Empty wall nightmares?

A new sweet friend of mine, Jessica, asked me a question this week.  She said she has a wall that is empty that she is stumped about!  Well, trust me, we have ALL been there!  I told her I don’t think I am the one to ask because I am queen of bare walls! And I HATE to put a hole in the wall.  I avoid it at all costs.  Therefore, I love command strips (until they take the paint off, err..)  Some people are masters of the amazing wall collage filled with vintage frames and more, but I just can’t do that!  First, I don’t think I am cleaver enough to arrange it, and second I love change too much!! It would be a nightmare when I felt the need to switch it up.

So this leads me to my solution.

Its so easy and simple its almost too silly to write about. Yet, here I go!


I took two command strips and stuck them on the wall.  Then bought jute string, some card stock paper from the scrap booking aisle, and used clothes pins I had.  Of course, just this last week Target had the cutest tree clothes pins that were adorable!

And well, there you have it.  My solution to an empty wall!  This way I can update the photos so easy and quick! (Which you can already tell I need to do).

P.S. If you’re wonder about the crazy wall, it was the old flooring from the upstairs.  We knew we wanted to reuse it somewhere in the house.  This wall was a mess because it use to be the wall the old stairs went up.  Doug had the idea to use the flooring here on the wall!  I know it is not the amazing white plank wall we all dream about, but it is close to our hearts and tried our best to reuse any and all materials we could!

Thank you for stopping by!  I would love to hear from you and questions or comments you may have 🙂


2 thoughts on “Empty wall nightmares?

  1. Absolutely love it and thank you SOOO much for helping me with my somewhat naked wall.

    Keep the awesome work and you have awesome talent – def blessed!



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