A Family of Four

I wanted to share with you a few favorites of our family photos taken by Amy Carroll 🙂

Here is our sweet boy Woodrow, and as Auburn calls him baby Gus.  This basket I just adore!  So many have asked about it and here is the link!

And this has been the morning routine since he came home.  Auburn has become so cooperative letting me change his diaper and getting dressed so he can hold baby Gus.  He asks, “Baby Gus, couch?”  Because the couch is where we let him hold him 🙂

I could lay here all day and just stare into his beautiful steel colored eyes.

Gosh seeing the love of my life hold him…..  my heart is still melting..

Oh Wyatt you we love you too.

Such a beautiful morning.

#reallife!  Bahahahaha!!!!

And just like that, we were done.  Auburn was over it 😉

Outdoor Living

Hi friends!

Today I wanted to show a little before and after of our new outdoor patio!

We had once stacked wood on the back of this garage.  And then when the wood was gone, it was just gross.  I power washed this the day before I had baby Ford number 2… Maybe this put me into labor?!  Either way, I am soo glad I cleaned it up.  I had a vision and can’t wait to show you!

What a gross site right? (Except for Auburn, bottom left corner..!)  I am not sure what they had in mind with this concrete slab behind the garage back in the day, but I had no idea what to do here for the past few years.   Then it finally hit me!  After this hot summer, I found this is the best place to be!

This faces the West and has plenty of shade, and I am so excited to sit here this fall and watch the sunset with our new family of four! 🙂 Next spring, the hubby talks about some sort of pergola or roof extended here.  And I picture the boys playing under the tree next to us in a sand box with their Tonka toys. #lifeisgood.

You think anyone will play checkers with me??!  I lovvveeee board games!

This patio set is from Walker Edison Furniture.  I loved all the seating it provides and has everyone facing one of my favorite views of my great grandfathers barn in the distance.  I must say, I was impressed when this set arrived.  The instructions were wonderful, and the sectional has an aluminum frame that is powder coated.  The instructions were perfect, and I even set it up just one week after having a baby. BOOM.

This grill is called a Kamado Joe.  A friend from work told me about this when I had been looking for one for a Fathers Day gift for the hubby.  What I loved about this, is its outstanding quality.  I wanted something that would last and that he would enjoy using.  If you don’t like your grill, the chances are you won’t use it.  As soon at we got this, the hubby and I started dreaming up cook outs and reasons to have friends and family over! And fall is the perfect time for a last hooray to enjoy the most beautiful time of year here in Michigan.

With a roof on here someday, I envision stringing a set of lights above here and having it glow at night.  Gosh I sure can dream!

Well, thank you all for stopping by!  I sure appreciate each and every one of you, and hope I sparked some sort of inspiration!


* This post was created in partnership with Kamado Joe.  All opinions are my own 🙂


The Dining Chairs

Hi friends!  Long time no see!

I just wanted to jump on here and let you all know a little more about the new dining chairs.  I found them on multiple sites such as Amazon, Wayfair, and at Target.  Now Target was the most expensive by far, and at Amazon and Wayfair, the prices were the same.  Now what I did do, is buy my first one at Target to see if I loved it because I was worried about shipping it back if I wasn’t head over heels.  Well, the chair is made by Safavieh, and is called the wood arm chair in light oak teak wood.  What I wanted to share with you all is that it comes unfinished.  Now unfinished wood sure is beautiful, but it needs to be protected so food and dirty fingers don’t ruin it!

This is the chair how it arrived, unfinished.

And this has been my go to for finishes.  It is an oil base so it WILL turn wood darker. But it also brings out the grains and therefore I love it.  Some argue that an oil based finish lasts longer and is more durable.  That I am unsure about, but I do love the warmth it brings.

If you look close, you can see I did not attempt to finish the wood on the seat of the chair between the wicker seat.  It is made from leather and the oil base would surely stain that too.

