The couch continued..

Hi guys!

So if you read my post about the IKEA sofas, you know I chose the Farlov for its style and comfort, but HATED the fabric of the slip cover it came with!  (Sorry for the all cap locks, but seriously it was ugly.)  And then I found Bemz. They make custom IKEA slip covers for everrrythingggg IKEA!  Plus curtains, cushions, and bedroom textiles!  Not to overwhelm you, BUT they have 250+ fabric choices as well, so good luck with that one… ;-P

Anyways, I went ahead and purchased this couch, knowing that I would ultimately chose Bemz for a dream slip cover I had in mind!  Well friends, that day finally came!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

This is the Designers Guild, pure linen in Brera Lino Natural.  And this was a TOUGH choice let me tell you.  They have sooo many options from fabrics to fit, but I knew I wanted pure linen and from there I narrowed it down to neutral colors and went from there.  I still wonder if I would have been more happy with the Brera Lino Graphite because that too is pure linen, but in grey.  BUT sometimes I find it hard to match grey!  Therefore, I ultimately chose the natural as a more neutral pallet.. blah blah blah- really I’m just boring.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

And if you hadn’t already noticed, that bottom cushion is one biiigggg cushion without a seam.  Some say it looks funny, I say it feels and looks ammaazzzinggg.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset


Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Here is just a close up of the linen fabric.  I love how it loosely hangs with all those mini wrinkles, give me all the heart eye emojis!!

Some have already asked me about the cost of this.  Well, this varies SO much depending on the sofa AND your choice in fabric.  Unfortunately, I am addicted to linen and well linen isn’t cheap.  Uggghhhhhh…

And if you are wondering how easy it is to wash and change the slip covers, let me add it is a capital E- Easy.  This sofa is much easier than the Erktop I own, but also the covers made by Bemz are so easy and well made!  Seriously, they are super easy and I love them 🙂

(On a side note- the coffee table is an old door from Haven Creek Flower and Finds in Rockford.  Its a cute little store with a husband and wife team and I love it!  And the rug is sisal from Rugs USA.  But just an FYI, sisal is messy!  I do NOT recommend sisal for a high traffic area, or for anywhere for that matter.  But I love the simplicity of it so here it still lies until I find something else… And lastly, the floral pillow cover is from Sew and Cloth.  I can’t begin to tell you how much I love her cute etsy shop!)

As always, thank you for stopping by, and let me know if you have any questions!!



Hi Friends!  So if you followed along my stories you saw my love for hydrangeas and all the varieties.  Now where to begin….?!  With what I know, ALL species of hydrangeas can handle full sun to part shade, but I do believe mine in the part shade do better than those in full sun.  Just an FYI!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Lets start with the most basic one I know.  The Annabell Hydrangea.  Bloom- Late spring to early fall, and get about 5 feet tall.  I planted these when we first moved in, and I think I actually used Incredible’s and Annabell’s in this row. I bought the greenhouse out of their Incredibles and needed more! #imaddicted  (Also if you look close, the row of shrubs next to the sidewalk are bobo hydrangeas- I’ll talk more about these down below.)

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Next is the Incredible.  The leaves and size are so similar to the Annabell, but its blooms are SO much bigger.  These bloom all summer long as well, early spring to fall and get about 5 feet tall!  But I swear mine are taller… And again full sun to part shade.


And if you followed my IG post and stories of the varieties I just planted this was it!  But in blush pink (Insert all the heart eyes here).

Limelights (Not pictured, sorry mine still aren’t in bloom!)- these are a tad larger than the hydrangeas per my research ranging 6-8 feet tall.  Currently at home, my Limelights are smaller than my Incredibles, so I am sure there are many contributing factors to this! They bloom late summer into fall, and I love having these with my Incredibles because I always have something blooming and to look forward too :).

The Pinky Winky-  It is coned shaped like the limelight in a beautiful blush pink.  This reminds me of the Limelight, and I am sure it must be in the same family because all their statistics are the same.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

The Bobo is a dwarf hydrangea. It gets 1-3 feet tall and bloom all summer/ fall.  I love that these are white in the summer, and get this.. they turn pink in the fall!!!  I’ll try to update this with a photo when it turns pink soon!

Thank you all again for stopping by and I hope this helps!





