Hello! I can’t believe the day has come where we have finished rooms to share our love for our new windows!

I’ve mentioned before how important windows are to us. It was the number one priority to replace the vinyl windows. Not only were they difficult to see out of due to fog between the glass, but often unable to open, and worst of all we found a problem with rot to the foundation as fault of leaking windows. YUCK. As this is our forever home, we knew this would be a large expense, and a really REALLY big job! We set aside savings for years and I did so much research during that time. When we started receiving quotes, I was blown away by the varying prices! I just did not understand it how quotes could be so different. But now I think I finally do. To sum it up, a window just isn’t a window. There are so many variations in quality, build, and more.

We chose the Westchester windows by Sierra Pacific. These windows are their historical line (of course right up my alley!) with a wood frame interior and a clad exterior. The exterior is also powder coated with a thirty year warranty!!!

Another feature I loved is the concealed jambliners on the interior and exterior. That may not mean much, but I will say with my quotes before finding these windows, this was not always the case! It just makes these window that much more sleek and beautiful both inside and out!

I want to also add, I could not be happier meeting Nels from Sierra Pacific sales. I thought I knew a lot about windows from research, meeting other sales reps, stopping in different show rooms etc. etc. But Nels really knocked it out of the park with being a wonderful help during this process!! If you are local I would highly recommend starting with him to get an idea of what you are looking for a budget to guide you along the way. His email is

And finally, I mentioned before these are the Westchester line from Sierra Pacific, but to be more exact, I chose double hung, interior primed, exterior color “Seawolf,” and with what is called “putty” for the interior and exterior window grilles.

Thank you all for being here and following along in our journey. If you have any questions feel free to comment and I will be sure to answer all that I can!

Thank you again!


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