Well thank you for stopping by, and let me know if you have any questions! Hope you have a wonderful day 🙂


Auburn and I

Hi friends!  As my due date awaits September 21, I wanted to share a few maternity photos with Auburn.  I did not have this done for our first pregnancy with him, but am soo blessed to have them now as the sweet Amy Carroll captured a beautiful morning together.

It had been weeks since this hay field was cut, and a perfect morning for a stroll.

Auburn loves to pick flowers with momma and have me smell each one..

Wyatt, our other child.  He will be three years old this fall, and we couldn’t ask for a better dog.  Just prior to Amy’s arrival this morning, Wyatt ate a bee just a foot from Auburn!  We love you Wyatt!

Auburn’s favorite morning routine to chase chickens. This momma chicken is named Ducks.  My hubby named her Ducks as each time he went to pick her up she would squat down and duck.  Cute, silly chicken!  She is three years old and just hatched six baby chicks.  Look closely, I spy two of them!

The wood front on this garden was once an old fence.  My husband saved the wood and we used it here.  And that big red barn off in the distance is my father-in-laws farm. He bought that farm at 18 years old.


This hutch was my husbands grandmothers.  It was in the basement when we moved in.  My husband threatened to burn it countless times, for it was in terrible shape.  He must have had a change in heart, and put a new top on it along with a little bit a of love.  I love it in its new home as we use it daily and it sits here smiling on the porch.

He was so content playing with his loader tractor with momma and saying “dump” each time he dumped the bucket 🙂

And this headboard was my anniversary gift from my husband last year.  He saved this wood from the home during the remodel and reused it here as a fun surprise.

And last, but not least, cranky Auburn 😉


The Boys Room

With Auburn we decided not to find out what we were having, so everything was grey grey grey.  Annddd I was convinced I was having a girl..  I had a white ruffle crib skirt and a few “girlie” items that we just lived with the last year.  But now with another on the way and a BOY, I am so excited to finally give this room a makeover well deserved.

I know the thing to do is a themed room, but that’s just not me.  Plus we are sooo tight on space, simplicity and minimalism is a must for this mommas sanity.

I am so happy to show you all the finished look with this 8×10 room.  Did I mention its tiny?!?

The hubby built these built in shelves to help utilize space.  We talked back and forth about making cubbies and a rod to hang clothes, but when I think about what really needs hung for these two boys, I couldn’t think of much!  I love that each boy can have a shelf with crates organizing each item.  Onesies, pants, shirts, sweaters, you name it!  I love that everything is easy to see and it is SO much easier to find things than shifting through drawers 🙂

Thank you hubby!

The top shelf is a little bare.  But I am thinking diapers may need to go up there.  Two in diapers this fall… wish us luck!  The crates are from IKEA along with the curtains. The came natural and we used a Minwax stain called Early American.  I am usually all about Provincial, but Doug wanted to use a penetrating stain and this is what we had on hand.  I think it matches?!  Just don’t look too close ;P  

I just couldn’t decided to have curtains or not, but love how they soften the room, and I can hide the clutter when needed. (Which will be often when the baby arrives!)

The photos across the second shelf just came off the wall of my grandmothers basement. My grandpa framed them of photos from the West that he loved.  He was a cowboy at heart and I love that I can incorporate a little of him in this room.  He passed away four years ago to pancreatic cancer at 65 years to young.  And not a days goes by that I still don’t miss him.

The rug you may have noticed I have in just about every room in the house. Okay not really, I only own two but I move them often for fun.  I LOVE IT.   I already told this story, but if you missed it- A few weeks ago when this rug first arrived, Auburn ran out of the tub streaking. He ran over here and peed on it just minutes after I laid it down to see how it fit the room.  That little stinker!  But no worries friends.  It just ran off and I soaked it up with a towel and you’d never know!  Here is a link to this cowhide from from RugsUSA.