The Never Ending Sofa’s

Hi friends!

Soooo this blog post is to save you all a little hassle, and hear my opinion about sofas!  Plus, if I can be TOTALLY honest- I’ve owned four now…!

Our first sofa was a dark grey oversized sofa with a chaise lounge. I looked high and low for a photo, but we had chaise lounge before I started blogging.  Here I go with mistake number one- it was much too big for the space.  We had to walk around the coffee table just to sit down on it!  And it wasn’t welcoming at all.  I thought the thing to do was a huge couch that faced the obnoxious TV.  At least, that is what I thought the cool kids were doing.  But a few years later, I have grown, and have found what I think is important in life.  We no longer have the TV in the center of our home that was constantly on filling the home with chatter.  We have moved it to the back of the house in a “den” so to speak, and I couldn’t be more happy.  I couldn’t cook in the kitchen or eat at the table before without the constant chirp of the television in the background.  I never realized how much of a distraction it was.

Do you ever go somewhere and come home thinking, “oh my goodness I hate my house now.”  Because that happened to me.  I met a friend Rachel Butcher who had this beautiful old farmhouse.  They do not have television, and I’ve learned so much from her from motherhood to decorating.  One day we stopped at her sister in laws, Mary Miedema’s home, and I still remember the feeling after leaving her also all too perfect farmhouse.  I left with my jaw dropped to my knees, and my jaw still drops when I think of their homes and the feeling of welcoming they portrayed!  SO, what in the world am I getting at?  The point is, no matter what, I wanted our home to feel open and airy and welcoming just like theirs.  I want guests to feel comfortable walking in the door and not wanting to leave.  I want the focus to be family oriented, functional, and practical all while still looking pretty.   One thing I took from both of their homes was the living room.  It wasn’t stuffed with oversized furniture all faced towards some silly flat screen TV.  They both had a comfortable normal size sofas with two chairs somehow all facing each other.  Maybe a few family photos hanging on the walls, or a painting or picture, but moral of the story I felt like I could sit down and have a conversation with friends while feeling right a home. And that focus is my GOAL.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Okay. So coming home I knew I had to make some changes.  It took a few months before I talked my husband into moving the TV into a secluded room in the house and away from the center of the home.  No, I can’t watch TV while making dinner anymore, but let me tell you- I don’t miss it! With the chaise lounge, you can’t move the sofa around like you can with a normal sofa. Before the TV was removed I tried out the Stocksund furniture from IKEA.  This is an old photo, but you can see it in here.  With the room facing the TV, it still doesn’t look that welcoming and you still have to walk around the coffee table to sit down!  Ugh.  But the lighter sofa made the room more open and airy.

The Stocksund

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Okay so I do love this couch.  Its beautiful.  I love the legs on this couch and the open and airy feel.  As far as comfort.. its okay!  I mean its not some plush oversized sofa that makes you feel like you are lying on a bed.  I will say the hubby wasn’t happy going from an oversized huge couch to this! (Sorry honey).  And it is totally slip covered.  So yes you can wash it, all of it!

The Farlov

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Lastly for this room, the Farlov.  Why the heck did I change from the Stocksund to this?!  One word for you- comfort.  This is wider and longer than the Stocksund.  And the solid cushion on the bottom is basically one big mattress. (Insert all the praise hands here!) Can you imagine a sofa with no crumbs stuck in the cushions?! Well folks, this is it.

The Erktop

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

And the fourth couch I have owned is the Erktop.  I decided we needed two couches in the home so this could be in the playroom.  I debated this or the matching Pottery Barn one for weeks.  To tell you the truth, I actually ordered the Pottery Barn one and cancelled it!  I read a million blog posts and reviews comparing them, and thought the Pottery One would be more comfortable.  Why? I am not sure.  I think it is a few inches bigger, but ultimately my husband said “by the more expensive one because it’s probably nice.”  HA!  I don’t think that logic is always right?! Well you guys, if you didn’t know this know already, this sofa is 399$. (Well, technically 499$ if you get it in white like I did ((Insert eye rolling emoji here.)) But talk about a no brainer!  (No brainer on the price, not getting it in white because that was sort of dumb…)  And it is all slip covered as well.   Between chocolate, boogers, and you name it, I can wash it alllll out!  Yes- white is DUMB, but you can wash it… hello?! Cool right?! Plus with a couch so cheap- who cares?!  Plus it IS comfortable if you ask me.  Win, win, win.

