Slipcover Chairs

Happy Monday friends!

I have been working over the last few days to write a blog post about our slip cover chairs from Sixpenny and why we chose them!

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One thing I have learned with having kids plus farm living, I must be able to wash everything.  Including furniture! I fell in love with Sixpenny products a few years ago when a friend introduced me to them!  This winter I finally caved in ordering my dream chairs and we couldn’t be happier!

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I chose two Gabriel Chair in Classic linen the color Oat Flour (not to be confused with the medium weight linen in Oatmeal).  This cover is 100% linen, and the texture and warmth was just perfect in my eyes for our home.  I ordered a few free samples to start, and after weeks of debate, I still do believe we picked the best fabric for our home and family! This chair is a tad larger than most I have purchased and the little extra room to sit makes for a cozy spot to relax, put your feet up, or snuggle with little ones at your side to read a book.

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I wanted to be able to create a little seating area that could go anywhere in the home and look and function beautifully!  The chairs here are missing a vintage rug to bring it all together, but I am trying to slowly make intentional purchases that take time and thought over impulsive and impatient mistakes!

I didn’t realize we would be remodeling the house anytime soon when I made this purchase, but our foundation was crumbling and my husband decided to jump on fixing it this spring! One thing led to another, and now we will be adding on to the home with hopes the addition will be up by fall! (Not finished of course, but a roof and siding before winter hits would be a plus!).

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I added that about the addition because in these photos you will notice the once living room is now the dining!  And if you look close, the window on the far wall is gone! That is the wall the addition will be going on, and just to the left of that missing window will be a walk into the living room!  Of course we have a long way to go in making this all happen, but I hope to share little bits along the way!  The addition with be a living space on the first floor, but having these slip covered chairs in the kitchen/ dining area is the perfect conversation area for guests to visit or kids to read while mom is making dinner!




4 thoughts on “Slipcover Chairs

  1. All looks gorgeous! Your home (all I’d seen up to this point was your kitchen a bit since I too bought the GE Cafe appliances) absolutely looks like a respite that rises up to meet you! I think I’ll copy you even more now and go paint everything white! Keep up the amazingly wonderful surroundings work. Enjoy!


    1. I must have missed something…you have moved your eating area to what I knew as the living room. And, the piece you added to your sitting area, I have not seen before; and wow, it is gorgeous!


      1. Wow you have good eyes! Thank you!! Adding on to the house really had me rethink how we use our spaces! I am so excited for a larger dining room here soon, and very excited about the new vintage peice! I have great plans for it someday as a work space off the kitchen!


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