The night stand is an old crate from a barn sale and even thought the photo makes it look like its leaning. Its not. Must be my bad photo taking 😛


The blanket is from Pendleton and even though it is throw size and not crib size, I love that we can wrap it around us on the chair reading books or lay with it on the floor as Auburn plays with his toys.  Winter will be here before we know and I can promise that!

This space may seem so small, but Auburn grabs a book before bed and nestles in my lap. I’m sure he doesn’t mind 🙂

The stuffed buffalo is from my brother for Auburns first birthday.  He moved away to Montana and had it shipped just in time.  Auburn has only met him once or twice now being so far, but this buffalo is close to my heart.

This chair it from Modernica and I love that I can move it everywhere.  I went with a white shell and walnut legs to match the wood in the room.  But really you can’t go wrong with any of their stuff!  And the pillow is Mudcloth.  I found this cute little store on etsy called SonoranSupplyCo.  These pillows are handmade from a Malian cotton fabric dyed with fermented mud.  Crazy right?!

The barn my mother found at a local barn sale and I knew Auburn would love it.  His favorite thing at the moment is tractors and every night he parks this one in the barn and shuts the door. I love that we keep a few things in this room for him to look forward to and wind down at night.

The light I chose is from Barn Light Electric.   I have schoolhouse lights throughout the house and wanted to carry the same look, but still have something simple and trendy 🙂  This light is here.

The sacs are from Urbanasacs and made here in the USA.  Plus they are made out of recyclable materials and are 100% washable!  I have some I use in the kitchen and fell in love so here they are again!

Well I can’t thank you all enough for stopping by.  I do hope this room brings you inspiration in either decorating or organizing friends!


The Window Dilemma

I posted a few photos on Instagram about my window dilemma and am SO happy to show you all my final decision.  I had a tough choice on what to do with our farmhouse trim and low ceilings.  I needed window coverage for privacy, but to let every drop of light in possible during the day!

This is how I found Select Blinds!

A few friends suggested woven blinds to fix my needs and I am SO excited to show you mine!  It took many days of taping samples to the windows and asking the world their opinion.  Someone had suggested they loved the texture in the woven shades with the rope weave and I couldn’t agree more.  I was so worried about the bamboo wood and clashing with all the wood in the home.  I am so happy with the texture this blind brings and without fighting the beams, staircase and more.

Here was what I had to pick from.  Oh my right?!

These were my three finalists-

I have to be honest.  I didn’t realize the blind on the left was in a more expensive category, so I ruled that one out first 😉

Then there was two.  I loved the colors in the wood with the blind on the right, but the texture in that middle one blew me away.   If you are looking for privacy I certainly would recommend a liner.  But we don’t have neighbors close and only wanted something to give us some privacy as cars drive by.

One thing quick I have to say about Select Blinds is their quality.  I had purchased the ones at Home Depot and Lowe’s, but they didn’t quite work out and I am so glad they didn’t.  When I opened the first blind, I could feel its weight and quality in my hands.  And after the hubby installed them last night, we looked at each like “now how do these work?”  We both had only ever used the type with the string, which mind you is SO dangerous with little kids!  My friend just the other day told me that her toddler was playing with the cord and as the blind when up it choked her!  She said she had been sitting right there thank goodness, but could you imagine if she hadn’t?!  I never would have considered this until another mom brought it to my attention.  Select Blinds prides themselves with safety first and all blinds being cordless.  With that being said, they have a monthly contest where they give away a whole home or daycare full or cordless blinds!  To enter click here. Well, back to our blinds.. 🙂   We figured them out in no time.  You just lift it up and it stays just were you lift them to!  No way right?!  Magic!

And here they are.  I chose the Premier Bamboo Shade color Kousa.  This was such a hard decision because they had so many wonderful choices, but I have so happy with this choice.  Oh and I think they are 40% off right now!  Oh my!

