Fall Living

Happy Fall!!

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I wanted to quickly share a few tips I have for giving a cozy fall feel with not too many things!

Once the weather changes to cool nights and a nice fall breeze, I crave coziness in the home!  One thing I love to add is texture. Texture, texture, texture.  One way to add texture is through linens!

There was once a time I would pull out a box labeled “fall decor,” and sprinkle all those store bought decor items consisting of plastic pumpkins, banners, and everything orange all around the home.  Times have changed. Now, each year I’ve started using less and less of that “fall decor” box, and more and more real items I can find around our home 🏠.

I love using plants and flowers for color, and love adding linens to add a cozy feel through texture and color!

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I chose this pinstripe tablecloth from Cultiver Goods for a hint of spice, paired with their indigo napkins for color! I love to use colors and items I will love year round and not just a season.  Indigo is a color I love year round, and also love the calmness that this color brings.  I paired the indigo napkins with a white pumpkin the boys pick, mixed metals, and greens from flowers!

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This top photo I used a brass vase from the local thrift store and picked twigs from our pear trees and a dried hydrangea from our plants! I do love grabbing a bundle of eucalyptus from Trader Joe’s, but sometimes just using what you have is just as fun!

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Fall Layering

Fall is quickly approaching, meaning shorter days and cooler weather.  The first of fall I always change our bedding to add warmth and layering for those cool evening and cold nights!

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First off, I always keep a mattress and pillow protectors on all our beds!  We still have two little boys who have accidents every now and again, and I would have to ruin something so important as a good mattress! I am to the point with the mattress that I have two mattress protectors.  For those accidental nights where I can strip the bed quickly, throw the top one in the wash, and still have a mattress protector on the bed so we can go right back to sleep!  Genius right??

Next, I am a huge fan of linen.  Like linen for everything right?!  The reason I love linen on a bed is because it is naturally antimicrobial, and because it is breathable, it keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter! Magic I tell you just magic!

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That being said, I have the Comfort Wash Linen Bedding from the Company Store in White.   There is something about white sheets that make a bed feel so clean and welcoming!  We of course are also using the Comfort Wash Linen Duvet in Shale.   I thought long and hard about either wanting to follow the all white bedding trend, or mix it to being our own adding color with warmth.  Well, I took a leap and LOVE it! The shale is the perfect color for fall, and the linen adds the texture I crave in a bedroom!  Now, I have contacted The Company Store about the sold out colors in this duvet.  They will not be restocking ( I am SO sorry!) if you have your eye set on this you better run!  But they are coming out with new Linen Bedding in 2020, so keep your eyes peeled!

Being that we live in Michigan with a change in seasons, a great duvet insert is so important! It is best to know your home and your comfort when sleeping which duvet insert is best.  I have tried many to know what we love! I hate being too cold, or too hot when I sleep, I have had thick duvets that were just too much, and thin duvets that left the hubby and I fighting for blankets in the night!

This leads me to the perfect duvet for us.  The Black Label PrimaLoft Alternative Comforter.

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Yes, it is that good 😉

Just a few more fun mentions.  As I mentioned before, we live in a state full of ranging temperatures and seasons.  Layering a bed just as you layer your clothing is SO important!

At the end of the bed I keep two blankets.  One a touch lighter for those warmer nights, and one to give a little extra weight and warmth to give you that perfect sleep for a well rested start to the day!

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The Gossamer Blanket is perfect for that light weight blanket I mentioned.  The woven gauze is soft and breathable light weight material that again adds more of that texture I love in a home!  The color I chose is Parchment.

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Lastly, I have the Cloud Blanket. This adds that extra weight to help me fall into a deep sleep.  I am a light sleeper as it is, so the feeling of security helps me fall into a deeper sleeper we all need :).  Oh, and did I say its soft? Because it sure is!

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I love that these blankets come in bed sizes and not just throw sizes.  Being that they come in a size queen not only do they look full, but we aren’t spending the night playing tug-a-war because we each have enough blankets for a peaceful sleep.

If you take anything home from today, don’t skimp on the things unseen.  The mattress protectors, pad, pillow protectors, and pillows are just as important to get you that restful sleep you need.






Ford Family Photos

I am over the moon over our family photos from last week.  I remember the days I would hate getting family pictures. The pressure to have all four of us on our best behavior, and looking our best.  I put this crazy pressure on myself and family. All for what? So we could look “normal” for an hour?

