Yet another couch…

Hello everyone!!

I wanted to write to you all about our living room revamp!  I know, I did have a different couch I had purchased last winter, but it just wasn’t working for me!  It was gray which I thought I would love and oversized and well I just didn’t like it!!! I am sooo happy with my new purchase!  I bought the Stocksund sofa from IKEA.  It is slip covered and makes the room feel so much lighter and airy! Hindsight is alway 20/20 and I wish I would have known about IKEA back when we were doing the house remodel, but it wasn’t until I met Rachel did she enlighten me to the wonderful world of IKEA.  I mean OMG I LOVE that place!

Here is a picture of the new sofa-

Featured image

Don’t mind the ugly plant there by the window.  It is a lemon tree that is not too happy with me.  I was going to remove it, but with baby in one hand and trying to take photos in the other I forgot all about it!

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And do you see that hutch in the back?? That was my husbands grandmothers, Morna.  I just was getting to know her before she passed two years ago.  From what I know and have heard she was the most selfless women.  She LOVED that hutch.  I have to say I did paint it….. Morna goodness I hope you forgive me!  But I too am now in LOVE with it.  It provides just good storage for us now that I put baskets on the shelves and they are FULL.  I used Annie Solon chalk paint.  That color is called French Linen 🙂

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The newest thing in the room is this ladder I found at that secret barn sale I keep talking about!  I want to share sooo bad, but have been begged by friends to please PLEASE not share!!!


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I feel it brings good height and love the feel it brings to the room.  That dresser is from the Flat River Cottage in Lowell and was a must have.  Talk about LOVE at first sight ❤

Well folks, there you have it!  The living room.  Next, to decorate it for Christmas!!

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3 thoughts on “Yet another couch…

    1. Oh my Meg! You left my very FIRST comment!! How sweet of you!! And I just checked out your blog and will make sure to follow it!! I LOVE it by the way! Our kitchen has brick too, but I tend not to share many photos because of the oak cabinets 🙈


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