Okay you guys, this is me adding this section in after this post, but I just learned something VITAL!  You can purchase IKEA couches without their slip cover!!! I’ve been a fan of BEMZ for a while now, and I knew I always wanted to purchase one of their covers down the road, but I had NO idea you could buy the sofa coverless and just order one of there’s!  Why did anyone tell me this?!  Anyways, do as I say and not as I do. Purchase an IKEA sofa and special order a beautiful cover from BEMZ.  The quality is amazing and you won’t be disappointed.  I pinky swear promise too :p

And last, but not least, if you live in Mid-West MI hit up my friend James from VIA IKEA for delivery or assembly. He’s the best. Seriously!

Thank you all so much for stopping by as always!  I hope I helped somehow with you decisions!  Have a good day!

The Stove


Hi friends!

So I thought I would talk a little bit about the stove we chose in the recent kitchen remodel since so many of you have asked about it!  And, lets face it, its my favorite part of the kitchen!

Why I chose Verona is the first thing to consider.  For starters, it is the most used and important feature in the kitchen in my eyes!  Previously we had a cheap electric stove with the matching microwave on top, and I will NEVER do that again.  Our microwave died within the first few years, and the built-in vent hood was SO loud, we couldn’t talk to each other in the kitchen when it was running.   Talk about annoying!  And cooking on an electric stove top is just a nightmare.  I never knew how much I could enjoy cooking as much as I do now with our gas range.  Oh, and back to why we chose Verona, another important factor for me was the fact that parts are readily available.  I was worried that with this being an Italian stove would cause problems down the line if something went wrong, but Verona reassured me parts would be easy to get if ever needed. EuroChef USA is the exclusive importer for America and service can be dispatched to anywhere in the county.


It took me MONTHS to decide IF we would be buying their stove, and even longer to decided WHICH stove to get.  We chose dual fuel and I found it to be most economical and functional.


I (umm I mean we ;P) chose the double oven because I love the versitility of cooking desert and dinner at the same time.   And that I have the option of heating up a such smaller space when I want to  bake something quick and small like banana bread for the kids!  I worried the “larger” side would still be too small for those large dinner, but boy was I wrong.  The larger side can fit a 25 lb turkey, and still can fit my 9x13in pans! Talk about a win win!

If you can’t remember which stove I chose- here is the link!


Okay, lastly- why in the world did I choose a white stove?  I asked my friends, my mom, everyone which color to chose and they allllll said stainless. Come on now?!  No one was adventurous like me I suppose?!  Yes stainless would have been the “safe” route, but I like to be different!  And truthfully, I have stainless appliances and hate them.  I had looked over and over at other kitchens I liked and inspirational photos galore, and the biggest thing I was drawn to was the stove.  It is the focus of attention and such a used and important decision!  So here she is, the white stove of my dreams!




And these photos are just too cute by all talented Amy Carroll 🙂




Now these kids are cute, but don’t tell me you weren’t eyeing that stove there in the back?! #showstopper

Thank you again for stopping by!  Email me with any questions you have as always 🙂

*This post was made in partnership with Verona Appliances, but all thoughts are my own.


The Kitchen


Hi friends!  So this may look a little confusing.  But this is the very very before kitchen! This was it when we moved in.  Low ceilings, that funky chair rail on top, formica and wallpaper!  Yuck right?!


I had to put a fake tin backsplash up a year after moving in with formica over the old old nasty formica.  Just someeethingggg to help until we saved and saved and saved for a new kitchen!

This photo is random, but I must show you where the chimney was; behind that pink stuff!

And for those who have asked if our chimney has always looked that way.. HA!!!

Here are just a few before photos.  I always think back, why didn’t I take more or why didn’t I show the reaaallll ugly befores?!  But it was just SO gross!!!

