How to Style Open Shelving

Hi friends!  There are so many times I think, I should write about this or that, but always fall short of actually writing it! But thank you all for checking this out and I hope this helps a little 🙂

Some have said styling open shelving is so hard for them and I never really took the time to think about what I do.  I just play around with decor in my own little word without much thought to what I am doing.  But after hearing a few say they struggle, I am trying to think a little more about what it is I do.  The first thing that comes to mind is what my mother always said when decorating.  “Put like items together.”  Whether they are dishes or cups and mugs, your open shelf should at the least “make sense.”

Another factor in putting like items together is color.  If you have a certain color you adore or accent with in the home, put it on a shelf next to one another instead of having random pieces all over.

Another tip is balance.  If you have something tall on one end, you should have something similar is height and size on the other.

And one more thing I love with open shelving is baskets.  It is the best way to stay organized and keep clutter at a minimum.

Here are a few photos of my favorite open shelf to decorate.  At one time I had wine glasses and other cute cups grouped together, but I learned quickly I am not the best duster and having glasses in the open = dirty cups in this house 😉

Can you tell I luuuuuv baskets!  I have dish towels in their and my favorite bibs from Finney Bibs and Pieces.

Oh and yes, I do have a bit of a plant fetish too..

Well friends, I hope this post helps a bit and maybe even inspires you to rearrange and simplify 🙂

Thank you again for stopping by and hope you all enjoy this beautiful sunshine and weekend ahead!



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