The Stove


Hi friends!

So I thought I would talk a little bit about the stove we chose in the recent kitchen remodel since so many of you have asked about it!  And, lets face it, its my favorite part of the kitchen!

Why I chose Verona is the first thing to consider.  For starters, it is the most used and important feature in the kitchen in my eyes!  Previously we had a cheap electric stove with the matching microwave on top, and I will NEVER do that again.  Our microwave died within the first few years, and the built-in vent hood was SO loud, we couldn’t talk to each other in the kitchen when it was running.   Talk about annoying!  And cooking on an electric stove top is just a nightmare.  I never knew how much I could enjoy cooking as much as I do now with our gas range.  Oh, and back to why we chose Verona, another important factor for me was the fact that parts are readily available.  I was worried that with this being an Italian stove would cause problems down the line if something went wrong, but Verona reassured me parts would be easy to get if ever needed. EuroChef USA is the exclusive importer for America and service can be dispatched to anywhere in the county.


It took me MONTHS to decide IF we would be buying their stove, and even longer to decided WHICH stove to get.  We chose dual fuel and I found it to be most economical and functional.


I (umm I mean we ;P) chose the double oven because I love the versitility of cooking desert and dinner at the same time.   And that I have the option of heating up a such smaller space when I want to  bake something quick and small like banana bread for the kids!  I worried the “larger” side would still be too small for those large dinner, but boy was I wrong.  The larger side can fit a 25 lb turkey, and still can fit my 9x13in pans! Talk about a win win!

If you can’t remember which stove I chose- here is the link!


Okay, lastly- why in the world did I choose a white stove?  I asked my friends, my mom, everyone which color to chose and they allllll said stainless. Come on now?!  No one was adventurous like me I suppose?!  Yes stainless would have been the “safe” route, but I like to be different!  And truthfully, I have stainless appliances and hate them.  I had looked over and over at other kitchens I liked and inspirational photos galore, and the biggest thing I was drawn to was the stove.  It is the focus of attention and such a used and important decision!  So here she is, the white stove of my dreams!




And these photos are just too cute by all talented Amy Carroll 🙂




Now these kids are cute, but don’t tell me you weren’t eyeing that stove there in the back?! #showstopper

Thank you again for stopping by!  Email me with any questions you have as always 🙂

*This post was made in partnership with Verona Appliances, but all thoughts are my own.



3 thoughts on “The Stove

  1. I’ve had a dual fuel GE Profile for almost 7 years and wouldn’t trade it for anything – white, too! Love, love, love it and have told my husband many times how much I love it! Enjoy yours.


  2. Sorry if this is a repeat…internet page shut down….anyway, I wanted to say everybody has a stainless steel stove, including me. I installed knowing I was going to sell my remodeled home. I love your white stove and your kitchen is just divine! I may try a white stove in my next house!


  3. Omg!!! In 😍😍😍 with this stove. Went to the link, but could not find the price, can you share the cost of this beauty? Should I sit down? 😂


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