Sooo enough of that ulgy here are some after photos!!!  🙂

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset


I have soooo much to say I don’t even know where to begin!?!   First off, the biggest decision to go custom was because I haaaddd to have inset doors, and I am SO glad I did!  Inset doors are a total pain, let me tell you.  Getting the seams just right is not one for the perfectionists (which I am totally not!).  I had them built by a family owned and operated company Personal Choice Cabinetry.  I shopped around and went from showroom to showroom and something just didn’t feel right.  Then I found this “hole in the wall” so to speak and knew this was the place.  Tara is the “designer” and her father Larry builds the cabinets.  She brought me in the back to see what he was working on and then I knew this was it!   (P.S. those little details under the feet you can see in that last picture was all Larry 🙂  He put those on and asked me if I liked them.  I love them!  Great job Larry!)


The beautiful light fixture about the sink is from School House Electric called the Factory Modern No. 6 Outdoor Sconce.  I had my eye on that light for months before I finally pulled the trigger, and I am not the bit disappointed 🙂

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset(Beautiful candle handmade by Wax and Wool.  It is just a lovely welcoming touch!)

Tara spent countless hours with me getting the kitchen juuusstt right.  Then I went ahead and made more changes.  O.M.G., Tara, I am still apologizing for being such a pain in your- you know :P.  I kept telling you, “you are almost done with working with me.. just a little longer…”  I made my biggest change of all last minute after the cabinets where already being built to remove the upper cabinets next to the window and put that large glass front cabinet sitting on the counter.  I was grocery shopping, when it hit me- I need to do this change!  Again, poor Tara.  And this is my biggest advice of all; get the layout that will work best for you.  If I hadn’t made that last minute decision, I don’t think I would be nearly as in love with this kitchen as I am now!


Paint color choices were another hurdle.  Don’t. Get. Me. Started.  We ( I mean, I, who am I kidding.  I could have shown the husband blush pink and he would have said, “Sure looks great honey!”  Insert eye rolling emoji here.)  So I chose Clunch, by Farrow and Ball.  We went with an exterior satin finish as recommended by an amazing and talented friend Rhiannon with J Smith Woodwork.  They build dreammyyy handmade cabinets  I fell in love with, but too bad they are over seas!  The reason they advised me to go with an exterior satin finish because it provides the best wear while still being able to provide touchups if ever needed down the road.



Now for what you all have been waiting for… THE STOVE!! This one is made by Verona Appliances and is a dual-fuel, double-oven 36in stove in white.  (Say that three times fast :P)   I couldn’t be happier with this choice!  I emailed Nikki from Verona Appliances a total of 55 times before we decided on this oven.  Talk about customer service!  This oven can still fit a 9×13 in pan and up to a 25 lb turkey on the left, so lets just say it does it all.  And dual fuel is the most economical.  I had never cooked on gas before this stove either, but I will NEVER go back to an electric stove.  If you are wondering why gas is so much better than an electric stove- google it.


This is my second farmhouse sink, and I think I learned a lot from our last to know what we needed.  I went with a double basin instead of the single because as much as I love to use our dishwasher, there are still times when I just want to wash a plate or glass and set it aside to drain. This one is called the Whitehaven sink from Kohler.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset


The faucet is from Kohler as well, and is called Artifacts Bridge Bar faucet in polished Chrome.  LOVE.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset


Now, the counters were such a struggle!  I went to three different warehouses and all had fantastic finds.  I ended up purchasing our stone from Dwyer Marble and Stone, and am SO thankful I did!  They tagged a white quartz stone called Epitome for me, but then I changed my mind last minute.  (Sounds familiar?) Ryan from West MI Granite came over to measure the counters and when I asked him what his thoughts were he basically said well that’s a no brainer go with soapstone!  But in a totally nice friendly way with his expert opinion of course!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset


Quality Bath was super helpful and in my eyes and had better quality pulls than I chose, but I was set on having an aged brass finish (rolling eyes emoji here).  So I found the pulls I chose from the Basement store on 28st in Grand Rapids, MI.

The cabinet latches are from  I think they are also called Matchbox latches.  I love the quality as they are a solid brass (be careful don’t buy the cheap ones that aren’t solid metal!)

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset


The tile was from Lowe’s and is called Elida white ceramic tile.  Annnddd we love it!  This was a last minute decision when the husband stopped on his way home and from work and took a few photos and sent them to me on his phone and said. “you pick.”  But by that, he means decide now, please 😉 (Like no really, hurry up! :P)  I had my eye out for handmade tiles, but contacted a company who makes them and they were totally out of budget.  Even for the little bit of tile we needed!   Also, I had no idea if we should use white or charcoal grout.  I know many of you chimed in and said “grey,” but let me tell you a secret- I hate grey! Omg, there, I said it.  But I love how the white makes the tile blend in instead of being the center of attention. So I think we chose well?!

