The BIG Day

Auburn being my first child, and this being his first birthday, I felt a little more stressed this week than usual.  I know he will never remember this day, but I wanted to make it special, as I am sure, it is what most mothers want to do.  A friend told me this week that the first birthday is not only a big stepping stone for the child, but it is for you as well!  “It represents your first year as a mother!”  I never thought of it that way, but it sure is another good reason to celebrate!

Our theme for his party was lumber jack.  Auburn’s middle name is Hollis which means man of the woods.  So I thought, how fitting on this beautiful February day?!

I know the gold frame and purple tulips kill the manly lumber jack theme.  But hey, its a celebration of one year of motherhood too! And I think its pretty 😛

The cup cakes are sitting on a three tiered log tray made by my father for our wedding day.  And my mother-in-law found those cute trees and deer at a cake decorating store.  Annnndddd I have to admit, she made the cupcakes not me..  I won’t take credit even though I wish I could ; ) !   They are just SO cute!

Here is a close up of the top tier.

And I just loooovveee the little deer!

Now for a photo of Auburns cake!

He first picked off all the sprinkles and ate them. One. By. One…  Then finally he started to dive in.  Using both hands of course 🙂


This was him a few moments later.  Ohh man cake eating is hard work!

And I have one more thing to tell you all.




Coming this September,

Auburn is going to be a BIG brother!  


2 thoughts on “The BIG Day

  1. Soooo cute! Our sweet Jeremiah will be 1 this May and the hubs wants a rugged, lumberjack-y birthday party 😂 #JeremiahJohnson

    annnnnnd again, CONGRATULATIONS on baby #2! ❤️


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