I came home from work early last night and begged my husband to hang them.  We are both sick with a nasty virus and I recall him saying he was sick and not me because he is “dying.”  Then as him and I both coughed he said “stop copying me, you’re just pretending.”   I think he suffers from whoositis.  But thats just me 😉

And I love all the natural light they let in!  And just one more thing.   These are mudcloth pillows handmade in Utah by a talented friend.  Check them out at Sonoran Supply Co.!

And just to let you know, I have an obsession with cow hide rugs!  I want one for every room, but my BFF Rachel told me no.  She said I need to “switch things up.”  I don’t know if I’m going to listen to her….!

This is from Rugs USA and they are having 20% off sale right now!  All good finds today right friends?!

Thank you all so much for stopping by!  Feel free to let me know your thoughts or ask any questions!  Happy Saturday!


How to Style Open Shelving

Hi friends!  There are so many times I think, I should write about this or that, but always fall short of actually writing it! But thank you all for checking this out and I hope this helps a little 🙂

Some have said styling open shelving is so hard for them and I never really took the time to think about what I do.  I just play around with decor in my own little word without much thought to what I am doing.  But after hearing a few say they struggle, I am trying to think a little more about what it is I do.  The first thing that comes to mind is what my mother always said when decorating.  “Put like items together.”  Whether they are dishes or cups and mugs, your open shelf should at the least “make sense.”

Another factor in putting like items together is color.  If you have a certain color you adore or accent with in the home, put it on a shelf next to one another instead of having random pieces all over.

Another tip is balance.  If you have something tall on one end, you should have something similar is height and size on the other.

And one more thing I love with open shelving is baskets.  It is the best way to stay organized and keep clutter at a minimum.

Here are a few photos of my favorite open shelf to decorate.  At one time I had wine glasses and other cute cups grouped together, but I learned quickly I am not the best duster and having glasses in the open = dirty cups in this house 😉

Can you tell I luuuuuv baskets!  I have dish towels in their and my favorite bibs from Finney Bibs and Pieces.

Oh and yes, I do have a bit of a plant fetish too..

Well friends, I hope this post helps a bit and maybe even inspires you to rearrange and simplify 🙂

Thank you again for stopping by and hope you all enjoy this beautiful sunshine and weekend ahead!


Gifts from the Heart

Hello friends!  I have been wanting to write a post about the small shops I adore most and I am finally getting around to it!  Some with be repeats from past posts, but that is because I still adore them and want you all to notice them and help spread the word too!

First off, everyone loves jewelry right?  Rebekah Gough has stole my heart over and over!  They just came out with a spring collection that is so pretty!  I have a few pieces from them, but just cant get enough!

Next I would like to share what I got my mother for a Mother’s Day surprise.  Her grandmothers name was Folger’s and she saw this on my IG and just fell in love.  I knew I would keep it in the back of my mind for this special day for her.

Antique Candle Works makes the most beautiful candles!  How cute is this?!  I know my mom will love this so much I wonder if she will even burn it 😉   I love the scents from Antique Candle Works and this one is a coffee smell.  Her candles aren’t too over baring with scent and are just right if you ask me.  I promise you too will be blown away.

Next I want to bring up a few sign makers I love.

This is from Letterfolk and I am just in love!  I put this in the kitchen on the coffee bar, but have a million ideas for it!    It comes with 240 letters and numbers so you can customize it however you like!

And for wood sign makers, James and Alice will forever be my love!  I have more of their wood signs in the home than I want to admit, but that is because I love them all!  We have a custom sign that says “Ford Farm.”

This is one of my favorites as well, well all her hers signs are my favorite 😉

One more small shop I adore is Vol25.  She just came out with a spring collection and I adore all of it!  Her wall hangings are nice and light, and I love the looks of them hanging from the wood hanger on her thick canvas print.  I find the more I  look at it, the more I notice in the details of her designs.    I have her antler hanging as well and not only I love it, but my husband does too.  Jess you blow us away and if I could, I would fill our home with every single one of your pieces!

