Auburn and I

Hi friends!  As my due date awaits September 21, I wanted to share a few maternity photos with Auburn.  I did not have this done for our first pregnancy with him, but am soo blessed to have them now as the sweet Amy Carroll captured a beautiful morning together.

It had been weeks since this hay field was cut, and a perfect morning for a stroll.

Auburn loves to pick flowers with momma and have me smell each one..

Wyatt, our other child.  He will be three years old this fall, and we couldn’t ask for a better dog.  Just prior to Amy’s arrival this morning, Wyatt ate a bee just a foot from Auburn!  We love you Wyatt!

Auburn’s favorite morning routine to chase chickens. This momma chicken is named Ducks.  My hubby named her Ducks as each time he went to pick her up she would squat down and duck.  Cute, silly chicken!  She is three years old and just hatched six baby chicks.  Look closely, I spy two of them!

The wood front on this garden was once an old fence.  My husband saved the wood and we used it here.  And that big red barn off in the distance is my father-in-laws farm. He bought that farm at 18 years old.


This hutch was my husbands grandmothers.  It was in the basement when we moved in.  My husband threatened to burn it countless times, for it was in terrible shape.  He must have had a change in heart, and put a new top on it along with a little bit a of love.  I love it in its new home as we use it daily and it sits here smiling on the porch.

He was so content playing with his loader tractor with momma and saying “dump” each time he dumped the bucket 🙂

And this headboard was my anniversary gift from my husband last year.  He saved this wood from the home during the remodel and reused it here as a fun surprise.

And last, but not least, cranky Auburn 😉



One thought on “Auburn and I

  1. You got quite the handsome little boy! And what a fun Hutch with memories attached! My grandma recently passed away and we got her old trunk that she used have as her gift chest, and I cannot wait to tell the story to my little guy about it.

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