Christmas Through Lowell

Hi again!  I just wanted to write a tiny about about Christmas through Lowell. What it is. And why I love it.

Christmas through Lowell has been going on for 24 years now. The Lowell Area Chamber of Commerce hosts 45 beautiful homes filled with gifts, creations, and treasures.  It is shopping throughout the Historic city of Lowell.  Local businesses carry the official map and tour guides pin pointing all 45 stops.  The best way I can describe this is Etsy gone wild at peoples homes!  I can not begin to describe the creativity that these wonderful people bring and kindness as they welcome you to their homes.

This year I did my math wrong and unfortunately took the wrong weekend off work!! :(..  I do whatever I can to avoid working the Friday of Christmas through Lowell, but this year I was caught off guard being a week later than I expected.   It is always the third Friday in November.  So mark your calendars!

Being that I live North of Lowell, I tend to stop at places closest to me. I have not been able to make it to every home, but I do want to share a few fun purchases I made!

First, I made a few stops closest to home on Burrows.  Stop number 8- Homespun Holidays, and number 9- Lil’ Red Barn.

I mean how cute is this bucket?!  LOVE IT.  I think I might but my “Christmas Tree” in it.  And you haven’t seen my tree yet, don’t laugh..

I also saw someone carrying a galvenized bucket with a tree in it.  I thought to myself OMG I’m too late!  Then I begged if they had anymore and low and behold it was my lucky day!

Isn’t it cute?!

Next, I bought this at stop 11 at the River Edge Bed & Breakfast.  Here I met two beautiful ladies who are sellers on Etsy as well 🙂


Let me just say these are AMAZING!

Well sorry I don’t have more to tell, but after a few stops and meeting some wonderful people it was nap time and work before I knew it.

Maybe I will sneak away today for a few more stops today before work 🙂


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