And lastly, we just finished this kitchen just in time for Woodrow’s six month photos!  I am so thankful for Amy Carroll to come capture these precious moments <3.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

For just a few more shout-outs and friendly mentions- My dress is hand made from the cutest etsy shop called Not Perfect Linen (I love it!)  Along with the table cloth photographed and matching dish towel on the sink.

And the center of attention in this all goes out to the vintage rug I fell head over heals for months and months ago from Mesa Vintage.  I saved it tucked away as the inspiration to the entire room!

Thank you all so much for stopping by!  Email me with any questions!

Gift Sharing Idea’s

Hi Friends and welcome!

If you’re new to Grove click here for your link (so you can skip all this jargen ;-P)

I want to share a quick gifting giving idea for Mother’s Day or house warming gift for a friend maybe?? I don’t know, I just think this is cute!

So here’s the scoop.  I am in love with Grove Collaborative.  If you don’t know what Grove is, it is a monthly delivery service that makes amazing non-toxic cleaning, household and personal care products totally easy.  From toothpaste to paper towel and toilet paper to face wash.   You can change your delivery schedule and products anytime to fit your needs.  And that I love!  I’ve used them for about a year now because they save me time, money, and lets face it- I don’t make lists.  I never have, and I don’t know how many times I have gone to the store for dish soap or paper and towel and forget it!  Life is so much easier now 🙂

Here is one of my favorite brands from Grove.  Meyer’s Clean Day.  This scent is Lilac (Insert beautiful Lilac bouquet instead of ugly died flowers- Spring I am ready for you!)

And here comes my gift idea.  Grove Collaborative is offering new customers Mrs. Meyer’s Spring Hand Soap, Mrs. Meyer’s Spring Dish Soap, a Grove Collaborative Glass Spray Bottle, and a Walnut Scrubber!  All my favorite things I tell you!  Now the spring scents are my absolute fav. Lilac and peony!  And I can not wait for them to bloom.  Gosh just thinking about it makes me excited.  Anyone else?!  To receive this new member off just click here  🙂  This offer ends on Sunday March 12th at 6pm PST and supplies are limited, so don’t wait! (I hate it when I miss a sale!) I put these cute lilac scented soaps in with a dish towel (from Grove as well!)  And this little basket in from IKEA!  Cute idea right?!

And just a quick thing, if you are already a member Grove is offering 50% off their Grove Spray bottle!  I put vinegar and lavender oil in mine and use it on almost everything, just a thought! To get this offer click here  🙂

And here is a photo of our mudroom that I love to have pretty soaps sitting at 🙂

Thank you for stopping by!

*Disclaimer- This is a sponsored post by Grove Collaborative and all opinions are my own.  I only recommend products I personally use and believe readers will enjoy.

Mr. Big Boy

Well friends, my little boy is about to turn two this Saturday.  Please lets all shed a tear. He was born 12 days late, but shares his birthday with his Uncle Bob and grandfather. Three generations of Ford’s on the same day.  I guess it was just meant to be!

So here it is!  Basically everything you see in this room is from IKEA.  I have a love for antiques and wanted to be different, but then again you can’t beat their prices and I looovvveee the storage under here.  This room is tiny and both boys clothes are in here along with diapers, wipes, and everything else imaginable.  I was so worried moving him into a big boy bed so we could use the crib for Woodrow, but oh my gosh was I wrong to worry.  That boy couldn’t be happier!  I was starting the bath upstairs when he first saw it. He stopped in his tracks, and just stared at first.  When I told him, “Auburn look what daddy made you!  It’s your Big Boy bed for your birthday!”  He lit up ear to ear, and climbed right in.  He grabbed his blanket and dog and laid down pretending he was sleeping.  Then he would get out of his bed and peek around the corner to me and yell, “Momma!! Momma!!! I slept good!”  Ohh boy did that make my heart melt.  The things you don’t notice until your toddler says things like that.  Every morning and afternoon after his nap I always give him a kiss and ask if he’s slept good 🙂

And just a quick advice you to you all about IKEA.  It always bothered me that they don’t deliver and you can’t buy their items online half the time unless you want to pay a RIDICULOUS amount for shipping.  Then I meant James.  His website is called Via IKEA.  He goes to IKEA in Canton, MI once a week on Wednesday and brings you your order.  Like to your door and even in the house or puts it together for a small price.  Can you say O.M.G.  So anyways, check him out. You won’t be disappointed 😛

Well as always, thank you all for stopping by!  I hope to be sharing the kitchen here so soon with you all!  Happy hump day!

