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I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am to be sharing the semi finished living room! We have been without a sofa and a place to lounge for months as we embarked this very large undertaking of adding on seven hundred sq feet.

I took this photo last summer and it shows you from the outside of the home.

The first story is now our living room. It is crazy to see just how far we have come when looking back to where we began spring of 2020.
Welcome to our new living room!

The one thing I love most about this room are the views. What I love most in homes are being able to look out and see all that surrounds us. I can’t wait to watch the seasons change while we lounge in the comfort of our home.

I know this room is still so bare, but I want to be intentional about what we add. It’s taken us so long to get this far, the rest will soon follow as I add comfort into the final design for everyone to enjoy.

This light I found off Fb marketplace last summer. The light switch I also have been excited for for over a year. When we purchased this home my husband remembers the “old part” having a push button light switch. I love that they make them again and we could add a touch of history and memories to this “new part” of the home. Both are originally from Rejuvenatation.

Now for the biggest surprise of all. Our sofas are from IKEA! They are the Farlov sofa three seater and I had them delivered to our home by the best- James! He let me know they could be purchased without a cover as I planned to order an upgrade from Bemz. Did you know they are old $450 without a cover?!!

James delivers and puts together everything ikea. If you’re in Michigan I would highly recommend him! His email is if you would like to get a quote!

I have been a fan of Bemz for years now and I knew I wanted their quality cover to make these sofas beautiful. I am honored to be one of the first to try their new line called “The Minimalist.” The design is absolutely beautiful and better than I could have ever imagined!

The difference with this cover is that it is one piece that goes over the entire sofa. The back has extra padding and tucks behind the seat cushion giving it a clean minimalist look!

For fabric, I chose 100% linen in the color pebble. I love the warmth and texture this fabric adds to the room and couldn’t be happier with its final look!

Thank you so much for stopping by! Feel free to comment with any questions you may have. I am always happy to help!


14 thoughts on “Living Room

  1. This is beautiful!! Love the minimalist sofas and the wood cabinet just adds so much. And you are so right about the views – it will be so beautiful this winter. Now – where to put the Christmas tree :). Great job to both of you.


  2. I can’t believe how much y’all have done in a year, looks amazing! Your sofas look like they’re from amber interiors, but they’re actually from ikea? That’s amazing! How are you liking them and what are they called?


    1. Hi! Thank you so much for the compliment! I am SO sorry I am late to respond. It’s been a crazy few weeks with working short and covid etc etc etc! Okay sofa. Loveeeee it to much. It’s a Farlov from ikea. We have had a Farlov sofa for 7 years now. Bemz truly knows how to modify ikea and make it something beautiful!!!!


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    | | | Hi there, I want the outside of my house to be the color of your living room French door. Is that your “tapestry beige” again? What brand please? Color code if available. Actually, please let me know, if that the same mushroom color of the bathroom shelves and the funky, middle of the wall door in the boys’ room? The French door color looks way lighter and more beige in the picture by your FBook Mktplace sconce. I really want my exterior to be a putty, mushroomy color, which I feel like your trim paint appears to be in many pix (the bathroom shelves, boys’ room mid-wall door). Sorry to keep asking, but once I obtain the color name, brand, formula, I’ll be quiet. 😋 Thanks, and continue to LOVE your LOVELY home!! Bev


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    1. Hello! I am so so sorry this is late! Yes, those colors are very different. I would call the bathroom a mushroom color and the living room doors more of a cream. The living room doors are white duck by sherwin Williams. The bathroom is a custom color my friend and her mom made. I am so sorry I can’t share the numbers on that. I did buy a paint sample from them and had sherwin Williams scan it to custom match. Then I just returned the sample! Again, I am SO sorry for the delay! Let me know I answered your question Bev!


  4. Love your home esthetic!!! I am captivated each time you post. Share your paint color scheme in this living room, please? I am desperately searching for paint colors to support cherry wood bedroom furniture set I must keep. I am minimalist in decor nature. Head over heels with your style. I am a MI girl too 🤚🏻!! Thanks so much for reading!


    1. Hi Lisa! I am so sorry I missed this comment! I hope I am not too late. Our living room is pure white walls and white duck trim. I did the same with our bedroom and still love it! It is pretty white… if I had an courage I would go with a creamer trim, but I play it pretty safe because I know the work it takes to paint a room! Yuck! Good luck friend!


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