How it All Began

A few years ago we purchased my husbands grandparents home.   It is located smack dab in the middle of my parents and his.  Yes, you heard that right… we bought the home between the farm he was raised on and mine.  Both fathers are beef cattle farmers.  As long as I can remember our families hosted a Ford/Olin Christmas the eve of Christmas Eve.   With all of this you would begin to think we had been life long friends!! But not so fast..  Doug is eight years older than me.  As children this was eons! I secretly wished he was my age so I could date him.   I had my eye on that blonde hair blue eyed boy, but never thought I would be so lucky as to marry him.

Okay, enough with the mooy gooy.  Back to the good stuff.  The house remodel.  We purchased the home with no expectations of remodeling any time soon.  But after too many showers with the fuze blowing and having to run outside, around the house, through the dorothy doors, and across the basement to the breaker, I had it!  I also blame Rehab Addict and Nichole Curtis for my dying need to dig in!

How about some before photos:


Featured image

Featured image

Well those are just a few photos from the summer we bought it.  The outside hasn’t changed nearly as much as I would like.  But what is that saying?? All good things come to those who wait?! Or something like that 😉


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