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

And one more etsy shop I adore is Feather and Birch.  She has come out with  a few more designs I have my eyes on and I love all she creates!

I love the vintage feel of her old windows, but love they are new made old!  And don’t weigh a ton like real old window do!

Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you too found a few things that you can’t live without!  Please join me in supporting these small shops!



Spring has Sprung

Hello!   And welcome to my first home tour.   Here at the back door I stand in our mudroom.  This used to be the old dining room and I wanted sooo badly to turn this into a mudroom.  Knowing I dreamed of a family and kids, I asked Doug if we could have a mudroom sink.  He granted my wish, but now asks, “why have one if we can never use it?!”  Thats allllll my fault, friends.  Because of my plant fetish, those that die I place the ones that die in the sink; not being able to let go or plant them outside during the harsh Michigan winter!  Sorry Doug, but it will be spring soon.  ; )

This beautiful canvas print is from Vol25.  I met the artist through IG and fell head over heels in love with her designs!  I have my eye on a few more pieces and bought this just a few weeks ago.

The counter for the sink was found in the barn by my husband.  It was his grandfather’s, and he believes it came from work at GM years ago.  The wood is all repurposed and reused as well.   The house was full of knotty pine and Doug had the idea of turning the wood around to show the backside and sanded and stained it with the same stain we used throughout the house.  A Provincial wiping stain.

It all began with exposing the chimney wear.   I had no idea that behind the cupboard and laundry room (which was in the kitchen) was a hidden chimney!   I had hopes it would be this beautiful red brick, but instead it was covered in pink plaster and hideous.  We seriously thought of removing it and my husband nick named it the leaning tower of piazza.  For more images on the before photos and chimney transformation check out a few posts back!

The old farmhouse had a black cast iron wood stove from the 70’s.  It had the deer and pine trees seen on the front.  We almost used it again, but came across this cream wood stove the showroom model on mega clearance because they discontinued the color! What a steal and I can’t believe how it was meant to be!

This little wood stove heats our entire home.  We have other backup heat with an oil burner in the basement and d/c electric Fugitsu upstairs.  I don’t know much about any of that, but I do know we moved the staircase to the center of the home so the heat from this stove can rise and make it to the bedroom and add the ceiling fan to circulate the heat.  I am SO happy with how it turned out and so thankful for the energy efficient heat that keeps us warm. 🙂  The perks of marrying a heating a cooling man ; )

This shelf is one of my favorites.  This is one of the most versatile pieces that I use daily. I just got this outstanding arch from Feather and Birch.  I adore her creations and I know you all will too!

And for one more shout out is to James and Alice.  This sign “love grows best” is one of my favorites.  And so fitting for our 1700 sq ft home 🙂

Just one more view of the whole room.

Oh and don’t mind the oversized table with currently no chairs.  It was a spurge and irrational decision last weekend, but I do love it and need all your help in the design and picking out chairs!

Just behind me is the kitchen.  It is the original kitchen from the 80’s that his grandparents put in.  As much as I’d love to rip it out and do white shiplap with open shelving and so much more, this will have to do.  The ceiling height was just at the top of the cabinets so Doug added the crown molding to try and help with the flow especially to tie into the coffee bar.  The coffee bar was the door into the home and those that follow me have heard this story too many times.  I begged and begged Doug to move the door into the dining room that we were turning into the mudroom.  But that involved more than either one of us wanted to endeavor.  That included pouring new foundation, taking the entire wall out and exposing the home to every bug that wanted to come in. It was a rough week and I still do not have siding on that wall of the house, but it was worth it ; )

Now headed to the living room..

And just to the back left of this room is the hallway.  We cut into the old plaster to make this an entry way.  Before their was a dark and dreary hallway to the back of the home where the stairs existed.  The wall to the right is where the stairs were, and covered in green carpet along with the entire home!  I know this hallway may look a little funny, but it’s a work in progress.  The first door on the left is to the basement which before was the only access to go outside.  And the second door is to the downstairs bathroom.