My good friend Amy Carroll makes us feel at easy, and in my eyes makes magic of the smallest moments.  We enjoyed an evening together at home as a family.  Here is a glimpse of my handsome boys and the work they do.
The Ford Family

The Ford Family

The Ford Family

The Ford Family

The Ford Family

The Ford Family

The Ford Family

The Ford Family

The Ford Family

The Ford Family

The Ford Family

The Ford Family


Meet Smiley.  She was a kitten maybe one pound when we found her crying on our porch.  She suffered from some trauma with a broken jar, but she chose us.  We cared for her and now she cares for us. The bond is strong, and she is another member of our family.  I know where the boys are at all times because Wyatt and Smiley will always be found at their side.


The Ford FamilyThe Ford FamilyThe Ford Family

We took a walk to the edge of the property.  Filled with old apple trees and too more memories than we could ever imagine if this tree could talk.

The Ford Family


These boys sure are black and white, water and oil.  They couldn’t be more different, but one thing they have in common is love.  They love each and life unconditionally.  (I spy Smiley!)


The Ford FamilyThe Ford Family

The Ford FamilyThe Ford FamilyThe Ford FamilyThe Ford FamilyThe Ford FamilyThe Ford FamilyThe Ford FamilyThe Ford FamilyThe Ford FamilyThe Ford Family


The Ford Family

The Ford Family

The Ford Family

Thank you Amy for capturing all these memories in a few short moments. For letting the boys guide the night. For letting our boys be boys, yet capturing the small moments.  The love we have for each other.  I will forever be thankful for you.

Heirloom Quilts

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They say don’t blink or your children will be grown.  I never thought much about the saying until now, but now… NOW it’s as if I can feel it.  Each day they grow older and that only means gray hairs, wrinkles, and what’s left? Memories.  I don’t know what exactly it is these days, but my heart is craving more heirloom quality for my boys so I can cherish their *things* for generations to come. I want to be able to open a box filled with memories from their childhood I will hold on for years. To one day, maybe, even hopefully regift those *things* both they and I treasured.

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This leads me to the boys first heirloom quilt from Petal and Branch. I wanted something unique. Something we that would speak to us, and that my boys would be drawn to.  One thing I absolutely loved about Petal and Branch is that these quilts contain just two materials: cotton and linen.

I will say, we did start with ordering a set a swatches so the boys too could decide what they loved with colors and feel 🙂

We picked a canvas quilt in Black Forest Blue by Rifle Paper Co.   I loved the canvas material for a little thicker and stronger feel with two rough and tough boys to roll around on them!

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Thank you all for stopping by! I hope you fell in love with Petal and Branch just as I did, and I hope you have a wonderful day!


Café Appliances


Well, this is it guys.  I don’t even know where to begin.  I am honored to be writing you this post about GE’s new high end appliance line called Café Appliances that we installed in our home.

A few weeks ago our jaws dropped as we watched two delivery men unload our very own set of Café Appliances made by GE and fully customizable.

Lets start with the cosmetics.  If you have been following for some time, you know our previous appliances were stainless.  We had owned and used them for several years, and you know after spending all that money on something you’d think we would have loved them.  But, we didn’t.  I swear I could just look at them and they would scratch, dent, and of course leave every finger print known to man.  Another thing, I don’t love to clean 🤫. So having to wipe them down after every last meal was the lastttttt thing I everrrrrr wanted to do.  So, I didn’t. And the neglect showed.

One of the many things I loved about Café Appliance is their choices matte finishes with their variety of handle options.  You heard me, you get to choose BOTH.

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For the dishwasher and fridge we chose matte white.  I told myself years ago I would never again go with stainless. I felt like our hard water ran down the front of our previous stainless dishwasher to leave permanent waterfalls, and the fridge as I mentioned before was covered in scratches and dents that when the sun shown each and every one would gleam 😩.

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The matte white finish appliances from Café Appliances do not leave water marks, finger prints, nor scratch easily.  The white brightens up the room, and well, I just plain love them.

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Now for the stove. Why in the world would I ever replace our previous working white stove?  I can’t really explain why I did such a thing, other than the stove by Café Appliances triumphs it.  I mean seriously, it is just plain amazing.  I wish I could attach a video this blog to show you all the reasons I love it, but that is so far beyond my technological abilities it just isn’t going to happen anytime soon 🤦🏼‍♀️.

But believe me when I tell you, the stove by Cafe Appliances are what dreams are made out of. At least my dreams anyway 🤣.

