The Boys Room

With Auburn we decided not to find out what we were having, so everything was grey grey grey.  Annddd I was convinced I was having a girl..  I had a white ruffle crib skirt and a few “girlie” items that we just lived with the last year.  But now with another on the way and a BOY, I am so excited to finally give this room a makeover well deserved.

I know the thing to do is a themed room, but that’s just not me.  Plus we are sooo tight on space, simplicity and minimalism is a must for this mommas sanity.

I am so happy to show you all the finished look with this 8×10 room.  Did I mention its tiny?!?

The hubby built these built in shelves to help utilize space.  We talked back and forth about making cubbies and a rod to hang clothes, but when I think about what really needs hung for these two boys, I couldn’t think of much!  I love that each boy can have a shelf with crates organizing each item.  Onesies, pants, shirts, sweaters, you name it!  I love that everything is easy to see and it is SO much easier to find things than shifting through drawers 🙂

Thank you hubby!

The top shelf is a little bare.  But I am thinking diapers may need to go up there.  Two in diapers this fall… wish us luck!  The crates are from IKEA along with the curtains. The came natural and we used a Minwax stain called Early American.  I am usually all about Provincial, but Doug wanted to use a penetrating stain and this is what we had on hand.  I think it matches?!  Just don’t look too close ;P  

I just couldn’t decided to have curtains or not, but love how they soften the room, and I can hide the clutter when needed. (Which will be often when the baby arrives!)

The photos across the second shelf just came off the wall of my grandmothers basement. My grandpa framed them of photos from the West that he loved.  He was a cowboy at heart and I love that I can incorporate a little of him in this room.  He passed away four years ago to pancreatic cancer at 65 years to young.  And not a days goes by that I still don’t miss him.

The rug you may have noticed I have in just about every room in the house. Okay not really, I only own two but I move them often for fun.  I LOVE IT.   I already told this story, but if you missed it- A few weeks ago when this rug first arrived, Auburn ran out of the tub streaking. He ran over here and peed on it just minutes after I laid it down to see how it fit the room.  That little stinker!  But no worries friends.  It just ran off and I soaked it up with a towel and you’d never know!  Here is a link to this cowhide from from RugsUSA.

The night stand is an old crate from a barn sale and even thought the photo makes it look like its leaning. Its not. Must be my bad photo taking 😛


The blanket is from Pendleton and even though it is throw size and not crib size, I love that we can wrap it around us on the chair reading books or lay with it on the floor as Auburn plays with his toys.  Winter will be here before we know and I can promise that!

This space may seem so small, but Auburn grabs a book before bed and nestles in my lap. I’m sure he doesn’t mind 🙂

The stuffed buffalo is from my brother for Auburns first birthday.  He moved away to Montana and had it shipped just in time.  Auburn has only met him once or twice now being so far, but this buffalo is close to my heart.

This chair it from Modernica and I love that I can move it everywhere.  I went with a white shell and walnut legs to match the wood in the room.  But really you can’t go wrong with any of their stuff!  And the pillow is Mudcloth.  I found this cute little store on etsy called SonoranSupplyCo.  These pillows are handmade from a Malian cotton fabric dyed with fermented mud.  Crazy right?!

The barn my mother found at a local barn sale and I knew Auburn would love it.  His favorite thing at the moment is tractors and every night he parks this one in the barn and shuts the door. I love that we keep a few things in this room for him to look forward to and wind down at night.

The light I chose is from Barn Light Electric.   I have schoolhouse lights throughout the house and wanted to carry the same look, but still have something simple and trendy 🙂  This light is here.

The sacs are from Urbanasacs and made here in the USA.  Plus they are made out of recyclable materials and are 100% washable!  I have some I use in the kitchen and fell in love so here they are again!

Well I can’t thank you all enough for stopping by.  I do hope this room brings you inspiration in either decorating or organizing friends!



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