The curtains are to the laundry closet, and the french doors lead to the playroom that was once a hot tub room!

The bathroom counter is left over oak floor boards, and he built these cubbies for baskets just for me 🙂  More on this bathroom a few posts back on the blog.

Here is the laundry closet.  Again, he reused two inch boards he saved from the home and built me shelves.  Doug thought of using a galvanized pipe here, and we also used one for the downstairs bathroom shower curtain rod too!

Sorry I don’t have a full shot of the playroom, but trust me, it’s a mess.  You’re not missing anything. ; )

But here, is the desk Doug built because when I was pregnant with Auburn I just HAD to have one.  Pregnancy hormones.  But it is all out of wood from the home and the top he built in a herringbone pattern.

In this same room is Auburn’s teepee my mother and father built him for his first birthday.  They had a little lantern hanging from the top, but it didn’t take but a few days and Auburn Hollis broke it. (He is such a boy!)

Part 2: The upstairs

At the top of the stairs, is a dresser from my grandmother after she passed away.  I had lived with her for a summer because of her Alzheimer’s and this may be my favorite piece from her home.  The door here on the right is to our bedroom.  Before we remodeled it was two small bedrooms.

We just moved things around and my best friend’s husband, Richard, built me this beautiful mantel.

This sign is from James and Alice and I just adore all that they create!

Down the tiny hall we have two doors.  The door to the right leads into the bathroom and the door to the left is Auburn’s room.  We have baby number two on its way, so I am going to be revamping this room.  I am so excited to support small shops and make this room functional and unique.

Before there wasn’t a bathroom upstairs, so this is all new too.  The layout was the hardest part of the upstairs, but I am so happy how it turned out.

Thank you all for stopping by and be sure to check out these beautiful homes!

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Our Little Secret

Shortly after we found out we were pregnant, Doug asked me, “Can we find out what we are having?”   I think I heard that same line three times over that same week!   Then he added,  “I think it would be a lot less stressful if we know what we are having.”  My first thought, stressful for YOU?!  HA!

Well folks, we found out what we are having.  As much as I adore the thought of waiting for that special moment, this time I wanted Doug to have it his way.  With Auburn we waited to find out, but after the moment and hearing someone shout “its a boy!” it wasn’t long before our excitement to vanished.  He was born with so much color and looked so beautiful, then seconds later he was turned pale, to blue, to purple.  They called the NICU in and I remember a silent room, my eyes filled with tears, and all eyes on him.  I looked to my husband feeling completely helpless and remember screaming “Breathe! Breathe baby breathe!”  After those seconds turned to minutes and the NICU was bagging him, he finally took his first breath.  I think this is what Doug meant by stressful.

So if we were going to find out, I wanted the big shebang.  Fireworks and all ;).  But Doug just wanted to be told.  Anti-climatic and not fun if you ask me.  So compromise is what brought us to settling on having a cake reveal.  But with only the three of us as a family per Doug’s request.  My sweet neighbor is a caterer with Miss P’s Catering and made the cake.  After she brought it over I stuck the babies breathe in it thinking how fitting.  Then of course Doug came home and asked, “Why there are weeds in my cake?!”  Oh Doug.

He wanted me to cut the cake.  I’m pretty sure so he didn’t have to be the one in the picture 😉

And I am happy to announce,  IT’S A BOY!

Oh and I asked him to change his shirt and comb his hair.  He wasn’t thrilled about that one either because his line was, “I am a working man!”  But doesn’t he look nice all cleaned up?!  And it took a whopping two minutes.  Men right?!

And a close up of our sweet boy Auburn enjoying the cake too.

And it must have tasted ohh soo good! 🙂

Thank you all for stopping by and sharing in our excitement!!   I told Doug just after cutting the cake that this is God’s way of saying we need more kids to keep trying for a girl.  I think his heart stopped and his hair turned gray.  Hoppy Easter everyone!!!