We chose stainless in this option- and that too I can’t really explain why we (I) did. I just did! I guess I wanted to be different.  And I wanted something to give a timeless feel I will love for decades to come.  Our stove is the 36 in dual fuel with gas cooktop.  The hubby ran gas pipe and added a propane tank just for this cooktop. Cooking on a gas cooktop daily is worth all that extra work times a thousand.  Believe me.  Oh, and one more thing about this gas cooktop from Cafe Appliances– they really did a fantastic job with the design.  And I don’t just mean with there asethetics.  I mean with its cooking and cleaning ability.  I have heard by many that they choose an electric stove top strictly because they did not like hassle of cleaning a gas range.  Well, let me tell you, Cafe Appliances thought of that.  The grates come out in easy three sections that leave one nice flat surface to clean.  BOOM.

Oh, and the way the flames adjust to the size of the pan you’re cooking with is another plus plus plus.  My last stove had different size burners for the various pans that can be used, but really I love cooking on the front burners no matter what pan I had.  That mistake of mine often left hot pan handle as my silly self used a large front burner instead of cooking on the proper size burner in the back with smaller pans. Café Appliances you outdid yourself with having the adjustments you created with your burners! No matter what burner you choose on the Café stove you can adjust it for the size pan you have :).

Thank you all for taking the time to read my thoughts, and let me know if you have any questions as always 🥳.

The Interview

Well, it has been an honor to get to know, and to have worked with Ratio Coffee this past year.  About a month ago, Mark, the founder of Ratio Coffee, asked to interview me about our home.  How it all began, the home, the blog, etc.

It was a short question and answer I thought you too might want to read. 🙂

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And as always, thank you for stopping by and following our journey.

The Butchered Butcher Block

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The day has finalllyyy come for me to show you our latest project!  As many of you know and have watched on my Instagram stories, the hubby has spent days and countless hours giving this old butcher block new life! P.S. Do you see that stamp on the back right there? It reads Michigan Maple Block Co., Petoskey Michigan! Now how cool is that??!

The Before-


This was my first photo sent to me before I took a risk and bought it!

Here are a few more of it at home before we (he) began to work on it.



Now here is what he did-

First, last Saturday night we set out to buy a planer.  Not every new project means you get a new tool, but for this one particular, there was absolutely NO way to have done what he did without one.  So, we decided to bite the bullet and just go get one.

After hours of plaining, next he belt sanded the top and sides.  It is always best to go with a lower grid sandpaper and work your way up.  The higher the grid number the finer the grains and smoother it sands the wood.  After the belt sander he finished with a palm sander, and top it off with a little hand sanding.

Mind you there were hours spent and many long evenings after work that went into all that that I mentioned in just a few short sentences.


Finally, the time had come to oil our butchered (I mean beloved 😉 butcher block.  After a little research, there are various products out there you can use for oiling butcher block, but mineral oil seems to really be the best choice out there for various reasons.   I purchased the mineral oil we used at a local drug store, but it is readily available at almost anywhere in the pharmacy section (under laxatives…!).   It is also food safe and can be used on any wood surface.  Oh, and it is what I use on our soapstone counters too!

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Lastly, he took off the old and rusted chrome plates and wire wheeled them to clean them off.  Next he spray painted them black and screwed them back on.  I think they look better than new :).

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And folks that was it! Plus the two men it took to move this into the home.  The hubby even joked he may have to strengthen the beams in the basement for this piece. Well, that was part joke part truth.  It weighs a ton!

I guess that means it will have to stay a while….!

Sooooo, what do you think???! #ForTheLoveOfDoug

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Laundry Closet

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Hi friends! I am pretty darn excited about this one.  The hubby and I (well mostly the hubby- a tad bit I) worked on making this little laundry nook more useful with storage, and cosmetically pleasing!  With a smaller home I feel every square inch counts ya know??

Nothing was wrong with the before.   Of course I was mostly craving a refresher after five years!


At first we were just going to paint the walls (well I was going to, be he took over because I’m a terrible painter 🤫).  Which lead to taking down the shelves, which led to me asking about cabinets.  I have always wanted a linen closet so to speak, and a place up and safe from kids for cleaning products.

And then I got a quote.

You would not believe what the quote came in for just these TWO cabinets. 1,000$ kid you not. I puked.

And then I told the hubby.  He said no wayyyyy were going to pay someone 1,000 for just TWO cabinets.

So then we pondered, and pondered, and pondered some more.

And then one day he said those famous last words- “I’ll build them.” HE committed to spending time make ME (I mean us…) cabinets!!!!!! EKK!!!


He had never build cabinets, nor did he know where to begin, but he did it. And if you ask me my thoughts, I couldn’t be happier! He wanted to use up wood we already had, and he found left over bead board from the home years ago.  I love his creative touch with the bead board fronts, and inset doors, all the heart eyes!


