Gifts from the Heart

Hello friends!  I have been wanting to write a post about the small shops I adore most and I am finally getting around to it!  Some with be repeats from past posts, but that is because I still adore them and want you all to notice them and help spread the word too!

First off, everyone loves jewelry right?  Rebekah Gough has stole my heart over and over!  They just came out with a spring collection that is so pretty!  I have a few pieces from them, but just cant get enough!

Next I would like to share what I got my mother for a Mother’s Day surprise.  Her grandmothers name was Folger’s and she saw this on my IG and just fell in love.  I knew I would keep it in the back of my mind for this special day for her.

Antique Candle Works makes the most beautiful candles!  How cute is this?!  I know my mom will love this so much I wonder if she will even burn it 😉   I love the scents from Antique Candle Works and this one is a coffee smell.  Her candles aren’t too over baring with scent and are just right if you ask me.  I promise you too will be blown away.

Next I want to bring up a few sign makers I love.

This is from Letterfolk and I am just in love!  I put this in the kitchen on the coffee bar, but have a million ideas for it!    It comes with 240 letters and numbers so you can customize it however you like!

And for wood sign makers, James and Alice will forever be my love!  I have more of their wood signs in the home than I want to admit, but that is because I love them all!  We have a custom sign that says “Ford Farm.”

This is one of my favorites as well, well all her hers signs are my favorite 😉

One more small shop I adore is Vol25.  She just came out with a spring collection and I adore all of it!  Her wall hangings are nice and light, and I love the looks of them hanging from the wood hanger on her thick canvas print.  I find the more I  look at it, the more I notice in the details of her designs.    I have her antler hanging as well and not only I love it, but my husband does too.  Jess you blow us away and if I could, I would fill our home with every single one of your pieces!

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

And one more etsy shop I adore is Feather and Birch.  She has come out with  a few more designs I have my eyes on and I love all she creates!

I love the vintage feel of her old windows, but love they are new made old!  And don’t weigh a ton like real old window do!

Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you too found a few things that you can’t live without!  Please join me in supporting these small shops!




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