2015 Christmas Tour

Hello friends!!  I have started decorating for Christmas and wanted to share a few things.  In a perfect world I would have had my “Christmas tour” on the blog some time ago, but better later than never right?  To begin, I bought these just a week ago at Everlasting Blooms.

Now aren’t they just so pretty?!  For some reason I tend to stay clear of red for Christmas decor (I know I am crazy), but these are so beautiful!  I have such a hard time with color. Even red on Christmas, but just a pop of color goes a long way with a neutral palette.

I had no idea where I was going to use this “color.” But eventually, after trial and error I found it a home.  Here in the galvanized bin.  Doug seems to think someone made this in HVAC school because he had to back in the day, but I have no idea where this really come from.  I do know I love it!  I bought it full of cabbage at the little red barn a few months ago. I filled the bottom with fresh greens and stuck a few sprigs of pinecones I had out from my fall decor.  Do you like it??

Next, I would love to show you all my favorite thing to decorate.  My open shelving unit from World Market.  Funny story about this- I bought it for in kitchen.  Where the coffee bar is.  I had it planned to fit just perfect!  Or so I thought.  It ended up being a half an inch too small for the space :(..  I am sure you all can imagine my disappointment.  After some time passed, I never got over my love for this shelving unit.  So I bought it again. And let me tell you, this wasn’t easy.  I was pregnant. And this was SO heavy!  But I was determined. I sold my antique hoosier I had planned for the space.  (Which in itself was such a hard decision!)  But am SO happy I bought this.

Really I don’t change it too much except for the top shelf and the banner across the front.  For fall, I had the Target dollar spot acorns, but for Christmas I found these light up deer on Antique Farmhouse.  They are battery operated and I look forward to turning them on every night 🙂

Here is a close up of the stag on the top shelf.  Isn’t he cute?  I put him in the 10$ wreath from ikea with the infamous target dollar spot skies to the right. And those trees I stole from my mom.. shhh… ; )

Well there wasn’t much a tour in there.  So deceiving I know!  I will try hard to take more pictures this week and add to this 🙂

Please let me know what you would all love to see and share with me your own stories and homes!!

Thank you!

Morgan Ford




2 thoughts on “2015 Christmas Tour

  1. Heyyyyy lady,
    id love to see that white desk you fixed with that pillow , and cute bulletin board. you have the cutest ideas.
    I have to say, you make a farm house worth fixing!!!!


    1. Hi Olivia!! So sweet of you to leave a comment!! I actually sold the desk and gave away the bullitine board and pillow! 🙈🙊. If I remember right you are an artist aren’t you?! Do you have an etsy shop?? If not, you should!! Hope all is well and thanks for saying hi! If you want to know how I did something just let me know, I’d love to help!! 😊


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