The details. I have been saving items, planning, and slowly collecting for an entire year for the moment a room would come together.

The first room to be almost* complete since the addition is the dining room! This room was not part of the add on, but its the first time since we have living here that we have had a formal dining room! At first I thought of no, we won’t want to walk this far from the kitchen, but boy was I wrong! I couldn’t be happier with making this change and allowing a larger table and more chairs for more to join us doing what I love most. Eating!

I had mentioned a few details in my last post, but since then so much more has happened! The painting is now compete and we have hung curtains for the first time around our new windows!

I didn’t realize how much I had missed the warmth (and privacy!) of window treatments until we went without them for the last six months. I thought about what we should buy periodically for window treatments during that time as this time around I hope there is no re-doing a thing for a very very long time!

We chose Wovn Home and I could not be happier!

This is their linen drape with the antique brass French rod. I had taped sample swatches to the wall for a few weeks trying to plan this room and the perfect neutral color that would not only add texture, but warmth to the home! The shades are in the color “oatmeal” with the Euro pleat and I love how the French rods allow the curtains to hug the wall so to speak. I was nervous covering up the work Doug did with these windows and it added so much pressure to me to find something that would not just cover his work, but bring out the beauty in ever detail. And that is what I believe these did.


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