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To keep down on the noise while washing or drying we could hang curtains to muffle the sound.  It also works to quickly hide a bit of the washer and drier, and accumulations that come from a laundry room!  The curtains are hung with pipe he spray painted black, and the curtains I have had for years from Pottery Barn called tie up shades!

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The natural basket is from a little shop I adore called The Dharma Door USA. There baskets are hand made by artisans at a fair trade! I love its texture, and how easy it is to carry a full basket of laundry one handed with baby in the other.   You can find this basket here.

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The other basket shown here is from Steele Canvas.  I love this family owned company located in Massachusettes and the quality of their baskets and trucks is impeccable.

The light is from Schoolhouse. We needed something narrow for the doors to open, and without limiting cabinet space.  With all that being said, I landed on  this light!  If you follow me on Instagram, you know I had a very hard time picking which finish to pick, but I opted for the all time classic- black.

The paint is the same paint I used for our kitchen.  After two years I am still so love with the color! Plus, to be completely honest, I don’t think there is a better quality paint out there than Farrow & Ball.  And trust me- I’ve done a LOT of painting.

Cabinet hardware is mostly from Cabinet Parts online.  I wish picking out hardware wasn’t so hard! But let me tell you, that was SO hard!  I went with oil rubbed bronze.  I am head over heels currently for brass, but when it comes to things we will be keeping forevverrrrrr, I tend to stick with black or close to black because I do feel that never goes out of style. Lets hope I’m not wrong on that……!

Well, thats it for now! Let me know if you have any questions friends! And as always- thank you for stopping by!

Homemade Playdough

You know, I have no idea why I wasted so much time and money on play dough from the store. You know- making those “quick” trips because we were out and the kids were begging.  Just to waste money and time :(.  And ya know- more plastic waste with all those yellow plastic tubs! Ugh!

Learn from me- save some time and save some money!

This is so easy it will blow you mind. Seriously.

  • 2 cups all-purpose flour.
  • 3/4 cup salt.
  • 4 teaspoons cream of tartar.
  • 2 cups lukewarm water.
  • 2 Tablespoons of oil (I used coconut oil, but vegetable works too)
  • Tupperware to fit 🙂

Mix together all dry ingredients.  Put mixed ingredients in sauce pan.  Slowly add warm water and oil while heating on a medium heat.  Stir continuously.  If you are making one color you may add a touch of food coloring at this time.

Continue stirring until dough forms a ball and becomes thicker. This took a few minutes.

Next place dough ball onto wax paper to cool, and let the kids play! Mine played with this on and off for hours! I kept it in a glass Tupperware container and they easily could get it out and put it away for me 🙂

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My boys chose green!

I hope this helps some of you mamma’s our there! I’d love you to tag me in your creations!




DIY laundry detergent

Hey guys! I am going to whip this out quick and easy for you all!  I have been using this DIY laundry detergent for gosh- over a year and a half now I believe?  And I have only had to make it three times! Oh, my, gosh.

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I made the switch after my eldest son broke out in full body hives from an allergic reaction to a detergent I had used.   I found this on Pinterest and have been in love ever since!  Not only does it save you lots, and lots or money- but it has less dyes and chemicals than most larger brand detergents- and decreases plastic waste! I’d call that a win!

What you need-

One box of Borax- four pound 12 ounces

Three bars Felt-Naptha soap

One box Arm & Hammer Baking soda- Four pound box.  I will add the last time I only found 3.5 pounds.  They just changed packaging to plastic and decreased the quantity :(.

One box arm and hammer super washing soda- 3lbs 7 ounces

Oxy Clean- 4lbs.  You can buy one large- 3 lbs and one small 1 lb.

Once you have the ingredients, you will need a very large container or a 5lb pale to mix it all.

Now its time to get to work! Grate the 3 bars of fees-naptha bars into a bowl and mix all ingredients together. BOOM. That’s it!

Use 2-3 table spoons per load.

Commonly asked questions-

Can you use this in a HE washer- YES! Ours is energy efficient and with less water I did notice once the dry detergent did not mix in the wash. But it was my fault.  The hubbies clothes were extra dirty!  But that does not mean use extra detergent to get them clean.  I have learned to use a concentrated cleaner and spot clean those tough stains before throwing them in the washer 🙂

Does this work for hard water- yes! We have hard water! But for white I usually add something to make those whites whiter.

Is it good for sensitive skin? Yup!

Total cost- less than 15$.