just because I loved them” Doug said. Him and I both love wood. He used a tongue old to keep their original ambers and love the character they bring to the boys closet!
Above is a photo of the attic door Doug built when we moved in. Before we had access to the attic from a hallway that we removed for the stairwell.

He repurposed the attic door by adding beadboard to the front and new trim on the door face. Otherwise paint goes a long ways!

I found these matching beds on Facebook. I had been so excited when I bought them as they were listed “twin beds,” but I quickly realized once home that they were in deed not twin in size. I believe these are called a super single, but I have twin sheets tucked in and everything seems to have worked out just fine.

Thank you all for stopping by and I hope you loved reading more about the love we pour into this space!


16 thoughts on “The Boys Room

  1. Hi,
    Sooo excited for you how your amazingly beautiful and cool house is coming along. How very fortunate that Doug is SUCH a craftsman!
    I’m sure you listed it somewhere, but, may I please obtain the paint color on the boys’ room mini door?



  2. Your home is lovely! Thank you for sharing it with us.
    I’m wondering if you might share the paint colors you selected for your living room?


  3. I am literally days away from having to making a decision regarding stain on our newly installed white oak floors. We will also be refinishing some of the old white oak flooring. Can you please share how you finished your floors? They are beautiful, and I love the natural look.


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