The Window Dilemma

I posted a few photos on Instagram about my window dilemma and am SO happy to show you all my final decision.  I had a tough choice on what to do with our farmhouse trim and low ceilings.  I needed window coverage for privacy, but to let every drop of light in possible during the day!

This is how I found Select Blinds!

A few friends suggested woven blinds to fix my needs and I am SO excited to show you mine!  It took many days of taping samples to the windows and asking the world their opinion.  Someone had suggested they loved the texture in the woven shades with the rope weave and I couldn’t agree more.  I was so worried about the bamboo wood and clashing with all the wood in the home.  I am so happy with the texture this blind brings and without fighting the beams, staircase and more.

Here was what I had to pick from.  Oh my right?!

These were my three finalists-

I have to be honest.  I didn’t realize the blind on the left was in a more expensive category, so I ruled that one out first 😉

Then there was two.  I loved the colors in the wood with the blind on the right, but the texture in that middle one blew me away.   If you are looking for privacy I certainly would recommend a liner.  But we don’t have neighbors close and only wanted something to give us some privacy as cars drive by.

One thing quick I have to say about Select Blinds is their quality.  I had purchased the ones at Home Depot and Lowe’s, but they didn’t quite work out and I am so glad they didn’t.  When I opened the first blind, I could feel its weight and quality in my hands.  And after the hubby installed them last night, we looked at each like “now how do these work?”  We both had only ever used the type with the string, which mind you is SO dangerous with little kids!  My friend just the other day told me that her toddler was playing with the cord and as the blind when up it choked her!  She said she had been sitting right there thank goodness, but could you imagine if she hadn’t?!  I never would have considered this until another mom brought it to my attention.  Select Blinds prides themselves with safety first and all blinds being cordless.  With that being said, they have a monthly contest where they give away a whole home or daycare full or cordless blinds!  To enter click here. Well, back to our blinds.. 🙂   We figured them out in no time.  You just lift it up and it stays just were you lift them to!  No way right?!  Magic!

And here they are.  I chose the Premier Bamboo Shade color Kousa.  This was such a hard decision because they had so many wonderful choices, but I have so happy with this choice.  Oh and I think they are 40% off right now!  Oh my!

I came home from work early last night and begged my husband to hang them.  We are both sick with a nasty virus and I recall him saying he was sick and not me because he is “dying.”  Then as him and I both coughed he said “stop copying me, you’re just pretending.”   I think he suffers from whoositis.  But thats just me 😉

And I love all the natural light they let in!  And just one more thing.   These are mudcloth pillows handmade in Utah by a talented friend.  Check them out at Sonoran Supply Co.!

And just to let you know, I have an obsession with cow hide rugs!  I want one for every room, but my BFF Rachel told me no.  She said I need to “switch things up.”  I don’t know if I’m going to listen to her….!

This is from Rugs USA and they are having 20% off sale right now!  All good finds today right friends?!

Thank you all so much for stopping by!  Feel free to let me know your thoughts or ask any questions!  Happy Saturday!



2 thoughts on “The Window Dilemma

  1. This house is similar the the farmhouse I was born in in NE IN. My dream would be to buy back my family farm. My husband does not share my dream. I love what you have done.


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