One big MESS

*This post was made in partnership with World Market

Hello everyone!

My biggest goal for 2017 is organization, and nothing was more atrocious than our pantry. I purchased this panty off Craigslist sight unseen, and boy was it a risk!  We have a tiny kitchen with no pantry and I needed sooommeeethhiinngggg.  And I couldn’t be more happy with this unique find, and even more excited for you to see what is inside!

I may have had to phone a friend 10 times to get a little help.  Organization is not my skill-set, but I hope this inspires all you non-organized people too!  And I swear you won’t believe how inexpensive this update can be.  Plus it feels ammaazzziinnggg to have a clean cupboard.

Head on over to World Market to see how I turned this mess around!


A Farmhouse Christmas

This year I tried spreading Christmas cheer with simple changes that are inexpensive, and that we will still love after the holiday’s!  Having a son who is almost two, I want to start some wonderful traditions that we can all look forward to in years to come 🙂

Now welcome to the mudroom.  For a hot second I debated cleaning this room and taking some magical photo of the entire room all neat and tidy.  Ha!   The bibs are tossed on the bench along with a million other coats, sweatshirts and hats.  Just out frame the pile is as big as I. I promise I am NOT kidding. Tis the season!

Now walk in a little farther…

I saw this quote on a door mat and it killed me.  Instant classic.  I can’t wait to watch Home Alone with the boys someday!

Don’t judge the dried hydrangea’s on the table. I plan to pick fresh greens out back with the boys soon!

Welcome to the dining.  Someone said you should match your woods.  Like either dark or light colors, but I’ve always been a rule breaker (not really, but lets pretend..)!    I can’t believe I actually considered painting that door white because of that.  Crazy talk.  And get a load of this.  Our tree has no lights or ornaments!  I love it just the way it is.  I may get some white lights because I know Auburn will love it, but I sure do love it in its natural state. And don’t get me started on ornaments.  I get them every year for a Christmas gift, but I hate them.  I know, I know, I am some evil crazy person, but its true.  I hate ornaments. Don’t hate me.

I only have two stockings as I bought these when we first got married.  Now, two kids later I thought about getting two more then decided they can just have ours.  The hubby won’t fill mine anyways.. Mr. Scrooge!

I wish my garland was real, and I may still do that, but I stole this from my mom a few years ago and still love it! I still all her great stuff don’t I?!

This throw is from Target, but I had been looking for a cream throw for a while now and I think I love it!

Also these pillows are from Target as well.  I try soo hard to shop local and swore I wouldn’t buy pillows from Target, again.  But these are soo soft, and big, and I had a coupon, and they jumped in the cart- I swear!  Along with these little houses from the dollar spot.  I put a tea light candle in the back and can’t wait to see them shine!  Lets see how long until the hubby notices lit and blows them out (insert eye rolling emoji here).  Candles should not be in the house if he had his way!

Well friends, thats it for now.  As always, thank you all for stopping by!  Hope you are having a wonderful day!

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The Ugly Before

Hi Friends!  So I got to thinking.  So many of you are DIYers, and I am sure none of you can imagine from the photos I post now how bad this house really was.  Sooo I thought I’d finally break out those ugly before photos to give you all hope and inspiration in your projects, as you all have inspired me!

Where to begin?!  This is the old dining room that is now the mudroom.  The window to the left was removed and a door was put in.

This is that “debate” I always talk about.   I wanted the door to be moved to here soooooo badly.  But this would cost much more work for the good ole’ hubby. But of course I won ;-P, but he told me “It was for the structural integrity of the home, not for you.”   Whatever Doug, just move that damn door!


Here is my brother doing a little sanding on the mudroom bench for us 🙂

Here is the mudroom months and months later.  About eight months later to be exact! This is the little bench I just posted on my Instagram a few days ago (And yes this room is now white…..!

Walk a little farther in and here is the kitchen.  We still have these old cabinets, but I refinished them to take away the yellow.  We added a cheap backsplash and new trim to buy us a few years, but times up!  I am ready to move on a rip it out!  But if you ask the hubby he would have been perfectly content with it the way it was.  Men right?!  Jk I love him 😉  Oh and you can see from the dishes on the counter I wasn’t ready for this demo.  We were eating dinner and I was talking about wanting to expose the chimney behind this cupboard. And Doug being the spontaneous man he is.. got up and started ripping into it!  My dad got work and came over to see.  And here it began!

And I almost didn’t put this one in here. But here I am!  I always say we, but really mean Doug 90%, me 10%.   But I tried hard to help any way I could.

Another photo of this same wall with the hidden chimney, just the other side of the wall. And again this proves we had no plan and just went for it one day as I was NOT prepared and still had furniture here!

The laundry room was right here in the kitchen beside the chimney!

Okay where is this I am sure you are thinking.  Well right about where the photo was taken in the last picture was this wall and hallway!  Now look what we (my dad and Doug) did to this hallway!

That brown horizontal paint line right where Doug is working were the old stairs.

This shows you the ugly old stairs in the back of the house through the hallway of horrors as I called it!  And that hideous green carpet that was everrryyywhereee!  All the floors you see in my posts currently were hidden under here!

BOOM.  The stairs were put here.  This is the original place of their location back in 1861 when the house was built!  We found an old sign and newspaper dated that right here in this wall!  The history here still continues to blow my mind!

These are the stairs a little more finished months and months later. After we finished the upstairs so we actually had a place to retreat from the mess.  But don’t worry, the dust and dirt made its way upstairs as well.  There was no safe zone as I called it for months!  The only thing that stayed was a bed.  The TV, the couch, a dining table, everything was gone for months and months.  The hardest part of this was when you are dog tired and wanted to relax there was no place to go or retreat.  Constant chaos. If you are going through this now or are about to endeavor such things.  Please remember to have patiences and it will be all worth it in the end.  I promise.  No matter the hardships that must be overcome to get there.

Here is the upstairs after a bit of demo.  What didn’t get touched in this house right?!

The hubby is looking a little rough as the months went on.  Such little sleep working full time Monday thru Friday.  He would come home, change his boots and get right to work for hours until he couldn’t anymore.  Than he would get up at 5 am and do it all over again.

But this photo shows the hidden original ceilings.  His grandparents dropped this ceiling sometime in the 60’s or 70’s with a remodel. But if you look close, there was beautiful gold wallpaper on those original 10 foot ceilings!  Amazing uncovering the beauty of this original home.

And I am sure you have noticed the only thing untouched is that kitchen.  And I can not wait to dive in and utilize the tall ceilings.  These ugly old 80s cabinet have to go.  Hello farmhouse style tall glass uppers with inset doors (all the heart eyes here).

Fast forward a few months…  Drywall was delivered.

Then a few more..

The old stove was removed and we now have that cream stove we bought on mega clearance as that color was discontinued, and it was a floor model!

A few friends helping with the drywall upstairs.  Thanks guys!

My dad helping with tiling the tub.  I desperately wanted a claw foot tub.  Like SOOOO bad.  I still regret not winning that battle as he refused to shower in a claw foot tub.  Marriage is about compromise right?!  Ugh ;-P

This is our bedroom upstairs.  And the first room that got that farmhouse trim I had always dreamed about!

I wanted so badly to keep the original flooring upstairs, but he had to remove it to strengthen the floor joists.  Plus so much was missing because the staircase had been moved three times in this home!   So here is the laminate flooring we went with, and help from a good friend Josh Ford 🙂

Doug tried his hand at drywall finishing.  Lets just say hardest. job. ever! But then came paint!

We did this all our own, with the of help from family and friends.  I want to say a HUGE thank you to all that helped us and for Doug’s brother Bob who did our electrical.  We love you Bob!  

And I still can’t believe the end result and am SO proud to call this our home.

Thank you all for stopping by!  This may be my longest post ever, but trying to put together a year of work into one post was hard!  I hope this gives you all hope, motivation, and inspiration in all your endeavors.  Happy Thanksgiving!!